Sunday, December 30, 2007


at in-laws... dial-up... typing on old/loud keyboard... in baby's room... while he's sleeping... complete darkness... sending up smoke signals... anyone? anyone?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's far better to give...

I love Christmas! I love the mission of finding exactly what someone wants and getting it for them. I am not a fan of giving gift cards - I love receiving them! - but I like putting thought into what I give. I did give a gift card this year, though, to my dad. He is tirelessly finishing the basement in their new house all by himself. For this reason, the gecko level and a Lowe's gift card seemed to be perfect for Daddy! And of course, he played with his level like a little kid!
For my mom, I did a portrait of my Pop-Pop, her dad. Pop-Pop died in 2003 after being very sick for a long time. She has been missing him ever since.
This is Pop-Pop...
This was my Mom's gift...
My mom, my dad and my sister cried when they saw the portrait. I don't necessarily like to make people cry on Christmas but I think their tears were shed for the "gift" of seeing Pop-Pop again.
The Lord has given me the gift of artistic talent and I was happy to use it to bless someone else this Holiday Season.
This is the first photo-realistic portrait I have ever done. A nice barista at Barnes & Noble (while I was sipping and sketching) asked, "Do you do that for commission?"
I said, "This is for my mom, for Christmas."
He said, "You need to start charging, not your mom, but you need to charge for that!'
I chuckled. It is satisfying to do "a good job" and as a mom it is hard to guage the job you are doing.
With my pencil, I create, I can bless others and that is what Christmas is all about.
I told my husband that I was considering taking the barista's advice and offering portraits as gifts for people and charging a decent fee for the 20-25 hours of work they take.
He rolled his eyes and said, "You would have to give up writing, you don't have time to do both."
Do I? God gave me both gifts, do I give one up for the other or just take a course in time management (which is NOT one of my gifts)?
Would I have any takers?
Now as far as receiving...
My family hit it right on the head this year! I got a snazzy coffee maker (I have been drinking instant for years now), a hair dryer (mine "bit it" this week), and a mother's ring with all three kids' birthstones and names engraved on it (our adoption of our youngest will be final in a couple month so we are celebrating early with the ring). The ring was not in yet so the older two wrote a sweet poem to tell me of my gift....I will have them re-recite it when they get up so I can add it to this post. It was sweet!
Hope you all got what you wanted - we know the Avery's did! And that's what Christmas is all about - Miracles!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Our Christmas Miracle....Julian Avery!

A message from Mimi, Juju's Mom...
"So did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? Big screen TV, new camera, Ipod,new puppy,blankets, cell. phone?
Today, I will tell you how, today, december 25th 2007 , I got the most unexpected gift of all. I woke up this morning to my child, my terminally ill 4 year old baby boy, talking , smiling , wanting kisses, and best of all wanting coffee and donut holes... I swear he was meant to be a cop(no offense!)
This has to be the best Christmas ever... Who needs gifts when you have the smile of a child? A child ,whom,I truly believed just less than 24hours ago, wouldn't see Christmas...
He was a chatter box off and on all day , wanting love from his Papy and Mamie, wanting hugs from William( ok ,William, that's enough now)
...Just a wonderful day ... And I owe it all to our Lord,to our Lord and to you all...Amazing friends who prayed for a Christmas miracle...THANK YOU !!!
I will forever be grateful..."

