Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy....


Check these out (then go meet Jen, this week's MoBlogMo!)

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger! My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog! My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog! How fun!

Mommy Blogger Jen!

Well, HAPPY MONDAY and HAPPY JUNE! To ring in the month of SUMMER we start the summer MoBlogMo with Jen! Raise your latte and give her a hand! So, Jen, thanks for stopping by! We are thrilled to have you as our 1st summer guest! Let’s get the same-old-same-old questions out of the way, shall we? Name: Jennifer Davis Blog URL: How many children do you have? 3 Do you work outside the home? yes those questions are out of the way....let's get to know a little more about what makes you click! Besides My Semblance of Sanity (lol), what is your favorite blog? In The Trenches of Mommyhood Your blog is a lot of fun, how long have you been blogging? I have been writing for about four years... blogging for a few months. Why did you start? I enjoy reading and writing and read several great blogs and decided to start my own... about my personal life, family and friends. Yeah, that's probably how we all got started and then WHAM're addicted, right? Right? Helloooooo....anybody out there? You're nodding, I can hear you all nodding! I can't be the only one addicted! So, help us know YOU, MoBlogMo Jen! I am a married, working mom of 3. I enjoy reading, photography baking and cooking. I am a home-body. I love horror, vampire and zombie movies, hate romantic comedies, and would rather spend a night at home than go out. Wow! I was with ya until the horror, vampire, zombie thing! Ick! I am SO not into scary! Right now as I type, there is a missing persons documentary on TV and it is freaking me out - I just am too busy getting to know you to get up and change the channel! :) So, tell us about your favorite Mommy Moment! That would be when I got married (my second marriage) to my now hubby. My oldest daughter was my maid of honor, my middle was my flower girl and my son walked me down the aisle. It was a perfect mom moment,with all of my kids by my side enjoying my awesome day. Oh, wow! That sounds like a HALLMARK commercial! Priceless! Another thing that is priceless is advice you get from other moms...Give me a short product review of something you can’t live without. I can't live without my Blackberry Curve. I can check my email, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.. you name it... I can do it. I have a pretty busy schedule between work and the kids schedules so I am able to keep track of it all on my planner. And it makes me look really techno savvy and business like even if I am not!! Man, I guess I need to get me one of those. Maybe then I wouldn't have sent my kids off to school with WACKY HAIR....the day before WACKY HAIR DAY! I think they are scarred for life! LMAO! That taught me a lesson to consult more than one calendar before sending the kiddos out the door with red jello-dyed hair! What is your biggest life lesson? To make sure to tell your loved ones every day how much you care and make sure you have things prepared if something would happen to you. (Not the most glamorous life lesson but it is an important one) Now - let's let down our guard and share a secret! You first..... I dont like playing outside with my children in the winter. I hate the cold and sometimes I feel like a bad mom cuz I dont do alot of winter activities with them... I probably should try a little harder. ME, TOO! You took my answer! How can I prove it was my answer? Check it out here! Now for the RAPID FIRE part of our interview.... What’s your guiltiest pleasure? People Magazine, my jacuzzi, chocolate and sleep! Oh, new BFF! I will take all 4 of those guilties to go! Your least favorite house chore. Washing my kitchen floor. What can you, under no circumstances, tolerate? People who abuse children, whether it is sexually, physically, or even mentally. Children are precious gifts and It makes me so sad that some people dont care about that. Do you have any phobias? I cant stand driving on the highway next to tractor trailor trucks. If you could speak one sentence for the rest of your life, what would it be? Because mommy said so! Oh, do I have a book for you....CHECK THIS OUT! What do you always hope people see on YOUR inside? laughter, hope, and love. Ahhh, that was a great way to end today's MoBlogMo! Jen, you are a treat! Thanks for your humor and for letting us experience YOU! Thanks for being a great example to the rest of us moms! Hoping to be back on the blogging wagon for a while - I have missed you all....stay tuned for more Jon & Kate support and more silly anecdotes from moi! Peace.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8 needs our SUPPORT...

Hello faithful fans and those of you who Googled "JON & KATE" and ended up here. Don't go anywhere, this is a fun stop on the blogosphere.

If you're new, take a peek at these links and you will see why my many fans keep coming back for more!

7 Random things about ME!, 8 Random things, The Mom Show Episode #1, Chaperoning Turns UGLY, Webster's Dictionary Says

Wow, it has been a VERY busy couple of months and I have been slacking as your hostess of My Semblance of Sanity!

It has been a while since I sat and chatted with you! And with everything going on in the news about my favorite couple JON & KATE, I thought it was a good time to start a good ole' My Semblance conversation!

OK, so those of you who know me know that I have met Kate a few times,

I have read her books, I live in the same county she does and I have endured way too much of the CRAP that the Kate-haters dish out - some of which makes its way onto my blog as hate toward ME.

