Thursday, January 3, 2008

More lessons in the lunchbox...

OK, ladies!
A couple weeks ago I found something scary in my son's lunchbox and I decided to hold a contest for those who wanted to guess what the masserated item in the ziploc was.
Teresa Arnold won a set of 6 hand-made greeting cards a'la MOI! :)
Well, we were just off school for over a week and guess who left food in his lunchbox? Guess who almost puked up her coffee when she went to pack a lunch this morning?
Here we go again. Throw out your guesses.
What the.....?
(there is something of a orangey-color behind the offensive food - that is NOT related to the food you are to be guessing)

This time I actually have your hand-made Kemper-Brownlow creation ready and waiting for the WINNER!!

To welcome in the highly anticipated Spring season is this set of 3 hand-painted ladybug gourds for your decorating pleasure!

Gotta love a give-a-way! Start guessin'!


Tracey said...

Gad. Yeercchh!!!

I have NO idea, but I'll guess a sandwich...

Dutch Momma said...

(just as gross as the ALLI discussion on Dawn's website, LOL!)

Deb in OPKS said...

My only thought is a brownie. But, I'm thinking that would be green by now. It's all I got and I'm done staring at it. I have to go make dinner now. Thanks.

Pam said...

EWWW! I have NO idea,though I wish I did because those ladybugs are too cute!

I would have guessed leftover sandwich, but that is already guessed. So..even if it is...I lost! I'm out of ideas other then that....

I'll be checking back though to see what it was!

coffespaz said...

Those ladybugs are too cute!! Regarding the lunchbox surprise....ewwww!! My only guess is a peice of broccoli that had seen much better days.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Come on down!


Email me with your mailing address and I would be happy to mail you your ladybug family!

Guess that was an easy one! I will have to start packing more non-obvious items in his lunch!


Manic Mom said...

Wait! Someone already won! I was gonna say PB&J... and btw, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU??? Sending broccoli to school with your kid??? No wonder he didn't eat it!!!

LOL, I send it with mine too, but my kid actually eats it! Ha.

Another BTW, you actually did ALLI and lost 14 lbs!?!!? I wanna hear THAT story!!

Anonymous said...

That is truly gross. Brocolli? I was going to say blackberries or a chocolate Little Debbie, all mushed up. Bleh.

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ELLIE said...

OMG- I was going to guess a banana peel or some sort of veggie but I could not imagine a veggie getting that
and those ladybugs are so darn cute ---a day late and a dollar
thanks for stopping by my blog - I appreciate the kind comments..I will defintely be returning to yours...just too funny about the lunch box....
take care

Heather said...

Ok, how DO YOU get your kidlet to eat broccoli any way? Mine wouldn't eat it with me present much less voluntarily while I'm away and he's at school.

Heather said...

P.S. Wasn't the last "mystery food" a veggie. Maybe the next one will also be in the vegetable family. I'll have to keep that in you're gonna go and switch it up on us, I have this feelin.....Maybe your kids are sending you a message: NO MORE VEGGIES! wink

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I see it has been guessed already but my first thought was raisins too!

Tracy said...

Everyone needs to pack it in now because those ladybugs are MINE.
I'm going to guess blackberries or something in that family.

nickernoodle said...

I was going to guess grapes but someone already won. GROSS!!!!!

Teresa said...

Oh, I missed the contest! Bummer!!

I really had no idea on this I didn't want to hog all of your fun prizes. :)