Monday, December 24, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

So, you are all wondering IF we have a tree and HOW MANY ornaments I have lost and WHERE we put it....
Have I ever come to you with simple answers? No. So, here's the LONG story that goes with those questions...
I decided that after the baby's nap on Friday, we would all hop in the minivan and go tree-hunting. We have NEVER done this on our own, we are usually the passengers on Daddy's trip to hunt himself the perfect tree. You know, the kind that you could hold a triangle template in front of and it would fit perfectly within the perfect triangle shape?
We took a peek at the obvious spots for trees and they were all sold out or were down to their "Charlie Brown" variety, of which I envisioned being supremely easy to maneuver by which the kids replied, "Mom."
By the time we got our destination it was raining...ugh...three kids and mud. Yippee! :)
Within minutes we chose our tree, miraculously ALL agreeing on the same one. My two-yea old gave his vote and ran to the giant tractor wanting a ride. We wrangled him back into the car, left the side door open so all three of them could watch the two Carhart beaus re-shape our fluffy evergreen into a torpedo-shape with a gas-powered string-wrapping machine. The many uses for this machine flew through my mind as I ran into the small shed to pay for my way-too-late-yuletide-foliage.
We headed home where I unloaded the kids, made a spot for the tree and lugged it in. Holy cow, my Carhart friends sure made that part look easy. I think our tree weighs more than me b/c I felt my uterus drop as I heaved it off the top of my van and over my shoulder.
We plopped it into the tree stand and I ran to get work gloves so I could crank it like my hubby does, nice and tight. My two older kids held it firmly in place as I cranked and cranked, imagining the angels' song we would all bear witness to when I told them to let go and it stood perfectly poised within its stand.
But, what was funny and had us all in stitches is my youngest saw me with the work gloves on and ran into the kitchen. He returned with a pair of mismatched oven mitts ready to help!
After some aggravation (that is a gross understatement), cranking and re-cranking, 100 re-positions, more cranking, some jostling and smacking (of the tree NOT the kids), a whole lot of twisting, some almost-bad words and a long string tied taught in an attempt to off-set the lean, we had it sitting pretty in what seemed to be the perfect position.
The best part of this whole frustrating experience is that the baby saw the tree almost topple so many times that I am quite certain he is more than frightened of the dang thing! PROBLEM SOLVED!
We cut the strings to reveal our beautifully-shaped, imperfectly triangular tree just in time to head to dress rehearsal for the Christmas play. They were disappointed we didn't have time to decorate but I promised them we would after we got home from church that night.
I dropped them off at rehearsal and headed back home. My husband met me at the door and said, "Who got the tree?"
I smiled and gloated, "Me and the kids."
His smile grew, "All by yourselves? Your dad didn't help?"
"Nope. It was nothing."
With that, we rounded the corner into the living room and he said, "Looks a little crooked."
ARGH #$%^&&*(((%^&*( Dag Nabbit!
The next morning it was leaning even further, actually supported by the wall. The baby added his own form of decor.
I left to run some errands and when I returned my hubby had come to our rescue and, like magic, our tree was standing beautifully in its stand, unsupported by the wall or any string!
But my oldest was in tears because, "Daddy changed the shape and now it doesn't look like the same tree."
Later on that evening, we decorated and everyone is happy! The baby is thrilled with the tree and has only stolen a few ornaments. We put those of the preschool-years-past variety at the bottom. He has started a small pile behind the tree of ornaments he has personally removed. But, no harm done.
So, there it usual, I made a HUGE over-exaggeration of what I thought would take place and reality pales by comparison! Now, I have to get the last of my wrapping done while the baby naps and the older two watch a movie!
PS...Christmas Miracle Update: I wired $2200.00 to Julian this morning! What a beautiful Christmas Miracle you all helped to create! May God bless you all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Message from Juju's "Big Mama"...

Julian's "Big Mama" is better known as Teresa by Julian's family. She is Mimi's best friend and these are her words from Juju's Carepages. Get your tissues! "This day has come not because we asked for it or planned this. And I can see it from two different pair of eyes. The eyes of a friend looking in: I see what I call the definition of a hero. The courage and strength that can sore like the wings of eagles, when it keeps him from being scared when the pain just won’t stop. I see the heart of a lion trying to keep the monster at bay just to see him have the abilities to still be a little boy. I see the memories being made to treasure and never being forgotten. All the choices being made for him. Selfless in the daily struggle we call life. The sleep isn’t there the strength isn’t there, but through Gods grace she is enough. Knowing that life will go on no matter how she feels no matter how it will hurt. She is a mama that loves with out boundaries and still sees others and reaches out knowing she has nothing left but gives all. She is my Best Friend. The second pair of eyes is that of a Big Mama: Life is always about changes. Not like this with out a choice. Looking at my Juju I see a little guy with all the potential of the world ahead of him he is sooo smart. He should have been anything and everything. He is perfect. Life happens and the choices are taken from us. Julian’s life has changed now the path that has been set before him has changed. No longer will we have a choice in his future. God has a bigger plan one filled with a perfect body. Two legs that run and two arms that can play. What mother would keep this future from her son? Our hearts will be broken our lives will be incomplete, but he will be whole. The only part of this nightmare that makes any sense is God gave me my best friend Mimi. I know that people are put in our lives and taken from our lives as a part of Gods plan one we will only understand when we see each other again when we are together again in Heaven. Our lives are still changing. How do we help our other children to understand life isn’t fair. If Mamas should understand it and cant or should I say don’t want to, how now do we ask the children too. You can’t ask them to put Julian first and let him go. They don’t want to. They are children and they will not choose to hurt they know that is wrong. We as parents have taught them to hurt is bad. And now we are changing our minds. Life isn’t fair, this isn’t fair. His breathing it is changing. Soon we will all be changed. Know this... we are all better people just because he has been a part of our lives. Like a ray of sunshine that kisses your face just long enough to make you smile. That is my Juju my Little Sunshine. Forever Love Big Mama."

