Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, is this Ms. Way-too-Busy?

Um, why, yes, yes it is. But you can call me...

Ha! Yeah, never mind, I won't be in your life all that long, but you can call me Mr. Sanity.

Can you hold on one second? "PLEASE STOP teasing your brother! Give him the curling iron...he likes to play with it!" Sorry. OK. What can I do for you?

Well, let me start with congratulating you on the new position you have been chosen for. Not many women can fill the shoes of Sanity, Inc. but, you, YOU Ms. Way-too-Busy, you have beaten the odds.

Uh. Really? Thanks? "I SAID GIVE HIM THE CURLING... WHAT?! Sure, if it will keep him quiet while I am on the phone, then let him take a bath!"

So, your position with Sanity, Inc. is to...


Ma'am, your position with Sanity, Inc. is as our Chief Executive Officer. You will be responsible for coordinating the rides for 3 children who are in 5 activities...4 of which are on the same night.

(Chuckle) OK. "WHAT?! Well, if you MUST know, I am locked in the bathroom so I can actually HAVE an adult conversation! Please go start your homework and...WHAT?! He's WHAT?! BRING HIM HERE!" So, that's all I have to do? 3 kids, 5 activities? That's it?!

Well, Ms. Way-too-Busy....

Listen, enough with the Way-too-Busy-thing...I have a name.

I really don't care. I just need you to also volunteer for at least 3 parent/teacher responsibilities in 2 different school buildings each week. Do you think you are the right candidate for...

YES, sure, whatever you need. "WHY DOES HE HAVE GUM IN HIS HAIR?! Ummmm....HELLOOOO??! Where does everyone disappear to when the baby has foreign objects in/on or around his body? HELLOOOO???!"

Hi. I am still here.

NO, sorry, I wasn't talking to you, Mr. Sanity, I was trying to get gum out... "WHATTHEHECKISTHIS?!" Look, do you know how to get nail polish off of eyelids? Can you use nail polish remover? Won't that sting? Should I...

EXCUSE ME! I am having a hard time giving you your list of responsibilities. Is there any way I can have your full attention?

Sure, can you email me?



Because I need to tell you all of this information RIGHT THIS MINUTE if you would like to take part in our fantastic opportunity!

(Sigh) OK. "Look, sweetie, Mommy bought you a new video. Here's your juice. Good boy. WHATTHEHECKISTHATNOISE?! WELL, STOP! Get the paperclips OUT OF THE MICROWAVE! GO. START. YOUR. HOMEWORK." OK. I'm ready. Go for it!

We will need you to take a small amount of cash that will be issued to you twice a month and use it to feed the 3 kids and a husband and various pets, pay for postage, gas and toiletries...

No sweat.

...and you will also need it to order school pictures, buy a cheer uniform and replace library books that were run over by the bus and lost lunch money. Oh, and you will need to set some aside for the kid with the fundraiser at the front door, craft supplies for your homeroom mom duties and ALL the mandatory football raffle tickets because you know you will never sell them.

Piece of cake, Mr. Sanity, I got it. "Cake? WHOSE TURN IS IT TO BRING THE SNACK FOR TOMORROW? REALLY? And you were going to tell me this WHEN?!" So, what's the big deal about this position, I'm really not impressed?

That's why we chose you, Ms. Way-too...


Eh hem, well, Ma'am we chose you because you have proven yourself to be the ultimate multitask-er, you are quite crafty, an ace at scheduling and your husband says you are the QUEEN of SPENDING! The PTA also says you are a YESMOM, you will say "yes" to anything! But we have one last responsibility that will qualify you for this position with Sanity, Inc.


Ms. hem, Ma'am, the only thing left to bring you on board is you must sign a waiver. It's a the most critical part of this position! This waiver states that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you attempt to complete your obligations to Sanity, Inc. without taking a day off each and EVERY week. A day in which you pamper yourself however you see fit. Your day off will start at 5am and continue through midnight...


NOW you are just dreaming! HOWINTHEHECK do your expect me to have the time for THAT?!! Mr. Sanity, I have NO MORE time for you!

