Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Don't EVER look away...

So, when someone says to a Childhood Cancer Activist, "Do you want to do a Cancer display at XYZ event?" She would most definitely say, "yes!" Even if she is supposed to be re-writing the church website, filling NAMESAKE orders, reading for her Bible Study, making phone calls for her church group's hospital visit to deliver blankets they made last year to sick kids, planning her daughter's Class Fall Party, writing an article for Root & Sprout, researching for her job @ BettyConfidential.com, writing her Gift of Gab Column, wasting a little bit of time on FACEBOOK, cooking, cleaning....and you know the rest.

You know what?

I think I saw 3 people looking at these kids...my kids...the kids I cry for... the kids who deserve that attention...YOUR attention...EVERYONE'S ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the left panel of my display were 46 of the most beautifully precious children, there were stars placed on the photos of those children who have passed through the gates of Heaven. Why 46, you ask? Because 46 children are diagnosed with cancer EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY!

The center of my display was Coleman, his story and my favorite quote from him,

“It’s hard to be hooked up to a pole all day when it’s a sun-shiny day, ann be in your hos-pita woom all day when yoa don’t wanna be there ann wish ya tould be outside in-said, but NO, ya tan’t. I wish that no more tids would det tancer, tuz it's tewwible to haffa do all-a the suff what ya dotta do. If no more tids dot it, then we tould all yust be no-mal wif no more pokes."

Julian's story and pictures of Mimi, Ken, Sam, Alex and William without him were under Coleman.

COOLCOLE and Jessica Easley and their struggles were at the bottom in a "Before & After Cancer" segment that showed the effects cancer has on our children.

The right panel was a collage of children who ALL passed away in one weekend a couple months ago and information about its4thekids.

I also had The Childhood Cancer Petition available for people to sign. 2 people signed. 2! If you haven't already signed the petition, you can do it online - it is easy and simple...name, address, email. The email address is used as a verification tool not a way to fill your inbox...you WON'T get any emails. Bob Pinewski (carepage: AJspace) started the petition with a goal of 1,000,000 signatures because that's what it takes to get media attention...there are roughly 17,000 signatures so far.

I even had JuliansWorld, SuperBay, Team Larson and John Eric bands sprinkled across the table.

It doesn't bother me that I spent a large number of hours preparing for the event and putting the display together...

What bothers me is people see the word "Cancer" and see children's photos and they run the other direction.

"It's just too hard to look at."

"It's too sad!"

Maybe this is why these sweet kids who fight for their lives, LITERALLY, every frippin' day only get 1% of the money raised for cancer research. Because NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IT!


Is that what they are worth to you?

it's 4 the kids is a non-profit organization made up of artists who sell their wares to supports cancer families in need by helping to offset bills, sending gifts to siblings after the passing of a sister/brother, donate to CureSearch, etc.

If you can't bear to look, can you at least FWD the its4thekids link or this post to everyone you know. Christmas is coming. Wouldn't it feel good to spend money that you know 50% or more is going to a child who may not see another holiday?

Can you at least do that?


♥Lisa♥ said...

Don't forget to mention the IGIVE link. they can sign up and do all their Christmas shopping (or just regular shopping too) through all the websites that participate (which is a TON of places)and a % of their purchase goes to It's for the kids.

The Real Life Fairy Tale Princess said...

What a wonderful thing you do. I've gone to your kids site before and I love what you're doing! Words cannot express. Keep up the awesome work! You are truely FABULOUS!

Theresa said...

You go girl! I couldn't wait to get over here to read what you had to say. I was writing my OHM Wednesday and linking you when I saw the Childhood cancer. Call me nuts but when I see those words, I get excited to see someone else talk about the subject.

To my disappointment, 2 signatures! But I guess we will celebrate 2 more signatures! You are doing a wonderful job...all of the jobs you are doing.

Thank you for making my life better. Love you, T

Becky B/F said...

Amen, sister!! What will it take for people to open their eyes!!? :(

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Thanks Becky, for being ONE OF MY TWO signatures! :)
Love ya!

Amy said...

Hi Michelle :)
I am so very happy to be able to add to your signatures and will do all I can to help you spread the word about these precious children. Stop on over at my blog...I linked you over there (hope you don't mind) and am hoping to send some of my readers over your way. Every single person that becomes aware of this will help. You are an amazing person with your passion to help these kids! Keep up the good work!

~Issy said...

Michelle, i don't have many readers on my blog, lol, but i'm going to add your 'button' on it.

I am sorry about the two signatures-i would have been disappointed that others didn't see how much (or should i say little!) percentage of monies for research go to children's cancer research. I have to be honest, though, until i found your blog, i had no idea. No idea how little research monies go to children's cancer research, no idea just how many children do loose their lives every year. I think that blogging is a great way to reach folks and to educate them....


~Issy said...


I just tried to add your button to my blog...and it didn't do a cute button like you have on yours...it was huge and some of it was cut off. Am i doing something wrong?


Diane B said...

You have a right to be frustrated. Be frustrated. OK...done. You got 2 more signatures on the petition than it had before. Remember when Susan G Komen Foundation was started no one would print the word BREAST in the press. Look where they are now.

You are making a difference. Keep the faith....

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Diane B...
You are exactly right!
Thank you for the smack in the head!

Off to collect more signatures!

coffespaz said...

Thank you! I have been working on a project for a few months...get a few bits done, and put it away because it hurts. It does hurt, but those who are immediately affected hurt ten times more, from hearing the initial dx, to dealing with the pain, tears, doctors, treatments...and for many, the loss. This is just the reminder I needed to get busy and finish the project.

Thank you!!

AlaneM said...

You are so sadly right on this. Not that I have many readers but whenever I've posted anything about kids & cancer I don't get a single response. What is that about??? The it's too hard & to sad responses tick me off. To sad for who? A person who is not touched by childhood cancer? No, not too hard for you. It's too hard for the precious children who have to deal with this every day. It's too hard for the parents who have to watch their poor babies go through so much pain every day. Too hard, BAH!
I've been telling everyone I can about the gold ribbon & childhood cancer awareness month. I signed that petition the first time I heard about it & it makes me nuts that more people aren't shouting from the rooftops about it.

Whew, sorry about the rant, guess I'm a tad passionate about this issue. I love that you promote it so much & what you are doing for these families.
God bless!

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I just want to say thanks to the gal who gave your first comment because I didn't know about the IGIVE link and that sounds really cool; I'll go check it out when I get back from dropping my daughter off at school.

One of the kids in my daughter's kindergarten class has a brother who is handicapped because of his cancer treatments. He was a normal 18 month old when he was diagnosed with the same cancer as Julian. After all his treatments, he is now seriously handicapped in many ways: his speaking, walking, the way he looks, his hearing, his motor skills, etc. I talked with his mom about it and she said it was just devastating to know that their choice to do chemo and everything to try and save his life made him this way.

When I talked to her, I thought immediately of Julian and Mimi. You are making a difference, Michelle. Don't give up! I have had your button on my blog for awhile now, but will do a post about the IGIVE link and the cancer petition as soon as I get a chance.

Ok, must be off before I make my daughter late for school! lol

Teresa L. Radke said...

Hi Michelle, I love what you did with the 46 kids. It is such a shame only 2 signatures were gathered. What you say about people seeing children with cancer, then running, is so true. We see it time and time again. All we can do is keep putting it out there, in front of the world, and eventually change will come. The cookbook we've been working on, I'll admit has been hard on me. We have several children represented, and their stories so touching and heartbreaking. I'm hoping it too will make its way into the hearts of people and bring awareness. Every little bit, even if only 1 or 2 at a time, we will get there together!