12 Days of Christmas...

On the first day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... A toiletbowl filled with TP! On the second day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the third day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the fourth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the fifth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the sixth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the seventh day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the eighth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Eight unwrapped presents, Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the ninth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Nine naked branches, Eight unwrapped presents, Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the tenth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Ten sugar headaches, Nine naked branches, Eight unwrapped presents, Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the eleventh day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Eleven broken lightbulbs, Ten sugar headaches, Nine naked branches, Eight unwrapped presents, Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! On the twelfth day of Christmas, my kidlets left for me... Twelve goodnight kisses, Eleven broken lightbulbs, Ten sugar headaches, Nine naked branches, Eight unwrapped presents, Seven sticky handprints, Six temper tantrums, Fi-i-i-i-ve bro-ken balls, Four crumbled cookies, Three headless wisemen, Two empty tape rolls, and a toiletbowl filled with TP! Merry Christmas Bloggin' Mommies!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Something's missing...

After a slight mishap with the Nativity...
It is aparent in our home that those of us responsible for the safety of our children are not exactly excited about bringing a large toppling evergreen into our home and adorning it with projectiles...
So here sits the spot for our tree, empty.
I tried to convince the children that we opted for the invisible variety of Christmas tree.
"It is all the rage," I said.
"Really, Santa prefers them...not so hard on the eyes!"
"Seriously, they have linked Christmas lights to a rare form of ADD and suggest that people don't put up trees this year in an attempt to remedy the problem."
OK. I would feel like a horrible mom for my older children if we had no tree this year but I am trying to be creative so they have a SANE mom after the Holidays are over.
Small tree on dining room table?
Tree suspended from the ceiling?
Mini-tree on the mantle?
In the laundry room? The garage?
In my minivan?
After each thought I hear the echo of their voices saying,"Mom" in my head accompanied by the disapproving looks and fustrated huffs.
I just can't imagine living the next two weeks watching my Christmas ornament collection dwindle down to a sucked-on Candy Cane and a clothespin reindeer stipped of this pipe-cleaner antlers.
What can ya give me?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Find a picture of Julian on my blog...lay hands on his sweet face...pray for a!

Living Vicariously...

Well, I know Dawn from Because I Said So and I share some readers and some of you have probably guessed by our parallel posts for Julian that we share a friendship, too. Well, as her friend, I was so thrilled and waited with baited breath each night she was in NYC with her agent and publishers to hear what fantastic things she had done or who she met, etc! I told her I was living vicariously through her...pretending we were travelling together.
Early Wednesday morning a bright yellow vehicle came to pick "us" up to take us to the airport but, surprisingly though it was quite large and there were lots of kids on the one I was looking at.... "WAIT! Stop! Take ME, not THEM!"
Dawn got a cab, I got a school bus and watched it drive away, leaving me to change a poopy diaper and her to be glamorously whisked off to the airport.
So, I was so excited when we got "our" flight situation rectified and got on the plane safe and sound and in time for take-off, then my daughter interrupted me with, "Mom, if you are going to sleep in front of the computer, could I play Webkinz?"
The sights "we" saw were amazing!
Modern art.
Tall buildings.
Somehow Dawn's pictures showed up better than mine, something just doesn't look "New York" about mine...can't quite figure it out!
That night we retreated to "our" hotel rooms ready for some soothing relief alone...I am not sure about Dawn's room but mine came eqipped with three kids, some homework to check and a dog who needed to be relieved.
I heard her mention chocolates and champagne, which I enjoyed as well...
only I imagined it would taste much better.
"We" then met with the people from Guideposts out at a fancy fondue restaurant. How yummy. Chocolate and cheese! However, when I woke I was merely wiping a melted chocolate kiss off the underside of the couch cushion and fishing half-eaten string cheese strings out of the heater vents behind the high chair.
My dear friend Dawn also posted pretty picture of Grand Central Station which "we" thoroughly enjoyed. She failed to mention the noise and squealing I remember.
Just goes to show you how two people can experience the same situation without having the same experience.
Thanks Dawn, it was fun!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Julian Update...

