Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gotta love the CHALK...

Each spring, our driveway turns into a giant coloring book! And apparently, I am the guest artist! We live in a large development so it is rare that MY children are the only children IN my driveway... Miss Michelle, could you draw a ..., Mommy, could you make a big....
My neat and tidy clean-freak husband PRAYS for rain!

Namesake Order Pad Closed...and a SECRET!!!

Thank you - OH MY GOODNESS - Thank you! I will have to sift through all of my emails and comments to get an exact count of HOW MANY NAMESAKES were sold to support 4 the kids! I Am flabbergasted! Abso*frippin*lutely flabbergasted! (Say that 5 times!) Michele from 2BOYSTWINGIRLS won the 1/2 price deal! So, Michele only pays half price and ALL of it goes to PEDIATRIC CANCER!! Yeah for Michele as she is buying TWO NAMESAKES! If you ordered a NAMESAKE, you will hear from me soon! I promise! I want to transfer all the orders and details to a ME-style order pad - the kind I can flip through and add ideas to throughout the day without having to be in front of the computer. It's just how I roll! So, bear with me! If I am uber organized, I will crank these out much quicker! I will also let that one lucky person know that they only have to pay 1/2 price for their NAMESAKE! (all proceeds going to 4 the kids!) There is a sort of COUNTDOWN this week - something VERY VERY cool is happening on Friday! and another on SATURDAY! Something that will make your chins HIT THE FLOOR!! I can't even begin to tell you HOW VERY VERY EXCITED I AM!!! You all know how I have a little "pee" problem when I get excited, well....I may have to. Pee that is! Do you wanna know what it is? Do you wanna know WHY I am so excited? Do you wanna know what is happening in 45 hours and 58 minutes? Yes, that's 3:35pm (EST) on Friday! And what's happening in 68 hours and 56 minutes? I am sure you do....but I am going to keep you in the D-A-R-K! Because, I have a MICHELLEKEMPERBROWNLOW way of unveiling said surprise!! And it will be so FUN!! I am not giving you any hints - unless I am begged, of course! You know how much I like being hounded!! That's how the whole VIDEO BLOG got started, Mimi joined in the begging fun and WHAMMO - I had my "Dancin' Queen" debut on YouTube! And I am not telling you WHEN I will reveal the secret! You will just have to keep checkin' back! Cuz, THAT'S HOW I ROLL!

Monday, April 28, 2008

NAMESAKES...custom orders OPEN

Each NAMESAKE is done in commercial quality pencils and paint on 9 x 12" bristol board as per your personal choices. The one above was for a little girl adopted from China. You can request specific colors or themes or hobbies and I reserve the right to use what I can from the info you supply to make the best celebration for the person receiving it. These are perfect gifts for TEACHERS, FRIENDS, BABYSITTERS, BABY SHOWERS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, etc.'s the scoop!
Order pad open for the next 24 hours - CLOSING at 11pm Tuesday night.
Each hand-drawn, hand-colored NAMESAKE is $40.
50% of all proceeds goes to Pediatric Cancer.
Post a comment with your order to secure your place in line.
Make arrangements for payment via email. PayPal or personal check.
One person will win a 1/2 price NAMESAKE.
Pertinent information to supply in your follow-up email...
Child's name as you want it on the artwork
Theme, colors or hobbies
(trucks, racecars, the beach, dress-up, etc.)
Any vitals that you would like included
(usually for new baby gifts - weight, length, date, time)
If you have any questions please contact me at :

MORE 4 the kids...

