Friday, January 30, 2009

YEEEE-HAAAWWWW! (& another contest!)


I don't know about you, but this new get-up is way way way FREAKING better than my old one! Cindy @ BlogTogs is one AMAZING woman!!

Owain's Mommy is the winner of the MAKEOVER CONTEST!! She was the first reader to get all the answers right on my little multiple choice guessing game!

And, of course, you know how much I love to give stuff away....well, for the next 7 days anyone who subscribes to my blog will be entered in a contest to win some gorgeous earrings from High Strung Beads, Etc.

And, yes...those of you who already subscribe WILL be entered, too!

Loving my new blog! I think I might put my laptop on my nightstand so I can peek at it throughout the night! Would that be weird? Ya think? Really? I don't think it is weird....I think it is kinda fun!

So, scroll down the sidebar and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

Nighty night blog friends,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Contemplating Heaven....(& a CONTEST!)

(contest deets at the end of this post) These last two weeks have been like none other when it comes the people around me dying. Close people. Family. Friends. It's rocking my world. In the last two weeks my mom's best friend's son was murdered, the mother of a dear friend of mine choked to death while out to dinner with her husband and friends, my uncle passed away in his sleep and the "Nan" of my friend of 35 years went to be with Jesus after being placed in hospice. I believe in Heaven, I always have. There is no doubt in my mind that families are reunited, friends bathe each other in long awaited hugs and even family pets wag their way back into your life. I can't say for sure where it is. As a child, I always thought it was in the sky. I mean, that's what they tell you when you are a kid but I don't think the Bible actually tells us where those Pearly Gates are. I think that freaks some people out a little. This week I have been thinking alot about how lucky those 4 people are to be with those they have loved and lost. I have been pensive about how their pain is gone. I have also thought of those they have left behind. The tears that have been shed over these four people could overflow the ocean, I am certain of it. But at the same time, I think, most of those who wept would agree they were selfish tears. Tears of longing for one more touch, one more laugh, one more...something. I think they would all agree that they are happy their loved one is in a better place! I wonder if they wish we weren't said. Although, I am sure I will have fond memories of my days on earth, I have a hard time believing that upon my arrival in Heaven I will waste one second longing for what used to be. My poor self-image will be washed away and replaced with one that is similar to Jennifer Anniston, I am hoping! [Yep, that was a hint, God! Please?!] My poor choices and bounced checks will be G-O-N-E! I won't ever YELL again! I won't have to ever listen to the words, "Press 1 if you are an english speaking customer, and 2...." Wait...wait just ONE minute! There will be NO dishes to do? You don't think there will be, do you? I bet NO ONE changes diapers there! Do you think there is chocolate? I bet there are Chocolate trees!! I WON'T HAVE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!!!!!! Wow! I don't know about you all....but this is sounding pretty good! NOW DON'T GO CALLING 911...I have enough SANITY left to NOT ice myself! Ewww! Just trying to throw a little humor into a string of days that has been far from humorous. Leave me some comments... What are your thoughts on the subject? Yeah. I asked. I'm not afraid to hear what other people think. If I can share MY thoughts with you, why wouldn't I respect yours? But, please remember...RESPECT is the key word there. How does all of this segue into a contest, you ask? Well, my blog is getting a bit of a it will be down for a couple hours as a magician @ Blog Togs gives it a whole NEW body! I am SOO excited! The Contest is: Answer the following questions, the first person to get them all right (or the most right) will win their choice of one of these Faith Creations, LLC baubles! (words: "MOMS ROCK!")

1. My NEW blog will have four pictures on it; they will be:

(a.) of me (b.) of my kids (c.) of my crafts

2. My NEW blog theme will be:

(a.) punk rock (b.) country (c.) scrapbook look

3. My new blog's color scheme will be:

(a.) the same/purple (b.) black and red (c.) pink, brown, blue & green

4. My new blog's title will be:

(a.) the same/My Semblance of Sanity (b.) Mommy's DONE! (c.) Don't make me pull this car over!

5. My new blog's slogan will be:

(a.) cleaning up life's little messes since 1997

(b.) Motherhood...the same old, same old but with a Mojito this time

(c.) Loving my life...but only on the even days LEAVE YOUR BEST GUESSES IN THE COMMENTS!

(Oh, The Mom Show: Episode 2/What's up with Self Esteem? will air later next week...still wrapping up some loose ends!! But, it's gonna be worth the wait! Go over to my channel and subscribe so you don't miss out!) Nighty Night!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Move over American Idol...