(photo taken in Nov.)
Here is an update from Mimi for you all...I know you have been anxiously awaiting an update!
"I really want to describe Julian's day to you all. I want you to understand the pain, the anger episodes, the frustration, the few happy moments with brothers or with Mamie. I can't talk for Julian, he doesnt complain that much, his head hasnt been hurting , he does repeat often that his brain is tired. And while he cant use his legs , bend them himself, stretch them, and while he cant turn by himself in the bed, he can feel so much pain in there.
I don't quite understand why since he cant use them ,he can still feel them. He also can't pee without straining or poop, he doesnt have the same sensation as he did when he was healthy. He hates going in his pull up and it makes it for many many unsuccessful trips to the bathroom throughout the day. I want to put him in the bathtub so bad but I know it will be hard and painful. I think once he is in the water it will feel good, so we will see... His left eye is closed most of the day and if it opens, it looks to the side. He never complains or asks why. He reminds me every once in a while that one of his eyes is tired and thats why it stays closed, and also that his legs are too tired. He gets angry when he is tired and ready to sleep and we make noise.or if he wants to hear the tv, I mean he yells at us and says"Can someone just be quiet?" "go away" "go talk somewhere else" and if I dont answer to my name right away he screams my name again. He eats exclusively Stoffer's spaghettis and meatballs, which we HAVE to have in the freezer at all time since sometimes the king wants them at 2 am...
To us, the rest of the family, it feels a little bit like a bootcamp leader moved in! Actually ,a lot...The other kids have to be quiet most of the do you keep 3 boys quiet ? They get yelled at and feel like they have to apologize to him . I especially feel bad for William who wants to love on Julian and is worried about his booboos. But then when he has had his drugs and feels good, he is the most awesome kiddo. Loving, funny, playfull. I love it when he wants just one more kiss but thats it for today... I love when he speaks "french " to Mamie... I love it when he says to me " I just love your smell Mama " and he snuggles his face in my neck.
I love his dimples when he smiles because he says he is a stink bug. I love when William climbs on his bed and he says "Hi Weehiam" and wants a hug... Or when I bump him and apologize and he says "I never mind if you bump me, mama " Anyways, we take it one day or one hour at a time. Mood swings are part of life at our house , as well as laughter, tears, hugs, love and hope..." A friend of Julian's family circulated the following in an email...I thought it was a FANTASTIC idea and wanted to share... PLEASE LAY YOUR HANDS ON JULIAN'S PICTURE AND IF YOU WANT PRINT IT AND SAY THIS PRAYER. FOR JULIAN AND HIS PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Spa Sleepover...

I haven't posted too many creative things on My S.O.S (haha, I just realized that's the acronym for my frippin' fun!) ...I used to write for, infact was designed for me by 451press so I could come to the aid of the creatively challenged. I guess since I was writing for them, I just kept all my creative ideas over there...well, I have resigned my position as Creative Mom at 451 so I assume you will soon be inundated with creative ramblings from my way-too-creative mind!
Case in point...
My daughter had her SPA sleepover lastnight. It was a hit. The girls had so much fun and I survived. The baby was sick - of course and my husband and oldest went out for the evening so they didn't have to deal with the estrogen-filled Pjs!
My daughter, "e," decided she is beyond streamers and typical decor as she is turning the ripe old age of 9! So, because she is such a coordinator (it's just her personality) she decided poinsettias would be her decor. She drew me a full diagram of the room to be decorated and how she wanted it to look. We are quite the creative team so I felt happy to oblige. Here is our room at "SPA - e" ...
What is a spa without those big fluffy white towels for your head while you get your facial? How boring is a big white towel? What happens when you have two creative spirits planning the party and lots of really cute ribbon...oh, and a sewing machine?
Well, sewing lessons in place of a craft and REALLY.COOL.SPA.TOWELS, of course!
What about favors, you ask? Well, I found these really cute silver mini-duffle bags and I filled them with body butter, bath gel, body spray, bath fizzies, etc. And what is a duffle without a little bit of personalization? A hot pink paint pen did the trick!

Notice the green & red placecards on the plate? Yeah, that would be my overly-creative 9 year old! She had a blast the night before the party making herself at home in my big tote of scrapbooking papers and supplies!

It was a lot of fun! Not a lot of sleep but quite a few lasting memories. Of, course we had a squabble or two, you can't have THAT many females in a house without a hurt feeling or grumpy 'tude!

My two testosteronies returned from a rowdy production of Treasure Island just in time for my husband to see one of the girls hop from the coffee table OVER the back of the couch...our kids aren't even allowed to put their feet on the couch...I thought he would have an anyurism!

My hubby retreated to bed. My son threw on his PJs and joined the party! The girls (& boy) were up until I insisted on lights out and sent the small testosterone to his own room at 1:45am. The coughing, snotty one woke up at 6:45am!!

What a party! Mommy needs a nap...trouble is, the sleepy girls just left and the FAMILY party is in just a couple of hours. Yawn!

Where's my caffeine IV?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let the craziness commence...