So, I have decided to merge the two ideas I have been mulling over in my brain these last few weeks. A couple posts ago I told you about my NAMESAKES and then I dove right into the 4 the kids project. I had so many comments saying that if I listed the NAMESAKES my readers, YOU, would be interested about NAMESAKES that have the same rules as 4 the kids? 50% of proceeds donated to pediatric cancer! I will offer up NAMESAKES and for 24 hours you can reserve yours! 24 hours only! Those who wish to purchase can use PayPal or mail me a check. Then I will take no more orders until I have those caught up....then I will offer another "lot" and so on... Here's the FUN part...I will place numbers in a basket based on how many people order and at the end of the 24 hours, I will pull a number. That number will coincide with the order in which the orders came in via my comments section on THAT post. If I choose YOUR number, your NAMESAKE IS 1/2 PRICE! That way, 50% of all proceeds still are 4 the kids! The winner will simply pay the donated 50%! Sound cool? These are one-of-a-kind pieces that will celebrate your child and will match their decor, favorite hobby, etc. Leave your ideas, comments and suggestions below!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


That's my profile - wires and all. I had a HOLTER MONITOR to check on some heart palpitations...kinda strange for someone that rarely even wears a band-aid. Kinda hard to pee with a big wad of wires in your pocket and the other ends attached to your ....ummm.... hoo-has! My doctor thinks it is just stress. So, I am supposed to take it easy. Stay even-keeled. My parents offered to watch the kids so Ken and I could schedule a long-awaited DATE NIGHT!! My hubby and I don't get out that often so when we do - it is a BIG deal! Lastnight was DATE NIGHT! We went to a great restaurant we had never gone to was awesome. Very yummy food, very relaxed and GREAT company! He's pretty cute! After dinner we headed to my favorite place to relax in the world...BARNES & NOBLE! But, now do you remember WHAT THE HECK happened the LAST time I thought B&N was a good idea? Well, if you are new or you just don't remember, remind yourself here. This time, Ken and I grabbed some books and magazines and sat at a little cafe table to read and flirt with each other. (yes, 15 years later, we are still goofy-giddy-newlyweds!) But, veg-time is completely dependent on WHO you sit next to...HOLY CRIPES! Next time I will pick the seat b/c Ken pulled up a chair right next to ...let's call her Margaret. I don't know her name but I know every creepy thing about her life. This woman should be in therapy. And then her therapist should seek therapy! Margaret was chatting with her all started with this question, "So, how do the Quaker's feel about violence, like defending yourself?" For those of you who are not aware, the Quakers are alive and well in PA...William Penn - "Penn"sylvania - Quakers - it's all part of the deal. They are "religious witnesses for peace since 1660." Well, Margaret went into her Buddhist rant. How the Buddhists feel about evil and protecting yourself from it, etc. Whatever. To each his own. I don't care. I go back to my reading. Then she mentions that she never leaves the house without her Sig Sauer. I looked at Ken with my eyebrow raised...I have NO idea what she is saying. Sig what? Ken makes his best GUN with his hand (on the down-low of course) and I gasp. Quietly. Back to my book. "My stalker!" Those words got my attention. Apparently, she has had a lot to deal with in her life as a VA nurse. Holy her therapist on speed dial?
Something is said about a gun safe accident. My ears perk up as I have a personal aversion to guns. But then she spouted. She frothed. She talked of her life-long dream of owning a gun shop. I almost turn my head and watch her like a TV. But then she whines that her dream was shattered when a 400 lb. gun safe fell on her wife. Yes, I said "wife" - Ken caught the spout of hot macchiato I threw from my lips!
So, to make a long story short - because this was a story WAY-too-long for our short supposed-break-from-the-chaos-we-call-life! Margaret was a ... gun-toting lesbian formerly stalked Buddhist nurse! Any one (or even TWO) of these things would never have caught my attention. But, five? ALL FIVE?! And now her pacifist Quaker friend was discussing hand-gun options with her. She was climbling aboard the GUN-TRAIN! Seriously, I am such an open-minded, non-judgemental person. I have friends in almost every category of human you can think of - I really do... but this poor woman's life made me sad...AND KEPT MY FROM THE BOOK THAT WAS GOING TO UNCOVER ALL THE PUBLISHING SECRETS I AM CURRENTLY SEEKING! So, that was date night! Ooooo La La! Maybe my stress is directly related to WHERE I sit at Barnes & Noble! Give it up? What are my options? I am an addict. But, do people actually pop a Valium before ordering their Macchiato? Let me be the first!