Step aside for the next Reality Phenomenon... MOM-ON-THE-COUCH IDOL! (I really can't believe I am posting this!) This is for you, Goose!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dreaded paper gown...

So, I am know...I have moles. Lots of moles. Not the wart-y, hang off your skin kind...ewwww...more like the freckl-y, flat kind but still, I have a ton! One of my old boyfriends used to call me his chocolate chip girlfriend. So, once every so often a year I head to the dermatologist to have them all scoped out. It's an in and out thing. But it is H.U.M.I.L.I.A.T.I.N.G! The humiliation has nothing to do with the moles, I am comfortable with my little brown friends, they keep my occupied when I am know, connect the dots... The humiliation begins with the dreaded paper gown, my mismatched bra and panties (I don't actually OWN a set that matches at the moment) and my goose-pimply skin... because it is apparently a dermatological requirement that the exam rooms be refrigerated. And the humiliation doesn't stop there...oh, gets better... there's a gentle tap at the door warning me to hide my imperfections behind every inch of the blue napkin they call a gown. According to Webster's Dictionary, a "gown" is a loose flowing outer garment... I check, nope not loose and as tightly as I am grasping it's edges it CERTAINLY ain't flowin'! My voice cracks as I chant softly, feeeeel skinny, feeeeel skinny say, "come in." And yesterday, that's when I lost all hope for this being a "comfortable" visit. In walks a stick figure with lungs...I couldn't SEE her lungs, they were apparently FLAT, but it is the only answer to how the top 1/2 of something that skinny could be buoyant enough to stand upright. THIS is the woman that will check my moles? Did I order Dr. Waif? Am I accidentally on the "doesn't compare herself to others" list? Get me off that freaking list!! She introduces herself with a COLD handshake...nice. Cold hands. This is going to be a blast. Then...the dreaded unveiling and violation of my chub. There is nothing...let me spell it for you... N-O-T-H-I-N-G... more disturbing than having to be TOUCHED by someone you wish you LOOKED like...seriously...she had to move parts of me out of the way to get to parts that may have had moles in question. Now, I am not obese by any means but come on...could I lay in a dark room on a table with a super-sonic laser that scopes for irregular edges and darker colors? I'd pay extra. I'd pay HER! Puh-lease!!!!! And as if that wasn't enough humiliation for one day, she asks me to stand. I scoot to the edge of the table holding the top of my napkin gown on my front with my right hand while whisking my left hand around so quickly to cover my bum that I kinda smacked Dr. Waif around a little...accident? Hmmmm, that's a psychological question...maybe I am at the wrong office! She, of course, needs to remove a mole at the small of my back that will be sent away for testing. I should be a little unnerved about the possibility of atypical cells, right? Well, I would be if I wasn't panicking about how I was going to get back up ON the table ON my stomach so she can stick me with Novocaine and dig this spot out of my back all while staying covered by this little blue napkin that I am so annoyed with. Three r-r-r-rips later, I gave up. HERE I AM!!!! Black undies, pink bra and all my moles and rolls looking at you Dr. Waif! Whadda think of that?! Now, DIG Sistah! I need a Starbucks! Now, in hindsight...this skinny minnie could have potentially saved my life by spotting an irregular mole I couldn't have seen with 3 mirrors and a magnifying glass no matter HOW skinny I was. It was in the dead center of my lower back, right above my...ummmm...rhymes with back. So, thank you Dr. Waif, and yes, I will be making an appointment for next, have some cookies...or 10! **If you have any moles or age spots that change in color, size or shape call your local dermatologist, it could be the best call you ever, the visit...not the best...but QUITE worth it!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Mimi forwarded this email to me and I was cracking up! It's probably the former art teacher in me, but I thought this was hysterical. Apparently, a little girl handed this homework drawing in to her teacher, the teacher graded it and sent it home again. The next day, this note came back into class with the little girl, "Dear Ms. Davis, I want to be very clear on my child's illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This photo is of me selling a shovel. Mrs. Harrington" How funny is that?! Oh my gosh, I got a good laugh out of this one! **************************** So, onto your questions about the Acai and Colon Cleanse...I am not forming any opinions as of yet and I don't want to mislead anyone. When I have seen reasonable results and have not been over-charged I will let you know. So, don't run out and order all this stuff...let me be your guinea pig!! ****************************

I thought this was pretty cool. StumbleUpon is a new site that you can review posts by bloggers and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. I've been STUMBLED! Click on the link to see. You might have to register to see it, but if you do you can give me the thumbs up and in drives traffic to my blog which will inturn pump up my WEB SHOW PREMIER!