It's possible, Ma'am, there ARE 24 hours in a day. You should be able to fit in some ME-time somewhere in that schedule. If you just.....



I'm sorry, you have the wrong number! This is Ms. Way-too-Busy. (Sigh) "You did WHAT in the dog's bowl? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WELL, I AM GOING TO......" (Click)

Ma'am? Hello? Dang, one more mom who is NOT fit for SANITY!


Hello, is this Ms. Way-too-Perky?....


Are ya feelin' me?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Praying Through Your Adoption Book Review

If you are thinking adoption might be the calling for your family, this book is for you. If you have struggled with the pain of infertility, this book is for you. If you have had just a fleeting thought of adopting and no issues with infertility, this book is for you.

Anyone will be blessed by the words Michele C. Scott gives in her book, Praying Through Your Adoption.

I have the privilege of knowing the author of this AMAZING book personally. She is a wonderfully, sweet woman with a gentle spirit who will inspire the masses with the truths of adoption you will find on these pages.

I saw Michele speak at a local church and her testimony brought me to tears. She was honest about the trials of adoption but also in how she continued to seek the Lord as they took this journey. Her story is beautiful.

I am an adoptive mom. I have felt the sheer joy of the blessing of adoption but also wallowed in the pain of post-adoption depression. This book was a precious gift to me even after the fact.

So, how do you get the book,
I have great news - there are a few ways to do just that.

  • You can go to Michele's website HERE and get it for yourself and anyone in your life who you know it would touch.

  • You can enter Michele's contest HERE where you can win a $50 gift card and then go spend it on a whole bunch of copies for you and your friends. This contest ends APRIL 1st!

  • You can also leave a comment here on this post about WHY you would like to have/give this book and I will randomly choose a comment to win the book for free.

Once your heart has been blessed by PRAYING THROUGH YOUR ADOPTION,  I would love to have you go to THIS LINK and leave a review on

I was thrilled to review this book for Michele and am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of her Virtual Book Tour.

She will also appear on the following blogs to finish out the tour:
Tuesday - Jill Savage - Keep Hearts at Home
Wednesday - Angela Miller - Beyond the Horizon

Want to see where her tour has been this month:
Karin Prunty - Our Treasures From Afar
Alissa Lynne Griffith - Women Living 4 Jesus
Sarah Thacker - Parenting and Adoption Coaching Services
Jolene Philo - Down the Gravel Road
Julie Chandler - Julie Chandler Author/Speaker

Leave your comments to win!
Pass the link along to your friends...

Michele and her sweet family appreciate it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Heaven has a new angel

R.I.P Danielle
You have forever changed the hearts of those who knew you. Your legacy remains. Thank you for who you were and for the lives you touch with your heart that was far beyond its 17 years. You will be terribly missed, beautiful girl.

Read Danielle's Story HERE
Look to the right sidebar to help offset medical costs for the DeLarso family ======>

You can send messages to the family on Danielle's Caringbridge site.

With Prayer,

Monday, March 21, 2011

My manuscript is in a contest...

 “I am M. Yes, just “M,” you don’t need to know what it stands for. You will never have a reason to get that close to me. I’m one of those girls you probably wouldn’t trust to babysit your offspring. One of those girls who sometimes doesn’t trust herself.”

The chill from the tiles of the bathroom floor bleeds through my wet jeans as my hair drips into my journal. Standing fully clothed under a cold shower when you are pissed off is nothing less than stunning. It breaks the inherent rules of the shower. I don’t mind breaking rules. It’s what I do best.

I think I burst the blood vessels in my eyes just moments ago when I screamed at my stupid, useless therapist in my least favorite room at BCH; The Therapeutic Services Center. I had to get out of there. I couldn’t even breathe let alone verbally dive into the twisted and painful web of the last fifteen years of my life; with an audience, nonetheless. Group therapy is nothing more than spilling your barren heart to a bunch of people who will use your story to make their own sad lives look a little brighter. Well, my sad life could make the chick from ‘Mommy Dearest’ look like she deserves a Mother of the Year nomination. So, talking about it makes my tongue burn.