Friday, April 25, 2008

HEATHER RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friend! I have emailed you about 30 times, left comments on your blog and STILL you think I have

disowned you...

LOVE THE JEWELRY! You are a wonderful artist!!

Thank you! Fix your frippin' email!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Original ARTWORK for SALE..4 the kids...

Noon UPDATE: "J" from SPICING UP THE LITTLE THINGS is the Proud Owner of THIS original piece! Thank you "J" for having a heart 4 the kids!
Once again, 4 the kids is offering this 9 x 12" original piece for the taking. 50% of the proceeds from this sale with go directly to pediatric cancer. Check out the running tally on my side bar.
The last person who purchased a 4 the kids piece had me include a notecard and send it to a friend whose daughter is battling leukemia. What a beautiful gift! I am always happy to ship anywhere (it's FREE for you) and include a gift card as well.
I am not putting a starting bid, however, go with your heart. The bidding will end tomorrow (4/25) at noon (EST).
Bookmark me so you can check back often. Forward my link or put me on your FAVES list to spread the word. I am an artist and children's illustrator so it wouldn't be unlikely for me to have 3 or 4 of these sales a week. It's all 4 the kids!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, thanks to all of you and your GIANT virtual kick in the pants, the first batch of 4 the kids cards are ready for the taking! Just head over to my CAFE PRESS store front and start shopping- there are only 3 options available, but there will be more coming soon! I have some surprises in my "briefcase" of designs but I still want to play around some and upload them a little at a time! The same deal goes for CAFE PRESS as does the artwork sold on MY Semblance - 50% of ALL proceeds go to pediatric cancer. I will keep a running tally in the sidebar of how much money has been raised and what the money has gone to so you can watch the blessings grow! If you can't make a purchase, no worries, simply bookmark this blog, FWD it or email a link. Above all this endeavor needs prayer. Send the message across the globe to help fight childhood cancer...let's move mountains! People have asked me why I want to dive into this world of cancer, why I want to surround myself with suffering, why I offer to inundate my brain with the sadness that cancer brings...a good I will let Haley answer for you... My whole life, it has always been 4 the kids!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blanket Project...

I am so proud of my girls... I talk about my CLUB girls (Sunday morning children's church) quite often. My group of 12-15 4th and 5th graders are SO on fire to be a blessing to someone less fortunate than them. They prayed for Julian, they are planning an Alex's Lemonade stand for this summer, they made and delivered 30+ blankets to the Children's Home of Reading and they continue to be inspired by those who need to feel God's love. In the midst of all of my fundraising ideas for PEDIATRIC CANCER, one of my girls won a local contest. The contest was called PAY IT FORWARD! The local paper would award $1000 to anyone who could come up with the best idea of how to GIVE BACK with the money. My dear girls want to use the money make those same fleece knotted blankets for a PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY floor. They are an amazing group of girls from all different backgrounds, all different family make-ups but they each have GOD'S HEART! They are nervous about what they will see. They are concerned with what they should say/not say. So, I am trying to plan a WEBCAM event with a few of my favorite "celebrities" - who better to "train" them. I couldn't be more proud of the young ladies they are becoming!