I have to be honest with you all...I am having trouble going back to my old ways in my blogging since our week of Miracles here at My Semblance. But, if you do remember...and for those of you who are just stopping by...I usually to make people laugh...ALOT!
I know my dear friend, Mimi, would not be offended if I continued to have give-a-ways in the GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN A LUNCHBOX TODAY or rambled on and on about the trouble I had trying to "relieve" myself while dodging thrown toys and being body-slammed by a two-year old in the MOMMY HAS TO POTTY wars or continued to write EMBARRASSING MOMENTS posts.
But, I guess I need to start back slowly so as not to give the impression I am somehow putting behind me what we all experienced this past week...
So, I thought I would post a photo of what Teresa won when she guessed "CARROTS" in the lunchbox game...
A set of 6 hand-made greeting cards with matching envelopes...Enjoy Teresa!!
I guess, while I am posting, I will also show you what happens when your 10 year old son tries to keep up with his ever-so-graceful-almost-twin sister at an ice rink...


**Update: Julian had a "so-so" day reports Mimi...he had some pain in his leg. PLEASE continue to pray and keep checking back for updates! We had 3 more donations overnight which brings our total to $1989.25!! WOW!! Thank you Jane from NJ, Cheryl from NY and Michaela from Germany!!**

Thank you...

I am so humbled by the outpouring of love from all over the world for our now famous Julian! We have collected - through your generous gifts and the sale of our Cheesy Cross - $1840.65! one week! The numbers I really wish I had are those of all the people praying for sweet Juju! I got so many emails from strangers to Julian stating that money was tight but they were on their knees praying and had forwarded our links to everyone in their family or church! THAT is what makes a miracle! I was brought to tears by a young woman who emailed to say she and her husband were college students and had no extra money to spare but when she went to work that day she got her Christmas bonus...she came home and sent that bonus via PayPal to our fund for Julian! I have had so many people tell me that they emailed Oprah, Ellen, The View, etc. telling them about Julian and our efforts. I truly wish someone would pick up this story simply because it is a beautiful one! A gorgeous testimony to what happens when God's people come together in faith! None of you HAD to give...but yet your heart told you that you should. Many of you couldn't spare the money...but your heart told you to share. As I watch the news filled with shootings and rape, abandoned babies and domestic violence, I can't help but feel that a story like this would bring a little Light into a world that gets darker every day. The 62 of you from 29 different states and 4 different continents should be honored in some way for what you did, for how you sacrificed, for how you freely gave at Christmas time! I pray that the Lord doubly blesses the following people who donated and their families: Charles Mary Denise Sassychics Laura Shirley hmStudios Kristin Julie Vicky Elyse Carrie Nicole Amy Donald Shellie Deborah Ashley Lisa Michelle Brandi Leo Melissa Maureen Lucy Shannon Kim Travis SignFX Tiffany Diane Janet Kristin Marylse Misti Michele Christine Jeanne Kimberley Kirsten Lori John Cheryl Andrea DW Mary Lori Amy Lynda Michelle Daryl Karrie Janna Lisa Lisa Jennifer Thomas Dennis Susan Dina Kathryn Katherine What an army! DON'T STOP PRAYING! A miracle doesn't happen overnight! HANG ON! This is gonna be a good ride!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wednesday is Worldwide Fast Day...

"God is the ultimate healer, and our prayers make a difference." to quote my friend at Subwife.
12/12 11:04am - Mimi reported that Juju woke this morning with NO PAIN!!!!!!!
PRAY friends PRAY!!! FAST friends FAST!!!

PRAY and FAST for JULIAN'S MIRACULOUS recovery! Join us! Join the world in saving this little life! HAVE FAITH IN MIRACLES!!!!!

Pass this blog address on to anyone you know in the medical field. There may just be a new treatment out there that could be our Christmas Miracle! WE SOLD THE CHEESE!!

A generous person from Sarasota, FL won our cheesy cross for $265.00!! What a wonderful person! I pray this ebayer overflows with blessings this holiday season for his/her generosity for a complete stranger! GOD IS GOOD!

Our PayPal account for Julian is almost at $1,400.00!! We have multiple donations from the following states:

Maine Massachusettes New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Michigan Indiana Illinois Kentucky Tennessee Alabama Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Kansas Texas Colorado New Mexico Utah California

We even have multiple donations from the following places:

United Kingdom Netherlands Australia


Worldwide FAST for Juju!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" ~ Phillipians 4:13

Wednesday we will be fasting and praying for a Miracle healing for Julian! Fasting may not be safe for everyone so, please use your best judgement. You can fast a meal, the TV, your cell phone, whatever would be a sacrifice.

I BELIEVE we can, through the power of Christ, see a Christmas miracle for this little angel!

Post your prayers tomorrow as we all come together to fast and pray!