Here I sit, shivering, cold and tortured on a Monday afternoon. I sometimes don’t even know who I am.

This is the first 248 words of my YA edgy novel about a goth girl lost in her own mind. It's way more in your face than the picture book text I usually  write but I channelled a combination of students I have taught over the years and I am in love with this book. It is a tough story but one that needs to be told.

I entered this manuscript in a contest on Brenda Drake's contest.

Feel free to leave your comments.

Peace out, Mamas!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Butterfly Girlz website us up...

 ...and collecting girls for it's net!


Pass it on - this book can't happen without a following - moms, daughters, scout leaders, coaches, teachers - without YOU, there is no book.

Following from the beginning will ensure you don't miss a beat!


Peace out, Mamas!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Caviar and Armpits

Please donate to the DeLarson Family - story HERE - --------------->


Well, this week was a grand week.... if chaos = grand!

I made a huge batch of Vegan Texas Caviar (recipe HERE) at the beginning of the week. Every time I had the munchies or skipped lunch I grabbed for the bowl of caviar and the bag of tortilla chips.

Then there was a day that Izaiah flipped out on everything and I mean everything. And the dog decided for the first time in her 6 years to start dumping and eating the trash every time I left the house.

The Butterfly Girlz are making their mark on our facebook page - I am astounded at the conversations and support they are offering up. These girls were divinely chosen and they are going to rock this world! I am humbled by them!

I had a great day of cleaning - my husband actually gave me the "to what do I owe this honor" face when he walked in from work. That face was followed with the "that's pretty sexy" grin! LOL
One day I crawled back into bed at 8:30am when the last of the three kids got on the bus and I slept for 3 more hours. It was heavenly.

This week was a silly mommy week - I felt like I goofed around with the kids more than usual and we all had a blast. There was hose play and sidewalk chalk in the driveway, tickle fests, jumping out and scaring each other and lots and lots of hugs.

My newest tattoo finally stopped itching so badly that I want to take my arm off.

I celebrated a life long friend's 41st birthday and found out a college friend's wife has stage 3 ovarian cancer.

I heard Michele C. Scott, author of Praying Through Your Adoption, speak and cried my eyes out when she talked about Post-Adoption depression and low self-esteem.

I wrote and organized the beginning of my book for teen girls and found out how passionate my husband is about this project. This could be a really good match - he and I and a book to inspire teens.

I watched way too much devastation in Japan.

And today we made an early morning a trip to Urgent Care to dig 1/2 a tick body out of Izaiah's armpit and send it off to be tested for Lyme's Disease.

My little buddy and I travelled all around after his "pit" felt a bit better (with the help of two....yep, two....donuts) to find a very special baptism gift for Matthew. Izaiah was a beautifully behaved little boy - at ALL 5 stops we needed to make. I was so proud of him!

As she headed upstairs to bed, Emily had memorized 106 decimal places of Pi. You know, we all know Pi is 3.14 but Emily now knows the next 104 numbers as well. She's got about 300 decimal places to go - we will see how far she gets by Monday. So proud! Gotta love a good gifted kid!

Matthew will give himself to the Lord this Sunday in a public testimony of his faith.

Now, there are three ways to end a long list of chaos and the beginning to a beautifully amazing weekend!

Peace out, Mamas!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Legend of the BUTTERFLY GIRLS


In my newest project for teen girls I have started using the imagery of butterflies as an analogy of self-respect. I don't think we earn self-respect, I believe we are all born with it but we have to work to keep it. We have to nurture it for it to grow so deep it simply becomes a part of who we are. If we let it go we can get it back but not without hard work.
I developed this story as a means to explain this analogy and inspire girls to
Pass it on!


The Legend of the Butterfly Girls
In a remote rainforest in the far corner of Costa Rica lived two sisters. Emmalee and Miranda were twins and upon their birth, each had been given a net filled with butterflies. As they grew up their parents showed them the proper care for butterflies and impressed upon them that the nurture of these beautiful creatures was crucial to their own futures. The understanding was when Emmalee and Miranda turned ten they would become responsible for their own butterfly net.