"SOLD!"...and other PEDIATRIC CANCER news

I am thrilled to say that by noon today the highest bid was $70!!!! That's $35 for THE KIDS! I have not yet found the EXACT place to donate but will be researching and letting you all know. The $$ I gather until then will sit and accrue as I get some more illustrations and jewelry out there. HIP HIP HOORAY FOR KELLY!! So, here are some of my latest ideas in my forever wandering mind! - I would like to keep a tally running in my sidebar of how much $$ is raised for PEDIATRIC CANCER from the illustrations (& such) I post on here. I would be happy to do a couple a week if you would all be so kind to pass the word so the SAME people aren't doing all the bidding! Don't need to cause any marital issues due to depleted bank accounts. Maybe we could get Oprah to bid! - I would also be interested in how many of you would purchase greeting cards with artwork from cancer patients on it...for those of you who peruse the carepages, wouldn't you love to send out greetings with a "Julian original" or a "Coleman Limited Edition" or a "Haley One-of-a-Kind?" Wouldn't that be awesome? Awesome for those artists to know that their "expressions" are helping to raise money for PEDS CANCER! I think I can do this through pretty simply. - I am still thinking of the line of cards that say what the patient needs to hear but you find it hard to say! I would love for those of you SURVIVORS who read my blog to come up with things to say and email me - I will put your name and type of cancer on the back of the cards as well (unless you would like to remain anonymous) - On a lighter note, go check out Mimi's blog to see the video she made of our Chicago trip! Love you Meems!

Monday, April 21, 2008


"Let go...Let God!" That's what I call this piece. This illustration was inspired by all of the care pages that I read. She is the visual image of what I pray for all the moms suffering through cancer with a child. I suppose she could be ANYONE, though. I can only imagine how heavy a mother's spirit can feel watching someone you love be so sick, so this image is my prayer for all of you with heavy hearts! In my girls' group (4th & 5th graders) at church we are learing about the virtue of JOY. And how we should be joyous that GOD IS WITH US through all of life's ups and downs because out of every negative comes a positive. I don't pretend that this is an EASY virtue to practice but I am just offering it as a small ingredient of my inspiration for this illustration. I have decided that I will, from time-to-time, offer up my artwork for sale with 50% of the proceeds going to pediatric cancer. This specific piece is 9 x 12" and is done in watercolor pencils on 60lb. paper. Shipping is FREE! I HATE HATE HATE putting a price on my work. So...the selling price will be up to you! Leave a comment with your "bid" and the highest bid by NOON TOMORROW (4/22, EST) will be the proud owner (or gift-giver) of this original piece. Email me with any questions. Feel free to post a link on your blog to spread the word and to help raise more $$ for CANCER! May God bless you and yours!

Gabbin' Mama Monday...

So, I have been fighting with this Video Blog all weekend trying to upload it and I was ready to give up when it decided to be NICE TO ME and uploaded with NO issue, just now! I was hoping I could get it posted last week so you wouldn't have to go another week with no GABBIN' MAMA, but it wasn't in the cards...

But, it is worth the wait because I actually had a co-host for this one and he is quite the celebrity! ENJOY!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I polished Macy-Sue...

So, by now you all know my saga of writing my Macy-Sue LaRue picture book series... I have recently had some interest (no, it is not another April Fools joke! I actually think I lost a few readers b/c of that....people were mad! hee hee sorry!)... So, thought you'd like to "proof" a bit of the new, polished version...but for obvious reasons I can't give you the whole thing so you will have to leave me lots of comments so "The Powers That Be" can see potential BUYER reactions!! HAHA You'll have to (pray for its publication) buy it to get the rest.

