Monday, August 22, 2011

*KATE*VERSATIONS August 22, 2011

Alright, so HONESTLY, this was my ALL TIME favorite episode EVER! I just giggled through the whole thing and was in awe of Kate's stamina! KATE GOSSELIN, YOU ARE MY FLIPPIN' HERO! Yes, I tweeted that to the world, too! But, come on, she built a chicken coop... BUILT a chicken coop... with EIGHT kids under her heels! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

I loved watching the boys relate to one another... they are such boys and yet still so sweet. The girls are just growing into very articulate young ladies and it is a joy to watch! Sometimes I feel like a neighbor that knows the kids b/c I see them over the fence all the time but then I have to stop and think... we are just watching this from afar! They have no idea how commonplace it is for our kids to chat about them as though they know them.

It was evident in this episode how content Kate is with her life... with their lives. I tweeted "@kateplusmy8: Your demeanor was so calm, so peaceful, so content!! Loved this episode so much! Made me happy!"

I know Twitter EXPLODED with the news that Kate + 8 was not being renewed, I know the kids were sad, Kate was sad and the fans were losing their minds and making Twitter petitions to keep the show on TLC. This was an amazing outpouring of love for Kate and the kids and I think that was so good - it may have even drowned out the haters for once which is no small feat.

But, ya know, as much as I love Kate and all the kids... as  much as I feel a part of their story b/c I have looked in on their lives for so many years... I am so EXCITED to see what comes next!

A talk show?
Some time off?
Another reality show?
A brand new venture no one could have predicted?

I look at it as TLC did what any good mom would do... cut the apron strings and said, "I know you can make it on your own. Let me see what you've got!"

It's the hardest thing for a mom to do but we all know Kate can do WHATEVER she sets her mind to. And if you doubted that, after tonight's episode you KNOW it's true!

Kate, thank you for letting us into your home. Thank you for opening your hearts to us. Thank you for chatting with us on Twitter!

One day, my sweet friend, I will tell you personally how much your dedication to your kids helped make me a better mom. Maybe it will be at our local Starbucks, maybe we will just run into each other at Target. Either way, I hope you can see my heart and know I am just ONE mom who learned so much from you.

Thank you!

Monday, August 15, 2011

KATE*VERSATIONS... August 15, 2011

I can sum up this episode in one word:


This episode was so much fun to hear the tweets and then roll back the clock and see short-haired Kate and 8 chubby faces! TLC did an awesome job choosing MY favorite snippets from the past Kate & Kids episodes. So nice of them to do that for me! LOL! Just kidding, of course.

I loved Kate's honesty in the episode (as I always do) - TLC did not only have her commenting on the simple questions - no, they even threw in the controversial ones, too. Kate handled the questions about her brother, the divorce and the rest of her family with such poise and respect. It was the Kate we all know and love, the Kate that doesn't  mince words - she is honest and to the point. And I loved hearing her responses. I hope she reaches out to her family and finds a warm and welcoming reaction on the other end. I pray for this for her... and for the kids.

There was one thing I really didn't like about the show - the commercial for the next episode. I actually think it is in bad taste that with all of the POOR press Kate gets TLC chose to warp that commercial into looking like Ashley was so upset with Kate that she was leaving the kids behind on the trip. There are so many people that will take that and run with it down into their troll holes and blow it up until it is a rumor that has a life on its own. Then their cronies will not watch the show but feed off of that rumor like leeches and Kate and the kids pay the price.

But, those of us who have been "with" Kate since the beginning know WHO she is, WHAT she stands for and WHERE she is going... UP, UP, UP Baby!

One last word:
I thought that her pretty pink top and MATCHING CELL COVER was epic! LOVED IT!

Love you, Kate! Keep on ROCKIN' IT, SISTER!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WHAT? Wednesday: How do YOU spell BREAST CANCER awareness?

What do you get when you post the color of your bra, where you put your purse and your shoe size on facebook?

Well, duh, BREAST CANCER SUPPORT, right? Isn't it obvious? Notsomuch!

A couple years ago when the requests came out on facebook to post the color of your bra in your status to show your support for Breast Cancer, it seemed harmless enough. Bras and breasts are connected. It was a creative thematic game. Cool.

Then last year it was the place in the house where you leave your purse. I raised an eyebrow at this one b/c I wasn't sure what in the world this had to do with Breast Cancer. And then when I saw all the statuses, 'On the counter,' 'Next to my bed,' 'On the table,' I thought.... "Is anyone seeing the innuendos, here?" Being that I had been teaching in children's ministry for 8 years and my friends list was filled with parents of the girls I taught, I figured this was a game I would just quietly decline playing. But, I had to wonder how in the world that was raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

The newest request is circulating and many women have sent me this, "You need to write your shoe size, (just the number) followed by the word 'inches' and then sad face. Remember the first year so many people took part of this and made national news. The constant updating of status reminded everyone why we're doing this and helped raise awareness!! Do NOT tell any males what the status's mean, keep them guessing!!"

Are you kidding me? This infuriated me but I calmly respond to each request with, "Sorry ladies, as a mentor for teen girls who is always harping on them abt being appropriate on facebook, I will have to pass. :)"

I was, however, impressed that many women declined saying it was disrespectful to their husbands and although they support Breast Cancer, they would not be taking part in this "game."

This morning when I saw some of the teen girls I mentor getting involved in this game, I was fit to be tied! I spend HOURS... literally HOURS... every day texting, IMing and chatting with teen girls who are trying to navigate this world we live in and they are getting lost by the hundreds.