Emmalee was honored, “Thank you, Father. I will do my best to ensure their safety and I will keep them by my side at all times. I will never turn my back on them for other things not worthy of my attention.”

Miranda was less than amused, “They are bugs. They mean nothing. Why would we sacrifice our own time nurturing these things that have no value? There are more interesting things that hold my attention.”

Emmalee began by naming her butterflies. She held each one carefully, studied it, decided how much it meant to her and chose a name perfect for just that one. She did this methodically until each one was named. As the swarm inside her net grew she was sure to continue connecting with each and every one.

Miranda took another approach and hung the net out of her site in a far dusty corner of her room. One by one the butterflies wiggled out through the holes in the net and fluttered away.

Emmalee worked tirelessly nurturing her swarm. She turned her back on some things that once took up her time. However, Miranda could not understand this and teased her sister relentlessly at times.

The difference in swarms became evident as the girls walked to school each morning. The large group of butterflies in Emmalee’s net created a lift when she needed it. Emmalee effortlessly hopped over mud puddles to keep her white school dress pristine. She was able to hop out of the way of poisonous snakes that were a part of the path. The butterflies would lift her a bit further than her hop could on its own when she came to a nasty brier patch.

Miranda’s butterflies were so small in number her net barely floated. Miranda’s walk to school became anxiety-ridden as she looked for slithering threats, sloshed through the mud and was scratched deeply by thorns along the same path that her sister walked unscathed.

Emmalee offered to teach Miranda the things she knew about holding onto her butterflies. In the days following, Miranda’s swarm would grow some but still very small in comparison to her sister’s billowy net. But it was enough to get by and Miranda was content with the small lift so she could get to school with only a little mud and a few scratches. But, Miranda would soon get distracted with what she considered more attractive things. Her old ways were comfortable and familiar and the care for the butterflies was too much sacrifice. And without constant nurturing and care, Miranda’s butterflies, once again, would slip away.

One day as Emmalee floated to school she saw Miranda standing on the lip of a smoking volcano. She called to her but Miranda didn’t respond. As Emmalee got closer she could see the scars on Miranda’s legs from the gnarls of her walk to school. Miranda’s once white school dress was stained with mud. Miranda lifted her head to see her sister floating above her.

“Miranda, what are you doing? You are going to fall. Back away from the edge. Please!”

Miranda watched her sister float directly over the mouth of the volcano. There was not an ounce of fear on Emmalee’s eyes. Her legs dangled and her toes pointed directly down into the hot lava but yet she was not scared. The net in her right hand was home to a huge brood of healthy, nurtured butterflies that could lift her above any evil. There was a trust in Emmalee’s life that Miranda never knew.

“I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know how to do what you do. I can’t float above it all. I fall face first and sink. I am dirty and broken. I have nothing.”

“Your focus has been set on the things that pull you into the muck. The things that cut you are always on your heels because your gaze is on things other than your butterflies. You can always grow your swarm. You don’t have to give up.”

Miranda wiped her eyes and shook her head, “It’s too hard to grow it. I should have just held onto it when I my net was full!”

Just then she lost her balance and teetered on the edge and lost her balance. He body heaved toward to molten lava.

Emmalee gasped and without a thought of the bubbling ooze below her feet she threw her full net toward her sister and yelled, “Miranda, catch!”

Miranda watched the net leave her sister’s hand and in the fraction of a second before the net reached her own she realized the impact of her sister’s sacrifice.

But then the sister’s eyes met as they floated together. Eye-to-eye.

“Emmalee, look at your dress, the butterflies, they are part of you.”

Emmalee looked down and saw something she had never expected. Her once plain white school dress was now exquisitely decorated with the world’s most brilliant butterflies…and they were keeping her afloat.

Emmalee now had both hands free to teach Miranda how to cultivate her own swarm and soon they both floated in butterfly dresses above the thorns and muck and were splendid examples of true sisterhood to the other girls in the forest.

*This story is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any way without direct permission of the author*

Thanks for reading.
If you know of someone who would benefit from this story I would love for you to send it to them. The point is for its reach to grow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Danielle DeLarso, you're my HERO!