MACY-SUE LA RUE, FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO “Oh dear, this just won’t do,” Macy-Sue looked around her room at the peeling purple wallpaper. “Mommy’s tea party should be fancy, not falling apart.” She picked at the tattered, curling edges. R-r-r-r-ip. She ripped the paper from the walls, strip by strip. She ripped, twirled and giggled as the purple ribbons trailed behind her and tickled her ankles. Her dance sent her foot right through the picture window of her dollhouse and she landed with a THUD. Mrs. La Rue was distracted by the noise and scolded from her office chair, “Macy-Sue La Rue, find something else to do!” So she did. “Too much furniture. There’s no room to dance,” Macy-Sue said as she pushed and pulled, scraped and scooted everything into the hallway. The bed, her dresser, a broken dollhouse and two bedside tables all fit (some squeaked!) through her narrow doorway. Mrs. La Rue could hear the commotion and growled under her breath. Her grumpy lips called out a little louder this time, “Macy-Sue La Rue, find something else to do!” So she did. Macy-Sue looked around her room. It was empty except for a small table sitting by the window. She tapped her chin. “A mural,” she whispered. “This tea room needs some color.” Macy-Sue dug into her art supplies and practiced her fancy coloring. “This wall was just too whitey-white,” she said as she added raspberry red to the rainbow on her wall. “Mo-o-o-o-om! I am painting my wall for our te-e-e-e-ea party,” Macy-Sue sang out in the squeaky tune of her favorite made-up song.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sandbox (Subtle) Annoyance...

Sandbox - $30.00
Sand - $12.00
Reading an entire magazine in one sitting (well, almost) - PRICELESS!
So, yesterday I got a sandbox. We have three children ages 10,9 and 2 and this is our first sandbox. I have always been anti-let-your-kids-play-in-a-box-that-all-the-cats-in-the-neighborhood-pooped-in but I needed something. Something to help me enjoy the recent summer-like weather without training for a marathon...which is basically what it is like to be outside with my toddler-man.
"Good kick, buddy! No! NO! Not in the r.....oad!"
"Hey, come back here. You are getting a little too far away from Mommy! IF YOU GO ANY FURTHER I AM GOING TO....(neighbors are peeking out their windows) hem... give you a time out!"
"No! No! Nooooooo! Honey, that is bird poop, not icing. Don't ever eat that again!"
The sandbox is a God send! At least until the bus comes. Add to the serene habitat of a two-year old and his sand 3 more kids and a couple buckets.
I was finally enjoying an actual conversation on the phone with my sister which never happens because those under waist-height REFUSE to be quiet if there is a phone at my ear when I glance at the new sandbox.
The older kids had left the scene and there he was...covered in the white and wet dusty film of new sand. The hose had been wrangled and many, many, many buckets had been filled with water and dumped into the almost-sun dried-sand. My mini-man was jumping in the mess like a pre-schooler on crack. The bigger the jump, the bigger the smile. The bigger the splash, the harder the giggle. White tidal waves of sandy water ebbed and flowed and reminded me that "My work here is never done." sigh.
Before he asked to go outside today, my little man and I headed for WalMart to grab one more bag of play sand to soak up the flood we have going on in our green turtle sand box.
The rest of the day is a sunshiny blur. We spent ALL day outside; riding, rolling, running, giggling - . I recorded this week's video blog at the picnic table! But I can't get it to upload to YouTube.
It's 1am and I am beat...all that sun makes me sle-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-epy!!
Peace Out! Look for the video tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

RELAY FOR LIFE...for Julian...

Check out the sidebar --------> Before you read my other post for today - follow the link to Mimi's relay team and DONATE! Their RELAY FOR LIFE IS TOMORROW! Make a donation for Julian as he smiles down on his Mama...because he "loves her more better!"

Personalized Children's Wallhangings...

So, this is a peek at something I have done (mostly as gifts) for years. From time to time I will set up a little booth at a craft show and offer my wares and these, what I like to call NAMESAKES, are featured along with handmade soaps, jewelry, painted gourds and other musings from this mom who never sleeps! HAHA

My husband will kill me for doing this as he is not sure WHY I act on EVERY single idea that pops into my head...children's books, freelance writing, RELAY FOR LIFE, teaching children's church, sub-contract work for Children & Youth, volunteering at school, etc. You all know the drill...I am positive I wouldn't find a reader who doesn't feel like she DOES IT's just the nature of the beast...this "gig" we call 'MOMMYHOOD!'