If you missed the show...scroll down one post and check it out! It was so much fun and I am excited to get on with episode 2. I have had great feedback and am looking forward to bringing some "regulars" on board! Stay tuned.

Well, I am off to do some work for one of the websites that actually PAYS me... LOL!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mom Show: Episode 1: Mama Guilt

I am on the look out for contributors... if you are a blogging mom and would like to chime in via video for the next episode... Please leave your comment below!

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ManicMommy descibed the show, "...think iCarly on Nickelodeon, but for the cool moms!" Thanks Manic, I love that!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Acai Berry-Colon Cleanse Cocktail...

Have you seen this? This ad is everywhere and it sucked me in! I did my research, placed my order (although, I opted for the colon cleanse remedy recommended by my local hippie organic shoppe) and I am hoping for the best. I started this gig on Sunday and can I just tell you...the energy I have is amazing! Usually by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, I feel like I could lay down for a LONG WINTER'S NAP, if you know what I mean! I haven't even THOUGHT about closing my eyes until I climb into bed! I also have noticed a significant change in my overall clarity. I guess that is what you would call it. There's no fog. I feel alert and awake mentally. Apparently, studies show that food...typically meat...can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your intestines for YEARS! Eww! Years!! That food ferments and rots and the poison from the decomposition of your 'tuna tartar' seeps through the wall of your intestines and enters your bloodstream. It's basically blood poisoning at that point. The effects of this can be felt by that foggy feeling, lack of energy, ailments that can't be diagnosed, constipation, forgetfulness, etc. So when your friends tell you that you are "full of %^&*(" really are! Well, I am very please with my first 3 days on this program. I am barely hungry, I don't have the cravings I normally do. Anything that can cut out a craving for daily truckloads of chocolate is GOLD in my book! And, I have lost 4.5 pounds...since Sunday!!! I am 38, I will be 39 this summer. I am fed up with my yo-yo weight and have vowed to be HOT for my 40th birthday! I have a long way to go, lots of lypo and bodily transplants work ahead of me but how better to be held accountable than by BLASTING your goals through the WWW! Wish me luck. Tell me your weight loss goals and how mommy-hood throws a wrench in the works...there may just be a SHOW in the making and I need your responses!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please help tip the scales...

I am letting my good friend Bob Piniewski hi-jack my blog today. Bob is AJ's dad. Go over to and see their story, it is one you will never forget. If you have hung around my blog long enough, you know how passionate I am about finding a cure for Childhood Cancer! Well, leave it to Bob to TRULY help make a difference. If you have ever known of a child with cancer or you just hope and pray that word NEVER enters your house in the form of a diagnosis, please pass the link to this post on to everyone you know. If we all just link arms and tell a story, we could CHANGE THE WORLD! Bob....have at it! OK - Another opportunity. From the website: "Share your ideas on any issue facing the new administration, then rate or comment on other ideas. The best rated ideas will rise to the top -- and be gathered into a Citizen's Briefing Book to be delivered to President Obama after he is sworn in."We got an early start. Right now "Increased Funding for Childhood Cancer" is the #2 rated idea. Close your eyes and imagine this: Obama walks into the Oval Office and settles in on January 26th. He is handed The Citizen's Briefing Book - outlining the issues facing the new administration. He opens it up. The first issue facing the new administration is "Increased Funding for Childhood Cancer". There are over 500 comments and stories for him to read.Can any human being see that and read that and not do something about it? Go to, log in, search childhood cancer. Go to the answer with the most comments. Vote it up. Leave your story in the comments. Invite him to the CureSearch Milestone Walk June 21, 2009 in Washington DC.let's do it......let's put these kids where they deserve...first place! Please forward to your contacts. Thank you all so much. AJs Dad AJsspace - Join People Against Childhood Cancer - Sign the Cure Childhood Cancer Petition -

Monday, January 12, 2009

What would have been...

GABBIN' MAMA... I really just don't like that title. I was only calling my new WEB SHOW that because that's what I used to call my Thursday video blogs...So, deciding that I wasn't going to call it "Gabbin' Mama" wasn't a difficult decision... Letting go of this adorable SHOW OPENING was, in fact, difficult! They worked hard helping me plan and execute this creative ditty!

