Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"SOLD!"...and other PEDIATRIC CANCER news

I am thrilled to say that by noon today the highest bid was $70!!!! That's $35 for THE KIDS! I have not yet found the EXACT place to donate but will be researching and letting you all know. The $$ I gather until then will sit and accrue as I get some more illustrations and jewelry out there. HIP HIP HOORAY FOR KELLY!! So, here are some of my latest ideas in my forever wandering mind! - I would like to keep a tally running in my sidebar of how much $$ is raised for PEDIATRIC CANCER from the illustrations (& such) I post on here. I would be happy to do a couple a week if you would all be so kind to pass the word so the SAME people aren't doing all the bidding! Don't need to cause any marital issues due to depleted bank accounts. Maybe we could get Oprah to bid! - I would also be interested in how many of you would purchase greeting cards with artwork from cancer patients on it...for those of you who peruse the carepages, wouldn't you love to send out greetings with a "Julian original" or a "Coleman Limited Edition" or a "Haley One-of-a-Kind?" Wouldn't that be awesome? Awesome for those artists to know that their "expressions" are helping to raise money for PEDS CANCER! I think I can do this through CAFEPRESS.com pretty simply. - I am still thinking of the line of cards that say what the patient needs to hear but you find it hard to say! I would love for those of you SURVIVORS who read my blog to come up with things to say and email me - I will put your name and type of cancer on the back of the cards as well (unless you would like to remain anonymous) - On a lighter note, go check out Mimi's blog to see the video she made of our Chicago trip! Love you Meems!


I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Woman, are you ever going to email me and let me know if your pkg made it or not??? (wink)

Do you want some of my jewelry to auction too?


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to buy greeting cards with artwork from the kids!! Count me in for sure!

Maureen from MA

Shellie said...

I think the greeting card idea is great!!!!! Go for it. The one you auctioned off is wonderful. I'll do a little link soon.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Love your new blog header.

Manic Mom said...

Did you read The Tipping Point?

You are sooo there!!!

You have found your calling! And what an amazing calling it is!!!!

I am in for buying cards for kids! For shiggity! But they have to be called King Julian Designs (KJD for short) and on the back of the card, like a Hallmark card, the logo has to be a cute little bald kid with a crown on his head instead of the stupid Hallmark crown logo--Got it? Good. I'll be your marketing/publicist/PR person. OK? Ha, I just appointed myself. I guess I should check with Mimi to make sure all of this is OK? Meems? What do you think? God bless JuJu up there! And AMEN for Callings!

Lisa said...

Wow, you care such a great servant. I teach a sunday school class of kindergarteners, and I would like to steal your idea of making something for a hospital (if its ok with you). I would totally be interested in buying greeting cards, as would plenty of my friends. Get some of Heathers jewels, and I will buy that too. :)


The Journey Begins Here said...

Yes, I would love an original card with personal art work. Great idea.

Love T

Tomorrows post will be about Coleman. I will copy your offer so get working on some more art.

Kathy Davidson said...

I love the idea of greeting cards. What about Christmas cards. I know those would be a big seller

Kathy Davidson said...

I love the idea of cards. I would love to see Christmas cards.