So, here is my newest idea:
I am thinking about having someone design a website for me to sell my NAMESAKES as well as a line of greeting cards that would benefit pediatric cancer in some way. Children have always been my passion, so whether I am painting a mural, teaching a class or writing a book, I live to celebrate them in everything I do! That's the kind of website I am thinking of...I am also throwing around the idea of having other artists sell their wares on my site as well! Just a small project, right? Shhhhh. Don't tell Ken!

Any web designers out there that want to help me out with this? Send me an email with your ideas.

Any makers of quality items that celebrate children, contact me, too.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our Chicago Angel...

This one's for YOU K-girl! Dawn, Mimi and I want your blog to wear it proudly! You deserve it!
For those of you who read my blog (or Dawn's or Mimi's) then you have been blessed with another wonderful woman.
The amazing story that has unfolded over the last 4 months has brought tears to my eyes dozens of times. I posted "our story" a while back but feel free to refresh your memory, if you like.
One of our collective readers, who we all know as the QUEEN OF STORY TIME! Kendra, took it upon herself to make sure the three of us (Dawn, Mimi and myself) met... in Chicago... at the OPRAH SHOW!! Now, that is above and beyond in my book.
Little did we all know that only weeks before our date on Oprah, Kendra would suddenly fall ill with what turned out to be a brain tumor. Kendra underwent emergency brain surgery and was STILL thinking of others as he opted (was not directed by a Dr. to do so) to shave her head. She then donated her waist-length hair to LOCKS OF LOVE!
Even though she has been going through DAILY radiation treatments, she was emailing us everyday leading up to our big trip to meet last week! Every day!
Only having been home from the hospital a few days she IMd me to check in and see HOW I WAS DOING! "ME?! How am I doing?" But we only talked for a minute or two because she was having her story time kids over for the afternoon. Once again, she was thinking of those little people who missed hearing her stories, not herself!
If anyone reading this has the means to make a miracle happen, to bless someone in an outrageous way...this woman is the one to bless! She has been a blessing (and an inspiration) to thousand and thousand of people for a lifetime!
For those of you who are believers in the POWER OF PRAYER (as you should be!) Kendra's radiations are from 2:10 - 2:15 daily (Pacific time) - please pray and add her "DIE CANCER DIE" mantra to your words!
Kendra even opted for TWO radiations in one day so she would be sure to make it to her grand daughter's high school graduation. NOW THERE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
I have been urging Kendra to write a book about her life, her "collections" of children in her home and out, her faith, her passion for books, her love for others, her artistic talents, her life's struggles and now her battle with cancer. I see NY BEST SELLER!
Would you buy it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mimi touched OPRAH...

OK, what a whirlwind of a morning it has been! CRAZY! After getting herded like cattle around the HARPO STUDIOS, we made it into the actual set! WE WERE PEEING!!! We have no photos because we weren't allowed to take cameras or cell phones into the studio...sorry! It was an awesome experience...I thought my face was going to break from smiling...apparently Manic watched already and said she didn't see us in the audience and NO THEY DIDN'T SURPRISE US AND HAVE US ON THE SHOW!!!!! Told you!!!! Oprah was cracking jokes during commercials when her make-up/hair people weren't covering her cleavage, fluffing her hair, fixing her make-up or handing her medicine - yeah, she was a little under-the-weather! But totally fun! Mariah Carey is the size of a lamp post. Seriously, I think she weighs 46 lbs. Somebody give the girl a hoagie, please! She sang "BYE-BYE" from her album E=MC2 that comes out tomorrow - we patted Mimi as it was a song about losing someone you love. We got Mariah perfume when we left as our gift! Nope, no car! :) When Oprah left the studio she reached up into the crowd and Mimi shook her hand. We told Mimi not to wash her hands and then if she ended up getting sick next week she could tell everyone she caught Oprah's cold!!!!!!! How cool was that???!!!! We then shopped at the O Store - yes, the woman has her own store! It's cool with fun, comfy clothes, coffee mugs, specialty tea, etc...everything had an O on it! Well, it is almost time to check out and say good-bye to my BLOGGIN' MAMAS, so I will sign off but please let me know what you thought of the show! Maybe YOU saw us when Manic blinked!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Night Out on the TOWN... it possible to have internal injuries from laughing so hard?
We just got back to our room after walking Manic to her car. Sad she is gone (insert frowning, here) but we had a blast at The Italian Village!
We had an awesome Maitre D, Andre, who looked like he could have been George Clooney's dad.
OK...let me back up... Manic arrived and the party started....