Fundraising Update:
Ebay - $265.00, 239 "watchers" and 7760 hits! Only 24 HOURS left!! Please spread the word!
PayPal donations - a WHOPPING $986.14!!! Keep it coming! :) I will keep the DONATE button on my blog indefinitely.
As of 12/11 @ 2:30pm - PayPal is up to $1,275.93!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!
I just read this on a website and had to share...
"Only someone facing or sharing a serious sickness, pain or tragedy knows how hard it is. They know how hard it is to cope with the fear and uncertainty. They know how absurd it sounds when someone first tells them to "keep a positive attitude". They know how terrifying it is when the doubt comes. They know how hard it is to throw a mountain into the sea. But remember what Jesus told us in Matthew 17:19-20 when he said "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, `Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Faith as small as a mustard seed sounds a little like hope to me, and that's a good start."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mommy Blogging Makes for Fast Friends and Miracles!

For those of you who show up here sometime during your busy day, you know us as the Miracle Trio...Dawn, Mimi and myself...friends pulling out all the stops to help make a miracle happen for Mimi's dear little Julian! (if this is your first visit to my blog, please read the last two posts) I don't think I have shared with all of you HOW I have come to be blessed with these lovely two women whom I have referred to quite often on my blog as "friends." This is what makes this story even more of a STORY! Dawn, Mimi and I have never laid eyes on one another except through photos sent via the internet or when Dawn (the show-off - just kidding) was on ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT. We have built our friendship, created a spiritual support system, and shared much laughter and tears through blogging, Without the internet we would never have met. Welcome to the 21st century of MommyNetworking. What a blessing! But because of this just-by-chance meeting, we have been feverishly drumming up support through worldwide prayer, an auction and PayPal (see donation button on this page) to make this Christmas the BEST ever for little Juju who has been struggling this last year with Medullablastoma. I have been completely HUMBLED by the outpouring of love, prayers, and giving from thousands of people WORLDWIDE! I have even had people tell me that they have contacted Oprah to fill her in on our plight for Julian. We are now praying for a Christmas Miracle...and through the help of many other Mommy bloggers who are spreading the word with links to my blog and with the idea from Mommy blogger, Shellie, we are calling for a WORLD WIDE FAST! Wednesday is the last day of our auction on ebay and we will all be fasting and praying for Juju's miraculous recovery! A reader told me to look up Mark 9 in the Bible so I wanted to share it with you... Passage Mark 9:20-29: 20So they brought him. When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth. 21Jesus asked the boy's father, "How long has he been like this?" "From childhood," he answered. 22"It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us." 23" 'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." 24Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!" 25When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene, he rebuked the evil spirit. "You deaf and mute spirit," he said, "I command you, come out of him and never enter him again." 26The spirit shrieked, convulsed him violently and came out. The boy looked so much like a corpse that many said, "He's dead." 27But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him to his feet, and he stood up. 28After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately, "Why couldn't we drive it out?" 29He replied, "This kind can come out only by prayer ad fasting." Isn't he worth it?! Do you think you could give SOMETHING UP on Wednesday to "fast" for Julian? Fasting can be dangerous for some people with certain health conditions so please use your best judgement. Our church encourages people who want to fast but cannot/shouldn't/ don't want to give up food to fast dessert, TV, technology or anything else that would be a sacrifice. When you feel "hunger" for food or otherwise...PRAY FOR JUJU! FAST FOR A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!! and leave a comment that you are "in" so we can track HOW MANY people are with us!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Outpouring and Overflowing...

Monday's Update: Ebay $265/228 watchers/7331 hits PayPal donations: $869.21 and still rolling in What a humbling experience it has been fielding the emails that read "Notification of Instant Payment Received!" and "Comment from eBay Member!" Little Julian's story has touched the lives of people WORLD WIDE! Seriously! WORLD WIDE!!!
I have also received emails from people who could not send money or bid on ebay but who were offering their prayers and lots of them. Emails stating that they had sent the links to Julian's story to those in their address book or that they had just been on their knees pleading with the Lord to show the world a Christmas Miracle!
My favorite emails tell the story of people who were miraculously cured of cancer even though their prognosis was horrifying. I thought I would post the ones I have gotten to give you all hope in your prayers to God! He CAN work miracles! That's what I am praying's what I hope you will pray for, too! ************************* Michelle, You are very welcome. I just read the update on Julians page (as well as Dawns.) I am praying for the family. I am a youth leader in the Dallas area. (Shady Grove Church in Grand Prairie) One of my "kids" was diagnosed about 5 years ago with a terminal cancer & is now completely healed.I know that we serve a great & powerful God. Anyways, that youth of mine, Samantha Pinder wrote a book & her dad illistrated it. I would like to send Julian a copy for christmas.Do you have an address that I could send it to? Sarah Kuglin ***************************** Hi Sweet Friend, I want to be of encouragement to you. I have a great friend at church, Kay Crouch who was healed of brain cancer. Her testimony is awesome. Remember, God is still in the miracle "business". It's only Satan who would have us think otherwise. Stay strong and BELIEVE. Stand in faith for Julian's complete healing. Anything less we will not accept. In HIS adventure, Heather Rice *******************************

I saved the best for last...the vital statistics!!

