Thursday, April 24, 2008

Original ARTWORK for SALE..4 the kids...

Noon UPDATE: "J" from SPICING UP THE LITTLE THINGS is the Proud Owner of THIS original piece! Thank you "J" for having a heart 4 the kids!
Once again, 4 the kids is offering this 9 x 12" original piece for the taking. 50% of the proceeds from this sale with go directly to pediatric cancer. Check out the running tally on my side bar.
The last person who purchased a 4 the kids piece had me include a notecard and send it to a friend whose daughter is battling leukemia. What a beautiful gift! I am always happy to ship anywhere (it's FREE for you) and include a gift card as well.
I am not putting a starting bid, however, go with your heart. The bidding will end tomorrow (4/25) at noon (EST).
Bookmark me so you can check back often. Forward my link or put me on your FAVES list to spread the word. I am an artist and children's illustrator so it wouldn't be unlikely for me to have 3 or 4 of these sales a week. It's all 4 the kids!


The Journey Begins Here said...

You are one busy momma! I love this piece.

Will you be branching out to include other cancers? Oops! I can hear you yelling at me already...are you crazy. I am one busy woman!

I have a three friends battling breast cancer. I also follow a cp of a breast cancer patient who is pregnant.

Just a thought!
Love all of your work, and you.

Love Theresa

J... said...

I really love this piece.

I will start the bidding at $15.

I am a volunteer for Girl Scouts and was just asked to help with a "gift card drive" to help a local single mother of two little Girl Scouts who is in the final stages of her battle with cancer. The gift cards will help her to purchase gas, fast food and the like since she is making frequent trips to the hospital and if the cancer overcomes her, they will be passed on to the children's caregiver to help with their everyday care.

I love that you are donating half of your money to any type of cancer cause. Go you!

Lori Hogan said...

I will bid $20.00

LaskiGal said...

I'm in for $25!

LaskiGal said...

Awe man . . . apparently I can't read. I missed it! Next time you do this, can I promote it on my blog????

Shellie said...

Keep it up girl, this is great!