Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's GABBIN' MAMA Video Blog...

ARGGHH, dang flabbit! My camera battery died so you get the rest of the "scoop" via written/typed word! (ps - I am still giggling as I imagine Goose's face when she clicks PLAY!! BWAAAAHAAA) Anyway, I was going to give you the Oprah scoop via my video but, alas, no such luck today! But if you are a visual learner, as I am, you will have a mental note of it if it is right in front of your eyes! Monday, April 14th is when we are going to Oprah!!! And, the producer made sure to let us know that it is a LIVE taping so it will air THE SAME DAY. Whatever time she comes on in your town is when you may see us hootin' and hollerin' in the audience!! :) I told Mimi, who has a new BLOG, last night that I got my hair done, (no new 'do' - I just always wait too long in between appointments) and she cracked me up - she said, "GREAT! Now you won't lay down to sleep for 10 days so you don't mess it up!!" HAHAHA! I am not THAT concerned, the show is NOT about me!! :) Thank Goodness!! I already don't like the outfit I bought yesterday at GAP! I am pretty sure it DOESN'T have to do with boogers, pee and butt-munching, though. I think it is pretty but it is a bit too tailored, I think. Not me. I am more of the arty-style - a bit funky - kinda girl!! I think I will keep it b/c it was on sale and only $26.99 and it would be nice for all the places I go that I need to look "tailored." BWWAAAHAAA - hmmmmmm, I don't think I go ANYWHERE that I need to be tailored. Just too funky for that I guess! So, how about Idol!! Any of you as addicted to it as I am? We have never watched it from beginning to end....ya know, the whole audition-thing to the voting off episodes. This is our first time. Even my kids are addicted! We tape it for them on Wednesdays so they are not up late. I think after this week, I would be OK with Kristy Lee Cook going but I really like the rest (sorry Kristy). The boys are rrrrreeeeaaaaalllllllly cute!!! Don't ya think? Especially that MICHAEL JOHNS, how 'bout it Manic??!!! Man-oh-Man!! And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE David Archuleta!! He is just too adorable (and very humble!)!! I guess Jordin Sparks (last year's winner) is putting all her $$ on David Cook....??? Hmmmm, like him but not so sure he is the ONE! I think it will come down to Michael Johns and David A! With the Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers hype and all the teens with cell phones texting their votes - David will win by a landslide, just my opinion! So, enough said. I gotta go, I am on a cleaning jag - not sure where that came from but my husband will be thrilled! Pray for Kendra!

PS - I am not TRULY concerned that we will get kicked out of Oprah - I am quite certain that Dawn, Mimi and I can be on our best behavior as a testimony to how thankful we are for our gift from Kendra!! (just a disclaimer so we are not UNinvited!) :)


Manic Mom said...


You need to show us all a picture of what you have picked out to wear to Oprah! And you do know that bright funky fun colors and a whopping cool attitude will get you chosen to get front and center right? Word on the street my sista! Straight from a girl who lives nearby but has never been to Oprah although I have friends who have been!

And you know, I am still hoping we can get together the night before your big Oprah debut for dinner! I am dying to meet you, and see Dawn again, and meet Mimi! What a riot. Kinda jealous of all your IMming!

Serious about the colorful jazzed up clothes and fun attitudes though, especially a live taping--YOU'VE GOT TO BE FRONT AND CENTER!!!

: )

Thoughts and prayers are with Kendra, I have a dear, dear friend from high school and she's gone through brain surgery with tumors and the gamma knife surgery to zap tumors and is doing well--Kendra's near Dawn and me, right?

Manic Mom said...

Oh, and how could I forget not to mention my BOYFRIEND MICHAEL JOHNS, and thanks for the shoutout!!!!

I think we need to do an across the blogosphere live AMERICAN IDOL BLOG next week and then everyone can compare our thoughts of the show! It was boring Live Blogging the show last night all by myself!

You up for it next Tuesday???? Up for the challenge?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

dont forget you mimi and dawn have the whole LOT of US BLOGGERS out here to represent so when they try to toos you say well we are about 300 not 3 LOL.
I can't wait to see yu on the air! it should be fantastic!
i wanna see the outfit too! but i will have to do so massive catching up in two weeks as i am heading out tomorrow for 8 days!
Have fun preparing!
Hugs Laura

Suzie said...

Wow enjoy Oprah. I'll be looking for you

The Journey Begins Here said...

I have to make sure I write it on my calendar. My tv is on in the morning PBS and the after dinner Disney.

You will look beautiful no matter what you where!

Love you, T

Erin said...

That was so neat to see you on a video. Feels like I know you a little better : ) Love your hair. Isn't it nice to have a fresh new do? I just got mine done last weekend. I'm going to be watching Oprah to see if I can spot you. I didn't see Val when she went to a taping a couple weeks ago, but just knowing she was in the audience made it so worth watching : ) We're all rooting for Kendra. Glad to hear she's in peaceful spirits. Very important. Happy weekend to you!

Tracy said...

I am so excited for your all's trip! I can't wait to hear every detail of it.
And I say keep the outfit. You never know, one day you may need a tailored outfit and if you take it back you'll kick yourself for it!

kathi d said...

We will all be watching, so we want you FRONT AND CENTER!!

LaskiGal said...

It has been awhile since I have visited. I've finally just added you to my reader . . . I have losing touch with such great blogs!

I got all caught up and all I can say is YIPPEEEE for Oprah. What an amazing story (I will pray for Kendra). This is a wonderful gift she gave!!! Do you know when your show will be broadcast? If not, let us know when you do!

OK, on to Idol. I've been writing reviews every Tuesday/Wednesday. Manic made note that although I think he's HOT, I'm not as huge a fan as she is of Michael Johns . . . I'm not so sure anyone could be as big a fan as Manic . . .

I'll have to check back to see if you do the live Idol review. That would be very cool!!!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, we need exactly what the shirt you were wearing in your video blog said. AND need a pic of you modeling your new Oprah outfit w/hair fixed up.

Love ya,

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Guess where you'll be this time next week..........OOOOOOOOOOOOPRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!