Friday, March 2, 2012

Cinnamon Challenge - Come on!

OK! I am all done with this CINNAMON CHALLENGE thing!
Parents! PLEASE PLEASE don't let your kids do this! They can DIE doing this!

Remember the sissy tests when WE were young, the eraser of a pencil on your skin determined how TOUGH you are! The worst thing you would get was a burn and need a band-aid.

Swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon is dangerous not only bc concentrated properties of cinnamon... are used as poisons and pesticides to deter pests from farmland but also bc the seemingly innocent spice sucks all of the moisture out of the mouth and throat which causes it to be IMPOSSIBLE to swallow or cough the congealed mass out of your throat which can quickly cause asphyxiation.

Do yourself a favor and hide the cinnamon until this INSANELY STUPID trend passes! I don't get it.

Recently a principal was put on leave indefinitely because she did not stop her students from trying this at school - see article HERE!

Your own children may have enough brain cells to not try this but do yourself a favor at the next sleepover and hide it from his/her friends that will try it once you head to bed.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 things to do on a FRIGID day...

Well, we left my husband's family in Siberia upstate New York on Sunday to travel home to a warmer climate where I could sufficiently thaw. When we left it was 5 degrees, when we got home it was a balmy 22 and today with the wind chill it is 7....SEVEN DEGREES!

So, because I love all my readers and from what Al Roker said this morning, almost ALL OF YOU are up to your armpits in chilly weather, here is my Top 10 things to do when it is C-O-O-O-O-L-D outside!

10. Don't go out to the bus stop! They are young, they will survive!

9. Break your coffee maker's auto shut-off timer so it stays HOT all day!

8. Climb back in bed with a fleecy blanket and read (with said java)!

7. Either do short stints of housework in between snuggling up in bed or choose those things you can do WHILE snuggling up in bed.

6. Fold laundry UNDER the covers.

5. Decide to FINALLY organize your sock and underwear drawer...UNDER the covers.

4. Make your grocery list from your bed, although post date it 'JUNE' because it feels like it won't be warm until then. Once again, the kids will survive! They are a remarkable species and can live on Ranch dressing and cheezits for months!

3. Sleep! Remember to remove coffee from your frozen grip PRIOR to dozing or you will have to DO laundry and you can't do that from the warmth of your bed.

2. Make all the phone calls you have been meaning to's and dentist's appointments, insurance complaints, 1-800 magazine subscriptions (those will come in handy on the NEXT frigid day), registration for COME 2 U SPA, where all the lxuries of a spa come to your warm bed!

See!!!! It would be SO much cheaper if it were WARM IN PENNSYLVANIA!

AND THE #1 thing to do when you are snuggled up in bed on a FRIGID day.....

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