Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blanket Project...

I am so proud of my girls... I talk about my CLUB girls (Sunday morning children's church) quite often. My group of 12-15 4th and 5th graders are SO on fire to be a blessing to someone less fortunate than them. They prayed for Julian, they are planning an Alex's Lemonade stand for this summer, they made and delivered 30+ blankets to the Children's Home of Reading and they continue to be inspired by those who need to feel God's love. In the midst of all of my fundraising ideas for PEDIATRIC CANCER, one of my girls won a local contest. The contest was called PAY IT FORWARD! The local paper would award $1000 to anyone who could come up with the best idea of how to GIVE BACK with the money. My dear girls want to use the money make those same fleece knotted blankets for a PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY floor. They are an amazing group of girls from all different backgrounds, all different family make-ups but they each have GOD'S HEART! They are nervous about what they will see. They are concerned with what they should say/not say. So, I am trying to plan a WEBCAM event with a few of my favorite "celebrities" - who better to "train" them. I couldn't be more proud of the young ladies they are becoming!


Lee said...

I think it's just so caring and so wonderful what you are doing for them all..* You are a special someone..:) I will keep you in my thoughts..hugs to you...Lee 'friend of Mimi's' xoxxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle - It crossed my mind when reading about your student's pay it forward award, I wonder if a store would sell you the fleece at wholesale or at least a discount so you could make even more blankets? Hobby Lobby crossed my mind, because they are a Christian store and their selection of fleece is cute. I think it's outstanding to be teaching children how to care for others at such a formative age. You have to hope that these lessons continue to mold their spirits.

My almost 6 year old has become quite curious about the world and was basically eavesdropping on a conversation my husband and I were having last night. Our local paper featured this heart-wrenching story of a small African boy, Coli, who was basically given to some evil men by his family and forced to beg for money for his survival. I tried to let her know that her standard of living is not experienced by most people around the world. She was pretty astounded to learn that there are kids who maybe own one outfit, who might not have a home, etc. I then translated it into things she understood, as far as why I cook meals for families that need one or our teen parent dinners. I explained that God wants us to take care of one another and this is one way that we can do it.

Blessings on all your efforts - I think you're pretty incredible. And I would definitely be interested in buying greeting cards =)

All the best,

Julie said...

How awesome! It's so great to see young people with a real heart for Christ!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

That is so awesome girl. Your gals sound like their leader. Benevolent, kind and soft-hearted. Don't ya think we always get more than we could EVER give when helping others. I will pray the Devil will take away the fears the girls have of visiting those with cancer. What an awesome idea and cause. I will design a pendant, you can auction it off on your site and 100% of the proceeds can go to your girls to buy fleece. I'll email ya. Thanks Heather

The Journey Begins Here said...

Children are our future. I joined the PTO to specifically do a cancer fundraiser! The students did a mini-relay at the elementary school. If you want that information, let me know and I will forward it to you.

I don't know if this will help, but check out Project Linus for ideas about getting the blankets out there. My sister brought that in to my life one year.


love T

The Journey Begins Here said...

Oh, forgot to ask...are you fundraising for your own Relay...Lancaster??? Is that the one you do?

I know, you are probably thinking, who has time to breathe!

Love you and all you do!

Becky B/F said...

I am so proud of those girls, too! But who should be shocked? They have an AMAZING example as their Life Group Leader!! I hope my Kindergarteners grow up to be as inspired, even with Me as their LGL! (I really feel like I'm just yelling at them all the time..they really just can't sit still in a circle!? How hard can it be?! :-P)
Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers this week!!

AlaneM said...

Wow those girls are amazing! What a blessing to be around them :)
Me at that age...yeah, totally selfish. (sigh)
Send them my blessings please!

Karla with a K said...

You and your girls are inspiring.
His heart AND His hands.
Thanks for sharing.