Tonight I am going to share my thoughts and then I am asking that those of you who have something POSITIVE to say about the show or Jon & Kate themselves will share your 2 cents in the comments section. I would LOVE to bless the Gosselin's with some positive energy! (FAIR WARNING: Trolls, I will delete any defamatory/untrue/rude/hurtful comments so don't bother wasting your time and mine by typing...just telling you ahead of time!)

I love Kate. She is a strong Christian woman who is one of the only REAL people on TV. She is herself no matter WHO is watching. I think that takes a lot of guts and I admire anyone who can TRULY not care what other people think. We all say we don't care, we don't put on a show, but we do and we know we do. We try to look like we have it all together, we try to prove that we can DO IT, we try to keep up with the Jones's....but Kate is real. I have met her a couple of times in different scenarios and she is still REAL in real life. I saw her speak at a Women Of Purpose conference in Hershey and she was great! She joked around and also told the nitty gritty.

There is NO WAY she and Jon could have anticipated THIS kind of frenzy over a couple with a lot of kids. So people who say that J & K asked for this are just naiive. They shop in the stores I shop in and they NEVER can be there without photogs darting through traffic trying to get in her face for pictures. UGH! I just feel for her. She takes a lot of abuse from the public for being grumpy with her husband and her kids...! WTH? WHICH ONE OF US HAS NOT DONE THAT LIKE 1,000 times a day?

I find it interesting that no matter what Jon & Kate do, it is put under a microscope and critiqued like they are on trial. I truly don't understand! Part of me thinks it is jealousy that fuels this fire.

Kate has made an amazing transformation from local nurse to national speaker, she is a mother to 8 gorgeous children, she is a meticulous homemaker who feeds her children mostly organic foods, she is consistent with her discipline, she tells her husband when he pi**es her off and she's not fake - she says what she thinks..about everything!

I don't know about you, but if I had HALF those qualities I would be quite proud of the mother and wife I had become.What do kids do when they are jealous of another classmate? They knitpick and find every little thing they can to knock that kid down a few pegs. That is what those who feed on magazines like US and STAR are doing. It's what the Kate-hate bloggers are doing. They feel intimidated by someone so secure in who she is and in an attempt to make themselves feel better - they bash the hell out of her.

Maybe it is because I live near them...maybe it is because I wish I was a better mom...maybe it is because I would pay a large sum of money to have a physical transformation like Kate has. But one thing I AM consistent in is this comment....


I ask the haters to do some soul searching..."What makes you prey on Kate and Jon and not the Duggars or the Little People?" I bet if they dig deep enough they will find that it lies in their lack of self-worth and mountains of insecurities.That's sad.

What's sadder is that they are taking a good family down with them.I pray for Kate and Jon and the kids every day. No one deserves what the media is giving this family!

Now, it's your turn. Give them some support.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calling all MOM'S with something to SAY...

OK...Besides MoBlogMo I haven't been writing much...for no other reason than I am BUSY BUSY BUSY and have not been pulling my almost-all-nighters anymore. I am also working on something HUGE-ER THAN HUGE...but I am not giving anything away...

My blogging was typically done between midnight and 3am but I have been loving my sleep as of late and have been heading to bed with the hubby!

I do, however, have a decent following and don't want to lose you all so here is my thought...

Are you passionate about something? Is there something that irks you beyond belief? Are you tired of being looked down on for being a stay-at-home/working mom? Do you feel like an alien now that you have given birth?

If any of these topics (or anything else for that matter) struck your fancy - I want to hear from you. I am thinking about doing a weekly MOMMIES SOUND OFF post - not sure which day, yet. But I think it will be a blast.

You can toot your own horn on your own blog when what you have written is published here, you can Twitter, Facebook, whatever...I love being a guest writer and seeing my words on other blogs! Especially HERE! So, now you can, too!

Send me your comments (and your email address) and tell me what you would like to SOUND OFF on and I will contact you with what you need to do next!!

YAY! This should be FUN!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy Blogger SHAWNA

Well, it's late on Monday and I usually have the MoBlogMo up by 9 am ... but I got a Wii Fit for MOTHER'S DAY and I lost 37 lbs. today! LOL! It was a busy day and with a couple book projects going on... I am out of sync. I apologize!

So, ladies....please grab a latte, pull up a chair and meet Mommy Blogger Extraordinaire, Shawna Coronado!