Girls will tell me they wish boys would talk to their eyes and not their breasts and they can't figure out how to gain the respect they deserve. Later I see their statuses and realize the lyrics to the song they posts sends the "you don't have to respect me, just love me" message! I am constantly reminding them that facebook can be used as a peek into where their boundaries are set.

So, now, through this brilliant idea for Breast Cancer Awareness, they are telling hundreds of boys at a time, who have no FLIPPING idea what their status really means, that they have measured the PENIS of the last boy they were with.... and they were disappointed!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Ladies!!!!! LADIES!!! Can we NOT set better examples for our girls? Why must everything come back to SEX? Why is this what you are choosing to taint Breast Cancer Awareness with - cheap sex.

Last year when every boy in the US had those stupid (I know someone will flame me for this) I BOOBIES bracelets, I wanted to carry scissors with me at all times and cut them off the wrists of everyone I saw with one.

Scoring the almighty dollar for Breast Cancer at the expense of exploiting young girls and their bodies is DISGUSTING! I was horrified! HORRIFIED! I wish there was a way to measure the percentage of high school boys who TRULY bought those bracelets b/c they wanted to support Breast Cancer - I am sure there were some. But I am also sure, beyond a doubt, that wearing a I BOOBIES bracelet to school and not having to take it off b/c it was for Breast Cancer really thrilled most of them. I was standing and clapping each time I saw on the news that another school district banned them.

I also couldn't help wondering how these bracelets affected the many women who have gone through mastectomies because of Breast Cancer... people wearing I BOOBIES bracelets when theirs are gone couldn't have felt good. Just a reminder, once again, of the importance our society puts on sex and how inadequate it feels when part of what makes you a sexual being is GONE. GONE. Did the makers of these bracelets think of THIS? Nope... the almighty dollar won out AGAIN. Surprise, surprise!

Ladies! We are being watched. Our daughters and the girls in our lives are watching us as their gage for HOW to be. What are we choosing to show them? Sure, in adult company, a good sexual innuendo joke gets some big laughs... but let's get real here... when did we start thinking these things were OK to do in front of kids?

What did those boys learn about Breast Cancer by wearing those bracelets?
What are our girls learning today by posting "inches" on their status? 

You can stick up for this game all you want, "It's all in fun, no one's getting hurt" - but when a boy exposes himself to your daughter b/c of herstatus to show her he is bigger than the "inches" she posted - then what will you think of this game?

Monday, August 8, 2011

*KATE*VERSATIONS August 8, 2011

Kate has yet to disappoint me!

She tells it like it is.

She knows how to have fun!

And tonight is evidence of that.

I have been tweeting back and forth with Kate and her biggest fans (and a few haters that I blocked after Kate told me how) for the last couple days. She is real. She is so friendly and really funny.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the show.

I loved the DC Cupcakes episode. The girls had so much fun and I loved watching Kate relax and just have fun with the girls. She barely flinched when the cupcake almost fell on Mady's head - she even caught the icing in her hand.

The space was cramped, there were 4 girls and 4+ adults and 30,000 lbs of decorative icing and doodads 2 big mixers, etc. I was hyperventilating over imagining being in that space in Kate's shoes (well, not in her shoes for real b/c she wears REALLY high heels) and I kept looking at her and thinking, "wow... you are so at peace." I love it! I love it for her and for the kids!

I thought it was awesome that Kate, Mady and Cara met Jon's aunt and uncle. I loved that they all shopped together, went sailing and made some memories. I was intrigued by the comment about Kate's parents... wondering if that scenario will be working its way into an episode however, I would have to say I think that is probably something that needs to be worked out withOUT the cameras around. Just some good old fashion lovin' on one another and reconnecting a little bit!

I loved Ashley's summer games! So fun!

Then the MOVIE MAKERS episode was FLIPPING adorable!!!! I don't know about you but Cara as the Pegasus had me giggling. She was such a good sport and her part in the movie was just plain adorable. How she saved the orphan! I loved their movie. My kids giggled when Kate said, "That makes me cry" at the end... because that is SO ME! I have been crying for 2 weeks as my oldest son performs in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT at a local theater! I get crying over how amazing your kids are!

What an awesome Monday evening... and the teaser commercial for next Monday, I am sure, has the HATERS foaming at the mouth. I'm not sure I would PURPOSELY put Kate in a bad light and make it look like Ashley was complaining about her, etc. But that is up to TLC and I don't doubt they have a plan for that episode. I have a feeling though that Ashley is crying about someone ELSE who came on that trip and not about Kate. Really, why would TLC shoot themselves in the foot and air something that would hurt Kate's brand?

Anyway, I truly enjoyed this evening with Kate! Thank you, Kate and kiddos!

Now, here are some of my ideas for future episodes:

The Gluten-Free guy and Kate go to STARBUCKS
Kate borrows my flip flops and I try to walk in her GORGEOUS shoes all day (or 45 seconds)
I give Kate my Gluten-Free/Vegan chocolate cake w/ Peanut Butter icing recipe
Kate and the girls join me at one of my tween and/or young girl workshops

Well, I will sign off for  now and add more to my list of ideas!

I welcome your comments and thoughts on the show...
be forewarned, if you are a hater, your comments will be deleted immediately


Tonight I will be doing another "blogisode" of  *KATE*VERSATIONS!

Very excited to see the new episode of Kate + 8!

Come check it out after the show!