Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 Random Things MEME...with all NEW things...

Jane over at Life & Times tagged me for a fun MEME! You all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing MEMEs - so here goes - thanks Jane! I have done this one a couple times before (here, here and here) which will make THIS time a little more challenging...I am really not that interesting...although QUITE random! 7 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME... 1. I have all of my children's teeth that have fallen out in little baggies with their names on them in my jewelry box. (that's about 40 teeth, so far) Even my 3 year old has lost 4 (although, I only have 2 b/c his birth mother insisted on having the first two - whatever). I have gotten many comments each time I post a smiling picture of him asking WHY he is missing so many teeth. So, I guess this is the perfect time to answer. His bottom two were fractured under the gum - how? Know one knows. So, they just wiggled their way loose. The top two has a cute little space between them which was actually where his frenulum (the taut piece of skin that attaches your top lip to your gum) went through and was attached BEHIND them. When he started talking, this skin would wiggle and push his teeth apart and made his gums recede...soon there was nothing to hold in those teeth. There is no harm done to his permanent teeth from either issue so he will just look like a mini hockey player for a couple more years...oh, and no corn on the cob! 2. I am a vegetarian wannabe! I have been vegetarian a couple times and I admit it is TRULY a BAMBI reason. I hate hate hate that living things have to die for people to eat. I am just too lazy to stick to it. I would have to make so many different versions of the same meal at dinner b/c my husband and children would never make it without meat in their diets. They may just turn on me and turn ME into dinner. The first time I was a "veg" it was because my high school boyfriend and I were on a road trip and we passed a truckful of pigs. I was all giggly and said, "Awwww, look. How fun! They are going on a field trip! I wonder what kind of field trip they are going on!" Just then he decided to pass the truck and to my horror, the words HATFIELD HAMS flashed before my eyes from the driver's door. My boyfriend laughed and said, "The kind you don't come back from!" I was meat free for 2 1/2 years!! 3. I once had a panic attack while driving and blacked out in a tunnel! One of my best girl friends from Penn State was killed in a car accident on the way to a wedding. November 8th, 1996. The next year was when Princess Di died in the tunnel. Two years later I was on a Girls' Weekend with my high school BFFs and I got a late start heading home. It was dark, I was 2 hours from home and I passed through the town my PSU friend lived in and had to go through a tunnel. I was thinking about Michelle (yes, another Michelle BFF) and Princess Di and I was IN a tunnel. I freaked. My husband had to get two kids out of bed, pick up his dad and drive everyone 2 hours away to get me. His dad drove my van home. Gotta love the creative mind on overdrive! Sheesh! 4. I have never seen Grease or The Breakfast Club. And, yes, I was a child of the 70's and 80's. I know. I know. Ridiculous! DON'T SEND ME THE MOVIES...people have. I still don't have the drive to see them. I have seen bits and pieces of each and knew the Grease Soundtrack by heart...but further than that? Nah. Thanks. 5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE OTTERS! Obsessed actually. I don't collect them although a sweet sweet friend, Kendra from Barely Controlled Chaos, who can see an otter whenever she wants because she lives in Oregon sent me a gorgeous coffee cup/mug with an otter on it. I think of her each morning when I see it on my windowsill! This is my favorite otter video! You can spend HOURS on YouTube watching otters....I heard....I haven't done it...well I kinda have. 6. I once painted a nude self-portrait for a Master's class just to get an "A." It worked and I was even 8 1/2 months pregnant. (No, I won't be posting pictures) The portrait is in my studio in our basement. Once my kids were headed to the basement with friends to play and I heard my oldest say, "When we get to the bottom, turn your head so I can make sure my mom put her naked pictures away!" Nice. Breathe deep and let it go. 7. I did a surprise lip sync for my hubby at our wedding reception. My bridesmaids and I had stayed up the night before and choreographed this huge dance and we had the DJ in on it, too. At the end of the song our best man ran over to the DJ's booth (unannounced to us) and then they came back with an off-the-cuff response! It was priceless! I think we were the first REAL contestants (1993 and way ahead of our time) from that new Reality Show Rock the Reception! I was going to use my digital camera to digitally record my reception and post it on YouTube so I could show you but... I.CAN'T.FIND.MY.WEDDING.VIDEO! I.AM.FREAKING.OUT! Hope you enjoyed (hope I find my tape or I may have to be committed!!!!) this MEME...if you are reading it and wondering if I will TAG YOU....consider yourself tagged!!! Link back to me and then comment so I can come read your RANDOMNESS! *rips house apart looking for wedding video*


MommaSuds said...

Ok get in your car and drive to the video store and rent Grease and The Breakfast Club right now.Are you serious??That is just crazy!

I absolutely LOVE otters too.They are SO cute.Good video.

AlaneM said...

Too funny!
Hey, I looked for you on facebook but I can't find you - are you still there?

Jane of JaneZworld said...

whoa...teeth? hmmm ok!
Hey thanks for playing along, and sharing some random elements of you!!
Liz read and posted on my blog, said she was sent by you, maybe said referred haha, but I cant get her blog open - cant you shed any light for me, or her?
Jane (ife&times)

Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said...

Thanks Michelle! I was feeling pretty rotten a few minutes ago and decided to catch up with my blog's nice to be thought of three thousand miles away!


Diane B said...

Seriously...there has GOT to be a support group out there for people who watch videos of otters. Not that you would need that or anything!

Re: Grease. You are sooooo not missing anything. Yeah, you read that right people. There is a woman in America who can't stand that movie. Please, Sandy get all hootchied up for a man. Great message...

Re: Breakfast Club. Yeah, it's a classic but I think you may have missed the time window. I think you have to watch it as a teenager (for the first time) to appreciate it. Then we see it again and reminisce (even though my HS was nothing like it).

PS Please not hate mail for what I said about Grease!