Then Dawn graced us with her INFAMOUS presence...

We sat in the room and twittered giggled over stuff we found in our purses! Ask Manic and Dawn about their hoity toity breathmints!

We talked about outfits, "What are YOU wearing?" "Can I wear jeans?" "I brought flip-flops, why is Chicago so FRIPPIN' cold?"

Then we grabbed a cab and headed for dinner!

When Andre sat us in this little confessional-type booth (which was very cool b/c we didn't feel like we were bothering anyone with our conversations and loud gaffaws) he told us that last year George Clooney and Julian Roberts sat in the very same booth while on break from filming a movie! We twittered giggled like school girls that our backsides were sharing the same vinyl as G.C's backside.

We tried very hard to act mature in case we were recognized and the paparazzi came out of the woodwork...we behaved...

Because had we not behaved, there may have been pictures posted all over the net of horrible things that we would never live down...

like THIS...or THIS...
or THIS...

So, it's good we kept the paparazzi at bay or that could have ruined our spotless reputations! We had AMAZING food and a great waitress named BETH (whose picture didn't make it on my camera - but she looked just like Clare Daines!) Thanks Beth! YOU ROCK!!

We introduced Mimi to the world of the MOJITO...Mimi like!
A sweet cabbie put up with our ridiculous twittering drove our silly butts home!
Happy (29th - you WISH!) Birthday Manic Mommy! Thanks for hangin' out! It was Quankerific!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meetin' Mimi...

Updated - see bottom... So, I get a call from the front desk while I am IMing Haley (you may know her from Mimi's care page - she just started her own...go to HaleyWorld and be ready to just LOVE her!) anyway, I am IMing with Haley and she has me in stitches when the hotel room phone rings. Scares me right off my chair. The man at the front desk says, "Michelle, Mimi is down here. Could you come down and get her?" I giggled! "Sure. I will be right there!"
Christie and Brant are the parents Mikayla from the cp. Type in MikaylaVanWey to check out their story. Well, they drove Mimi to Chicago after her surprise visit with Coleman's mom, Peggy - go to ColemanScott. So, they were all standing in the lobby when I came around the corner...I think I did a little stomping dance when I saw Mimi...she is just so cute and I couldn't believe I was seeing her in person!
We chatted and laughed with the Van Weys for a while and then headed to our room to giggle some more. Do you know what the first thing we did was? Set up our laptops next to each other on the desk and started IMing Haley - tag team style! HAHA!
Then we went to grab something to eat because it was 11:30 and Mimi hadn't eaten yet. We headed to THE REDFISH - VOODOO LOUNGE where we were flirted with by a big man named John! Ask Mimi.

Tomorrow Manic and Dawn blare into town - probably on motorcycles! Can you picture it?

IT IS 2:45 am and WE ARE STILL AWAKE....STILL GIGGLING!!! There are GUPPIES in our room...they are eating our pretzels...we will explain later!

IT IS 3:27 am...YUP, STILL up! Still giggling as we IM Haley.

35 hours later...a photo essay...

So, the train was supposed to take 27 hours....35 hours after leaving 30th Street Station...I am here!! Talked to Dawn, Mimi and Manic and they are excited, too! I can see The House of Blues, Sullivan's Steakhouse, Morton's and STARBUCKS from our hotel room window!!! VERY COOL! So, here ya go...35 hours in photos...
VOILA! My view!