On ebay, our auction is at $265.00, with 205 "watchers" and 6735 hits!!!

The DONATE button on my blog has brought in $570.01 from all over the WORLD!!!

Donations have come in from: Maine, Massachusettes, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Utah, California, the UK and the Netherlands!



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Little Juju and the Cheesy Cross...

Dawn from Because I Said So and I have partnered this week to create a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE for Julian...

with this piece of cheese...

In my last post, I wrote about this sign from above that manifested itself in the dried cheese in my frying pan. So many people commented that I should list this stupid piece of cheese on Ebay b/c of the lady who sold that Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese a couple years ago for $28,000.

I was turned off by the thought of that at first because I was thinking I could never live with myself if I paid off all of my debt by selling a piece of cheese to some LOON for $100,000!!! But then I thought of my friend Mimi and her 4-year old son Julian!

Julian was diagnosed last year with Medulloblastoma...brain cancer. Julian and his family deserve an OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY, CRAZY, SPECIAL CHRISTMAS! I chatted with my FUN friend Dawn, and we decided, if we sold this piece of cheese, we could make that CRAZY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS a reality! It could help Julian's family to buy Christmas presents or pay medical bills!

Wouldn't that be great?! What a blessing it would be if it not only put me in a better frame of mind this past Monday morning, but it also helped out this wonderful family dealing with the horrible reality of childhood cancer! So, up for bid is my soon-to-be-famous CHEESE is approximately 2 1/2" long and 3/4" wide.

PLEASE help us to give Julian and his family he Christmas they deserve! Let's make some history!!! Email this auction to everyone you know, bid if you can but ABOVE ALL PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!!!!

Dawn and I will keep you updated, so keep checking back!!! PLEASE


12/05 -10pm: Many of you have asked so I added a DONATE button in the pink sidebar - so if the bidding goes higher than you can commit to, please feel free to donate what you can - I will keep you posted on this running total, too!

12/06 - 2pm: WOW! What an outpouring of love - I am so humbled!!!

Here are our stats...we have rec'd PayPal donations from PA, MN, IA, TN, TX and CA totalling 216.97!! There have been 2965 hits on the auction and it is up to 157.50 with 108 people "watching" the auction!!

The neat thing is all the comments people are leaving on the auction, so I am posting them on the auction when I respond!! Heather from RICE-A-RONI-VILLE decided to do the same thing for a local friend of hers whose son is also battling cancer!!! It's a revolution!

12/06 - 3:40pm - Oops! Someone brought it to Dawn's attention that there may be a glitch with our efforts on ebay simply b/c Julian is not an ebay recognized charity...I have an email in to see what I need to do so the auction doesn't get pulled. If we have to cancel the auction and re-list it, Dawn and I will both post a new link!

12/07 - 12 midnight - Just got news that Julian's MRI today was devestating to say the least. I am having a hard time even typing it - he has only weeks left on this earth. I don't know what to say other than PRAY PRAY PRAY! God be with this family! My dear friend, Michele just IMd me and said, "God can still do miracles!" Amen! That's the kind of faith we need to muster! NOW!

12/07 - 11:33pm - A message from Julian's mom, Mimi...For now , Julian is here. And as long as he can still smile, so will I . I will have plenty of time to be sad later on, for now I am soaking up any ray of sunshine rising from my baby's face,and i suggest you do the same. I will have plenty of time to figure out how to live with a broken heart for the rest of my life... Remember don't ever forget to kiss your children goodnight, even if they are asleep, they know... Mimi

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jesus in the pan...

I teach 4th & 5th grade girls Sunday mornings at our church. Each month children K-5th grade learn about a different virtue through worship, Bible skits and life application ideas. My girls have charm bracelets that they wear each Sunday and I give them a charm each month if they can share an example of how they put that month's virtue to good use. Since September we have done Initiative, Respect, Uniqueness and this month we are learning PEACE. This morning in the hectic chaos of a Monday-let's-get-back-into-the-sync-of-the-school-week, I was not feeling so PEACEful. The baby is sick, our older two were moving slower than usual and everyone requested a different breakfast (I shouldn't have asked). I had totally forgotten what I had taught my 4th & 5th girls less than 24 hours earlier. But Jesus has a funny way of just showing up to remind me to "get with the program!" day has been peaceful ever since His gentle nudge. Thank you, Lord!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A "Home" for the Holidays...