I am thrilled to introduce you to my newest TEEN HERO! This beautiful 17 year old has made an impression on the lives of everyone she meets.

Not only a star athlete with dreams of joining the Air Force, Danielle is a caring and responsible daughter and sibling who LOVES her family, enjoys charity work and volunteering, youth group, traveling, sight seeing and history.

Why am I introducing you to Danielle? Why do I consider her a hero?

Danielle's story begins with having some shortness of breath at the end of May, beginning of June. She was diagnosed with pneumonia on June 15,2010, and scheduled for a follow up appt. for the following Monday June 21,2010.
At this appt. is where the concern started as the doctor felt the lung sounds hadn't changed and also having a lump on the right side of the back and sent us to the local hospital for STAT x-rays. Doctors could not tell from the xray if there was residual fluid from the pneumonia or if there was a mass. But blood work confirmed Danielle's family's worst fear... there was a mass.
CT scans also showed that Danielle's right lung was completely flattened to the front of her chest wall because her right pleural cavity (area between the lung and chest wall) was filled with fluid. That being so filled with fluid caused her left lung, her heart etc. to be pushed to the left side. And what caused her shortness of breath wasn't even the fact that she was working with one lung, it was the fact that the pressure was causing her left bronchial tube to be bent (the right one was flattened like her right lung).
The doctors where all amazed when they saw her lab work and CT scans that she was still so 'unaffected' so to speak. Her oxygenation was fine, her color was good, and her shortness of breath was not severe. They attributed that to her condition as an athlete and that left lung was so strong that it was doing the job by itself.  

Danielle was formally diagnosed on June 21, 2010 with Stage 4 Clear Cell Sarcoma. Until this family's crisis, Danielle had promising field hockey career and is still getting recruit inquiries from college coaches. Instead of scheduling those coaches' visits, Danielle received 30 rounds of external radiation and 8 rounds of Chemotherapy. The worst news for Danielle and her family was that her right lung must be removed along with right chest wall. She also had Brachy Therapy (internal radiation beads).

When Danielle first returned home from her initial diagnosis, did she crawl into bed and blame the world for what was happening to her? No, that is not Danielle's style...she decided to do something for someone else.


When Danielle was so ill from the chemotherapy, Danielle's mom Linda recalls her daughter saying she was so glad this was happening to her and not one of her siblings, " I couldn't handle watching them go through this."

Linda says, "She is the most selfless person I know. She has a very strong faith in God and His plan for her life."

Danielle touches everyone with her sweet spirit! Nurses LOVE her!

In January, the DeLarso family prayed for a miracle as Danielle was to return to the hospital for scans to confirm her cancer had not returned. However, the scans showed return of chest wall tumors, enlarged tumor under diaphragm and tumors in additional places. With not many options available she was sent home to start a daily oral Chemo.

The DeLarso family has been put in touch with hospice care which as you know is a mountainous expense. In these strained economic times this family could use your help.

I have placed a ChipIn widget at the top of the right sidebar for anyone to literally "Chip In" to help this family with their growing expenses. This is a time when their focus needs to be on their family, not the stacks of bills piling on the counter. This is when they need to be planning trips to make special memories, not worried how they will pay for those trips.

Of course, we are INSISTING on a miracle for Danielle's health, but those bills still pile up.

My request and my hope for everyone who comes to read about Danielle is that when you are moved to donate, whether it is $1... $1,000...  or anything in between, whether it is to help fund the GIRLFRIEND Get-A-Way that Linda is planning for Danielle and her friends or to help with medical bills, I would love for you to take a couple minutes and PRAY! On your knees, PRAY! Pray for a miracle. Pray for their family. Pray for Danielle's body.

It is not unheard of for someone to return to a doctor and have them say, "I can't explain this are healed... there is no evidence of your disease." THAT is what we are praying for!

That is why I have called our Chip In fundraiser, Danielle's Miracle! We will see one!

Please forward this blog address to everyone you know would take this to heart. Put a link on your facebook. Tweet, blog, email whatever you do when you have a need... do it for Danielle, for her parents Linda and Joe, for her brother Nick and her sister Sophia! Do it for their FAMILY!