So, if we let this one know you are in for a treat when the REAL one comes out!

Stay tuned...spread the word...



No, I am not's a brand...of shoe...and unless you have been living in the rain forest without human contact for about 7 years, you know them, you've seen them. I love them! But, I am too cheap to buy them. I have honestly wanted UGGs for about 6 years...really. But, still, six years later and I can't justify the price tag. So, this weekend I was on ebay looking around, trying to find a good deal on a variety of things that I DON'T need and I thought, "Hey, why not see if I can grab some UGGs, cheap!" Well, no such luck. They were just about the same price range as the stores around here AND I'd have to swing shipping, too. The cheapest ones I found were shipping from a seller named Yo Wang and were coming from CHINA. I have a feeling these would have had the UGG label but most definitely would not have been the authentic, quality shoe I have been longing for! Then I thought, "I have seen some great deals on used designer bags on ebay...lemme just type in the word used." VOILA! Used UGGs! And most of them were in fantastic condition with lots of pictures showing all the views of each shoe. The soles, the inside, the tags...and Yo Wang was no where in site. I zeroed in on a GREAT pair of black clogs. I am a clog-wearer from way back. Love them! Perfect, I thought. The price was decent...$35. I scrolled down through the description, nice. Saw the photos, good. Looked at the return policy, impressive. Even liked the last line... "Ships from a pet-free, smoke-free home!" I slid the cursor to "PLACE BID"... My finger was poised above the button just long enough for me to pause and think... "So, no pets and no smoke...but what about FOOT STINK? It doesn't say anywhere in the auction that this woman's feet don't stink. There is no way if it even said that, though, that she could prove it with pictures. Would she accept a return based on, "You're feet smell like corn chips, I can't wear these shoes!" " I hesitated long enough to change my own mind. There is nothing (well, few things) more stomach-turning than voluntarily taking on someone's FOOT STINK in the name of fashion. No thanks! I'll wait until I am famous and someone buys them for me! LOL! Speaking of famous...(just kidding!) Don't forget that my WEB SHOW for MOMS premiers all day Friday!!!! I will be taking it live at midnight on Thursday and it will be a WEB CARNIVAL for a whole 24 hours....prizes, give-a-ways... lots of fun! So, if you haven't already, head over and subscribe to MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! You won't wanna miss a beat! Invite your friends - it's gonna be FUN!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hollister is growing on me...

No...not because of THAT.... But, because it's a place I can go and embarrass my kids who think a mom who has her friend take pics IN A STORE is a NUT! Now, THAT is enjoyable!! Where have you embarrassed your kids? Best answer WINS~~

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The SHOW...

Alright...many of you have gone over to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and subscribed so you don't miss a lick of my new web show! Good for you...just remember you need to also subscribe to my blog b/c I will be announcing upcoming topics HERE so you can join in. Each topic will have a date that you must respond by if you want to be included in video and/or links. So, if you want the need to subscribe to both...wouldn't want you to miss out - it's gonna be a HOOT!'s the glitch! I keep changing my idea for a NAME! And, I keep doing SHOW OPENERS complete with TITLE TRACKS and then changing my mind. I was going to call it GABBIN' MAMA because that's what my video blogs were called, but I guess I am too used to just doesn't do it for me anymore. Then, I was going to call it LA VIDA MAMA but, I am not Spanish and when I told my husband he said, "What's 'la Vida' mean?" Come ON! Ricky Martin, for Pete's sake!! So, because I got SO many very cool prizes for my PREMIER SHOW give-a-ways, I am going to offer a GAWGEOUS BAUBLE from Faith Creations, LLC. to the person who can... NAME THAT SHOW! Here's my premise for the show... It's a show that will give MOMS of all stages and ages a place to share their lives, raise their voices, be heard and have fun. It will be a fun place to come meet other moms but also a place to give moms their moment to SHINE, to SPEAK, to be HEARD and to be SUPPORTED by those they would otherwise have no means to meet. I also want to use some of the show to celebrate all the GOOD that happens that doesn't make the nightly news. So, what do you think? What SHOW NAME encompasses ALL of that? Enter your ideas in the comments section. And remember, the 3 people who refer the MOST subscribers will win some other amazing prizes. Once I have received them all I will post photos of them. Gorgeous jewelry and artwork by famous people! YUP! REALLY! Also, maybe I should save this for the show but I just couldn't wait - go read the DREAM one of my most loyal fans had about me! I LOVED it!! Told her when she plans on dreaming about me again, to let me know - she has AMAZING dreams!! I'd like to live there.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goodbye Coleman...