Warrenville, IL Greening Blog –,
So, like running three webites isn't enough, Shawna has two children and is a professional writer and speaker. She apparently has found an extra day in her week, because I don't know how to get that much done!
So, Shawna, what do you do in your free time? LOL! Like she HAS free time!
About a year, but I authored a book and wrote a newspaper column for almost five years previous.
And in all that busyness, you found time to start blogging?
I did it to get word about my book and the concept of greening and doing good things in the world out to the public. So, tell us a little about you - besides being SUPERWOMAN, that is!
I live in a small suburb of Chicago, Warrenville, IL with my husband, two girls and a very old and funny little pug named Harry. My career is as a professional writer and speaker, I also fill in some of the financial blanks by working as a Landscape Designer. I have written and published a greening and conservation guide-book called Gardening Nude, which sounds very naughty, but is not. It actually helps answer the question about how to get non-environmental people focused and involved in living a greener lifestyle. Getting my message of better living out is really important to me because I am tired of seeing so many people mean, ungrateful, depressed, and unhappy. Living with a more positive mindset is important and I think will someday save we humans from more suffering. By teaching people it is easy to get started greening by doing one small thing at a time, I believe it becomes easier to understand and therefore, more possible to accomplish. I dream of inspiring people, on a global level, to make a difference and live happier. When I’m not out donating my time or spending time with the kids and husband, you can find me gardening in my own garden with my wacky dog – Harry the Pug. she will be on the cover of People as one of The Year's Most Fascinating People...she is a very busy woman and apparently good at EVERYTHING, let's dig a little...maybe she's not a very good mom...let's find some skeletons...shhhhhhh Last year I passed out when I had a bad case of the flu. My daughters knew exactly what to do – they called 911, they called a guardian, they called the cavalry! And when I woke up, my head and feet were propped up and my oldest daughter was taking my pulse while telling the 911 operator all the details. It was amazing. There is an incredibly wonderful moment of pride when you realize your children are more than products of their parents; they are competent souls all on their own.
OH.MY.GOODNESS. Come on, Shawna, make us feel better about ourselves! Give us a situation that will help us to see you as one of us "just regular" moms! There have been many, but the one that stands out at this moment is when, at age 22 I charged into my office and demanded a raise. With conviction and determination I explained why I deserved the raise, why I am the most important person in his life, and why – at age 22 – I was the most mature person in the office. He HAD to give me a raise. He MUST give me a raise! Trembling with excitement I walked back to my desk after he smiled surly and said, “Sure, you can have a raise.” When I got back to my desk I realized my skirt was tucked into the top of my pantyhose and my behind was being flashed to the whole world! AAAAGHHH!!!
What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Starbucks latte’s – yum!
What do you wish for?
I dream that all people will learn how easy it is to take care of the world and each other a little better.
What do you hate?
Ok...Now I think she is my BEST FRIEND! Up with Starbucks and common courtesy and Down with War? Yep, my new BFF!
Your greatest achievement.
Teaching my children how to be kind and to help others. If you could speak one sentence for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"Life is too short, so for God’s sake people, please be kind to each other." What do you always hope people see on YOUR inside?
Beyond the smooshy twinkie middle? That I genuinely care about making a difference in the world.
Well, Shawna, I was picking on you a bit but it was all in jest. I am honored to have you as a guest on MoBlogMo! You are an amazing woman who is changing the world around her for the better. You are leaving a legacy and the world is a better place because of YOU!
Thanks so much for joining us!
Tomorrow I will have TWO Children's Books highlighted for NATIONAL CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK!
Come back and see me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children's Book Week ... May 11-17

Me again.

I know, you are SHOCKED!

I wanted to ramp up my plans for Children's Book Week and thought, I better do it when you are all welcoming me back so I have a decent audience whose children can benefit.

Each day for that week I will be doing something special involving a children's book. There will be videos, links, coloring pages, etc.

I am working on some fun plans for a summer art program for my community but will be putting together a packet of info so that ANYONE can run the program - it is easy and fun! More about that coming! But here is my logo:

I also will be back to MoBlogMo next week - sorry for the lapse in introductions of AMAZING MOMS...maybe I will do two next Monday so we can catch up as I have a whole SLEW of Mamas waiting to be featured! :)

I also just updated The Mom Show with a short and NOT fancy 4th episode.

Stay tuned!

And GO VOTE FOR ME HERE! I could win a spot as guest panelist on MOMVERSATION.COM!


Monday, May 4, 2009


Oh my goodness!

It is NOT that I haven't thought about you.

It is certainly NOT that my life is boring.

It is NOT that I am on strike.

It's just.....just.....

between being The Poop Nazi, writing my most favorite children's book EVER, teaching art club and pulling off an art show, and .... I haven't even had a chance to watch Jon & Kate + 8 in over a month! Whew! Now, THAT'S busy! :)

Well, you get the picture!

I am excited about recently having a story I wrote chosen as the Top 25 on MOMVERSATION.COM!

Check it out! Head over there, register, scroll down until you find my face, click on VIEW and read the whole story...then VOTE FOR ME!! :)

I would LOVE to be a GUEST PANELIST on their show!

I'm back! Will be sending you some funny posts soon! Let me know what you think of my story on Momversation!!