ChipIn goes right to the DeLarso family by way of PayPal. It is a secure way of donating.

When you have that feeling, "I wish there was something I could do..." You can! Don't think of it as, "It's not personal, I want to bake a meal, make a blanket, etc..." Not that those things aren't lovely and I am sure appreciated, but right now, a meal won't help Linda pay for the gas to get her and the girls to their GIRLS WEEKEND destination, it won't touch the medical expenses. It is the most personal gift you can give right now. And pair that gift of money with PRAYER - that's the perfect gift!

Thank you for reading about Danielle. Thank you for praying for her family.

You can follow Danielle's story on her CARINGBRIDGE site. I will also be posting updates and prayer requests as we watch this Miracle in Motion!

Love you DeLarsos!

The "flight" of the butterfly...

I hate to fly.
I hate airplanes.
Those of you who have read my blog for the last few years, you know I took a 35 hour train ride instead of a flight to get to Chicago which would have taken 2 1/2 hours.

But the "flight" I am taking now, I have to say is the most enjoyable of my life.

My inspiration to write this book for teen girls on self-respect has been a ride I know is only beginning but I am anticipating it to be long and thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational.

Self-respect is something that teen girls need to harvest from within themselves. Some teach that you have to earn respect, well, I disagree. I believe we are all born with respect and we have to guard it.

My analogy to a butterfly has become bigger than I had originally assumed it would be. It has become more meaningful to the writing and structure of this book and a group of amazing young women have joined me for the ride.

The Butterfly Girlz is a group of 20+ girls ranging in age from 10-18 from all over the country who will be integral in making this book more authentic than I could. They will be contributing valuable insight that will be life-changing for the girls who will read and journal their way through the finished product.

My vision is to share my insights from this book, stories from the Butterfly Girlz, journalling exercises and above all EMPOWERMENT to girls all over the country. Music, art,'s all a part of the plan.

My favorite part of this vision I have...

shaking the hands of the girls as they leave the room and wishing them well (while praying for each and every one of them).

And that's why I got this yesterday...

and I got it purposely on my right wrist so each girl will see my commitment to this message as we shake hands.

I was thrilled beyond explanation on Friday to receive tweets from Michele Borba, Ph.D., Tricia Goyer and Annie Fox, all commending me on my efforts in this project. Thank you ladies, your work in this field continues to inspire me!

Are you on board? Do you need helpful insight into the world of teen girls? Are you a teacher, a mom, a counsellor, a guardian, a ministry leader? Ask your questions here... obviously I don't know everything, but I will find you an answer, we will help these girls TOGETHER!

Oh, and that silly fear of flying...I am working on that, I won't let that stop me from empowering our girls!

Peace out, Mamas!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Butterfly girlz

...a swarm is forming...
As I wrote this week and worked on my project for TEEN GIRLS, I had an epiphany (LOVE that word!)

What if I created a TEAM of girls who would be my advisors during the writing process? These girls live ON the inside. They are teens NOW! They are a wealth of knowledge that I can't pretend to have. They could contribute their thoughts and feelings and be quoted throughout the book.

Then I thought of what a ripple effect it could have as they will be the first ones processing the information and exercises within my book. They will be "trained" in a sense to carry out the confidence I hope this book provides. They could become mentors within their group of friends...within their schools...within their towns.

I will provide activities and exercises for them to get to know each other so they will become a cohesive group that will inspire each other with positivity!


So, through a large facebook following of moms from around the country, there is an amazing group of girls forming that will serve as my "butterfly girlz" for this project.

This group is still open but I will have to close it at some point so they can form close friendships with one another as we travel this road of RESPECT together.

Leave me a message with your daughter's name, age and YOUR email address if you are interested in participating in this project- you can also email the info if you would rather

So glad to have all of you to share this process with. As always, I am always open to your input!

Peace out, Mamas!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bring Your Butterflies

Butterflies are a symbol of beautiful metamorphosis.

Isn't this what we hope for our teen girls?

Something beautiful.

You don't have to spend much time at all surfing the web to find that today's girls feel far less than that.
Yeah, they put on a good show but they are crushed, broken and desperate.