My husband is a NEAT FREAK, a self-proclaimed minimalist, a person who gets rid of everything that he has not worn/used/looked at or thought about in the last 6 months. He is also the person who appears a little OCD when it comes to organization. The man's closet looks like a department store. Everything needs to have a home. A FRIPPIN' HOME FOR EVERYTHING! It's a rule. It's how he functions. I am an ARTIST, a self-proclaimed pack-rat, a person who saves anything that is in any way connected to a "story," a person who can explain why the petrified piece of chewed gum smooshed into a used tissue qualifies as a memento, a person who saved her skinny clothes from college "just in case." A person who knows she would look like a freak walking into the grocery store with her wide-striped GAP rugby and her pegged, acid-washed jeans but she'd have the satisfaction of being in her skinny clothes. I have a bulimic closet that is constantly in the purge phase. It's a fun ride. It's how I function. When we moved into our current home 6 1/2 years ago, my husband and I were unpacking the boxes in the Master Bathroom...our first home with OUR OWN bathroom! Of course, he had purchased drawer organizers for every stinkin' drawer in the whole house and had even found one he "thought was perfect for cosmetics as the compartments are varying shapes and sizes." (ain't he cute?!) He stood over my shoulder as I put away my make-up into the little compartments. I tried to smile as he tried to give EVERYTHING A HOME with his back-seat organizing...Lord, help me! "Ooooo, uh, don't you think the mascara fits better in that tray?" "What if you put the eye that what that is?...what if you put that over there?" "Hmmm...don't ya think it would make more sense to put everything in the order that you use it? That'd be cool, right?" ((insert gritting teeth behind pursed lips here!)) And then he took it a bit too far, "What if you put your tampons in the closet since they don't really go with your make up?" My eyes turned RED, my head spun around 3 or maybe 4 times and I actually thought about throwing away the sacred piece of petrified gum! I stood up, shook my super-absorbent box at him and yelled, " DO YOU WEAR THESE?" ((insert his deer in the headlight stare)) "I SAID, DO YOU WEAR THESE??!" "ummm, no." "Well, until you DO, how about you let me decide where to put them! Got it?!" "yep." I was digging through the black hole that is my purse this week..."I know my phone is in here somewhere...where the heck is my phone?"

This is when I realized that my purse is my ONLY sacred place. NO ONE goes in my purse but me...and an occasional child looking for gum.

My husband would go into fits if he know what my purse was HOME to...

Let's see:

  • Besides lipstick, cell phone, wallet, gum, etc.... there is a whole slew of UNACCEPTABLE items in here...
  • 2 bags of completely crushed cereal - in case I bump into the witch from Hansel and Gretel and I need to leave a trail...a very long trail
  • the between-the-toe thingies from my daughters pedicure...because I could always scrapbook them
  • a horrifically UGLY bracelet one of the kids "won" for me at the WalMart crane can I throw that away?
  • many, many writing utensils
  • a "favor" from my writer's conference
  • a baggie filled with cough drops from when I was sick
  • a book of stamps...THAT'S where they are!
  • 23 receipts that I have yet to enter in my checkbook - yikes!
  • hand is snot-dribbled grocery cart season - eeewww!
  • my alli compact filled with the promise to make me skinny again...oh, I have to take them?
  • a Barnes & Noble membership application...I suppose I need to do more than carry it in my purse to save the 10%, huh?
  • a napkin
  • a Cabella's coupon...because of how often I choose to see taxidermied animals in fake habitats, yuck! I have a hunter hubby...I, however, LOVE BAMBI!
  • a prison ministry pamphlet from the bell-ringer outside of WalMart who made my feel bad for having a hot coffee while he was freezing his 'bells' off.
  • court paperwork from our last court hearing...we are foster parents so we are in court almost as much as we visit my in-laws.
  • Oooooo, M&M minis, I didn't know these were in here...ya think anyone would notice if I finished them off?
  • earrings
  • Benadryl...which I carry ever since my 10-year old decided to be SEVERELY allergic to Buckwheat...I also have to carry an epiPen, too...UGH!
  • 2 packets of Splenda...just in case my sweet tooth gets the best of me I can have a quick shot or two
  • my stack of "calling cards" just in case I ever bump into a leading editor from a huge publishing house who overhears my conversation and thinks I am so rip-roarin' funny that I need a book deal!
  • random gum and candy wrappers

That's it...not so crazy...whats the craziest thing in YOUR purse? Should you be finding a HOME for those things? Would you like to borrow my husband to get your house in shape for the Holidays?

Tell me about it...