At 10:45 last night, one of my favorite little men on the planet went to join his Cancer friends helping Jesus hold the babies. COLEMAN SCOTT LARSON was 5 but he touched more lives with his faith than most of us ever will in our lifetime. He is a true hero.
I have no doubt he is in Heaven making all the kids giggle, for Heaven's sake!
(this is my favorite Larson episode!) The Larson Team could really use your prayers! Caden is having a rough time. Coleman's celebration is on Saturday. Scott and Peggy are asking that those who want to send their love do so not in flowers but in donations to: The Hospice House of Fort Dodge, Iowa The Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City or Dear Heavenly Father, We can't pretend to know WHY. We can't fathom the pain the Larson's are feeling. But we know the plans you have for Coleman are far more amazing than what we can see here on earth. Our faith lies in trusting that you are the Almighty decision maker. Our faith lies in knowing these children who battle cancer do not battle in vain. Our faith lies in knowing here is a bigger picture, one we can't see. Lord, I ask that you cover the Larson family in a peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that Caden holds onto the bond he has with Coleman and I pray he can feel him everywhere. And I pray for a cure for this beast we have come to know all too well. Bless the babies who still fight and give our hugs to those who have joined you in the clouds. In your Holy name, Amen

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Announcement...

Wanna join in the fun?

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4. The top 3 or 4 readers/viewers who refer the MOST subscribers will win some AMAZING prizes!!!!!

5. GO!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Will fill you in at the end of the weekend... Will "discuss" your comments on MAMA GUILT so keep leaving them! I will tell you what I am doing with the LAUNDRY TIPS I asked for a while back...I haven't forgotten you all who responded! You'll be excited... See if you can find the "hint" HERE... and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss it! You can have a hand in my BIG THING... Just be patient...wait for it..... Keep scrolling down and may have missed something!

Resolution Shmesolution...

So, every year for the past 300, I have vowed to lose weight and get back into shape. I was never a fat kid. My weight problem is more of an eating problem. I make myself fat. I don't have a pre-existing condition that makes me overweight. Unless that condition is way-t00-much-stress-so-I-eat-no-matter-what-my-mood-itis. Nah. Don't think that's in the big Rx book on the doctor's desk. Last year, I chose a WORD to be my resolution. My word was HEALTH. It was to be all-encompassing. HEALTH as far as what I fed ME, HEALTH as far as what I fed my kids, HEALTH as far as keeping my checkbook from puking up all the receipts that I didn't deduct, HEALTH as far as my time...not getting my schedule so congested that it was hocking loogies all over the place, HEALTH as far as my mind...doing something for ME each week...having one SELFISH MAMA day to regenerate....HEALTH as far as...well, you get the picture. It was a good plan and it lasted about a week. I don't think a Big Mac Value Meal and left over chicken nuggets of my 3 kids constitutes HEALTH. I don't think the chicken nuggets offered to my kids is a picture of HEALTH. I don't think the McD's receipts clogging the windpipe of my checkbook looks very HEALTH-like. I don't think a to-do list that could circle Saturn is helping me stick to my word: HEALTH. I don't think going to WalMart alone after my husband comes home from work is what I had in mind for the selfish MAMA DAY! So, I pretty much SUCK at this resolution thing. I need to do all those things but some days I just don't have the energy. Take today for example, my oldest was crying in his bed this morning b/c he couldn't get out of it b/c of a hip hop dance injury that has just hung on and gotten worse over the last two weeks. He is 90+ lbs, can't walk and has to pee! WHAT?! After xrays @ urgent care they determine it is a pulled muscle that will have to heal slowly with the help of cold/hot compresses and some Tylenol w/ codeine. All three kids are still home on break so my toddler who has a bad case of cabin fever is plastering the house with Play Doh while I am trying to get my oldest to "hop and lean" to the bathroom. The dog is still injured and needs to be coddled to get across the linoleum when SHE needs to pee..... I don't need to go on... you get it! You all LIVE it to some extent! We've all been there. So, my resolution? NO FREAKING IDEA!!!! There's a "Betty" ( good friend Steph from Manic Mommy who BTW is holding an AMAZING virtual BLOOD DRIVE - go check her out!) @ that has decided to go ANTI-resolution! Check her out HERE! You? (I will be posting something that I need your help with later - come back in a couple hours - preferably in between potty breaks- to see what I have brewing!)