What they are most desperate for is self-respect. Sure, they all want love and they think they want it from another person. What they aren't developmentally capable of seeing, though, is that self-respect is directly translated to our heart as LOVE. We can't love someone else unless we love ourselves first. We can't love ourselves unless we respect ourselves. We can't respect ourselves if we continue looking in the wrong places for love. Girls search and search for this love and sadly give themselves away as a means to win someone's love.

They think this other person's "love" will fill the gaping hole they are well-aware is present in their soul. And each time they give themselves away in hope of filling that ache, the hole gets bigger. So they have to look harder but still they are looking OUT instead of IN.

I was inspired today as I sat in Panera with a steaming breadbowl full of tomato soup and my fresh lemon-ed Diet Pepsi.

Self-respect is your God-given right. You have it. But you have to decide to keep it.

It was a part of you as you formed in your mother’s womb. It is yours. But you have to hang onto it or someone can take pieces of it from you. You can get those pieces back but it’s not an easy task.

Self-respect is like a bag of butterflies.

If someone handed you a bag filled with the earth’s most beautiful butterflies and you didn’t guard them to the best of your ability, they would fly away one by one. Sure, you could get them back but it would take a lot of work and a very long time. And you may just choose to make do without them and live with the regret.

I want teen girls to protect that bag of butterflies. I want them to work to keep them in the bag and not let anyone steal with they were given.

Difficult task?

But can they do it?
Without a doubt!

Have faith in your teen girls. Help them hang on to their self-respect.

That's the purpose of my book.
And my prayer is to one day be speaking to seas of teen girls as the author of this book. I want to inspire them to "Bring [their] Butterflies!"

Peace out, Mamas!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


That's not something you hear people say all too often.
But I do.
I truly do.

I remember riding on the game bus as a cheerleader. Cheerleaders in the front. Basketball players in the back. We did some cheers, got the players all hyped up and then while the coaches went over plays with the boys, the girls looked to me for entertainment. I was the squad storyteller. I have always had a knack for re-telling stories and making them funnier than they actually were OUTSIDE my head. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know this is a fact. Just search "Barnes & Noble" on my blog and you will get it.

The other talent I seemed to have in high school was advice. Apparently, I gave really good advice. I probably could have saved myself some pain and struggle if I could have given it to myself but it doesn't always work that way, does it? Even boys came to me for advice on relationships. They called me Dear Abby.

I really had a pretty good high school experience. I was a goody two shoes who rarely did anything that got me in trouble. My worst offense was  being late. I am not a timely person and 99% of my groundings were related to the watch on my dad's arm and the one I wore.

When I taught high school before we had children, my art room was the place to hang out to get away from the drama. I spent many hours talking through life with many students. Many of those students STILL keep in touch and I am thrilled to hand out advice still...some of them still ask. I recently received a really nice note from one of those students' dad via facebook. A note about my influence on his daughter (now a new mom) and how thankful he is for me. WOW!

When you mesh my love for teens, my knack for humorous story-telling and my gift for sound advice what is born is my newest project...

...for which I don't have a name...

LOL! That would have been a great place to blow you away with a SUPER COOL TITLE! But, it has to be perfect and I have a habit of changing my mind. So, I am keeping all my ideas under wraps until I am ready.

Yes, it's a book, it's a journal, it's a road map for teen girls...
*and of course it needs someone to LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO... seeking representation*

I continue to advise teens to this day...I talk for hours daily via IM and text to teens on the edge. Suicidal, abused, bullied teens who feel they have no where to turn. My heart aches.

So, I saw a need...I am taking the 20+ years of advice as an adult, pairing it with my Master's Degree in Education and adding my heart...ALL of it...and my out-of-the-box tendencies to create something to help this struggling generation.

So, hop on... I'm taking you all on this ride!

FEEL FREE TO give me your input! I am happy to entertain your ideas!

And the last chapter is planned:
~where I will list general HOW TO SURVIVE advice from adults (anonymously)
Leave some advice, you might just end up in a book!

 Peace out, Mamas!