Friday, April 18, 2008

Sandbox (Subtle) Annoyance...

Sandbox - $30.00
Sand - $12.00
Reading an entire magazine in one sitting (well, almost) - PRICELESS!
So, yesterday I got a sandbox. We have three children ages 10,9 and 2 and this is our first sandbox. I have always been anti-let-your-kids-play-in-a-box-that-all-the-cats-in-the-neighborhood-pooped-in but I needed something. Something to help me enjoy the recent summer-like weather without training for a marathon...which is basically what it is like to be outside with my toddler-man.
"Good kick, buddy! No! NO! Not in the r.....oad!"
"Hey, come back here. You are getting a little too far away from Mommy! IF YOU GO ANY FURTHER I AM GOING TO....(neighbors are peeking out their windows) hem... give you a time out!"
"No! No! Nooooooo! Honey, that is bird poop, not icing. Don't ever eat that again!"
The sandbox is a God send! At least until the bus comes. Add to the serene habitat of a two-year old and his sand 3 more kids and a couple buckets.
I was finally enjoying an actual conversation on the phone with my sister which never happens because those under waist-height REFUSE to be quiet if there is a phone at my ear when I glance at the new sandbox.
The older kids had left the scene and there he was...covered in the white and wet dusty film of new sand. The hose had been wrangled and many, many, many buckets had been filled with water and dumped into the almost-sun dried-sand. My mini-man was jumping in the mess like a pre-schooler on crack. The bigger the jump, the bigger the smile. The bigger the splash, the harder the giggle. White tidal waves of sandy water ebbed and flowed and reminded me that "My work here is never done." sigh.
Before he asked to go outside today, my little man and I headed for WalMart to grab one more bag of play sand to soak up the flood we have going on in our green turtle sand box.
The rest of the day is a sunshiny blur. We spent ALL day outside; riding, rolling, running, giggling - . I recorded this week's video blog at the picnic table! But I can't get it to upload to YouTube.
It's 1am and I am beat...all that sun makes me sle-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-epy!!
Peace Out! Look for the video tomorrow.


I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Can't wait to see your video. Did you get my email today asking whether your order made it yet? Just let me know, I'm starting to get worried that snail mail lost it.

Thanks, Heather

kathi d said...

What a precious photo!

Julie said...

Ah...the sandbox. I haven't hauled ours back out yet...not too fond of the idea of cleaning out the "old" sand, since I know it's full of bugs and stuff...ICKY.

I got Puckey some gardening tools (gloves, watering can, shovel, & rake) at Wal Mart yesterday and she had a BALL (and I was able to get some work done in the yard, too!) Maybe your little guy would enjoy gardening, too?

The Journey Begins Here said...

I love the photo too! My 5 year old MAN had another little man over and they were doing the same thing...sand and water. Great. But I did get almost all of the weeding complete.

Thanks for the cute story. Can't wait for the video.


The Journey Begins Here said...

PS...posted a Relay letter on my blog for today, with Julian's picture. Stop by and tell me what you think. I am going to mail it out on Monday. Thanks!


Daddy said...


Your mother says GET TO BED Duhhhh!!

Cindy said...

hehe... well, all that water will keep the cats away! Glad you had a good day!

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