Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, I have to say that these past two contests were complete LET DOWNS!
I know I am "preaching to the choir" here, but, man oh man!! I used to have over a hundred comments when I ran contests and so many entries that I couldn't keep up with my email. It's more fun that way!!!
For those of you who enjoy reading me, I am asking you to give me the scoop, what is it that you think has chased away my most loyal of readers? Hmmmmmmmm. I am stumped. :) If you would like to help out and boost my readership so we can go back to the fun contests with lots of entries (because I have some book review requests sitting in my inbox), please call 1-800-Email-my-blog-to-everyone-in-your-address-book-please-NOW! Just kidding (well, kinda)! :)
Anyway, on to the contests.
No one chose one of my top 3 favorite NO PRIZE!!! Just kidding! You know me better than that! But someone chose a book from my Top 10 list!
Hooray for Kim Weedleton from Bugs & Bunnies!! I will have your one-of-a-kind ORIGINAL illustration mailed out to you sometime this week! Thanks for playing!
We had one....count them...o.n.e...entrant!
Quite honestly, I think she would have won regardless who entered...yeah that's a challenge!!
Winning for most LABOR INTENSIVE costume..... this little chick!
Hooray for a Sassy Redhead of Tiaras and Tantrums! You will receive a signed copy of...

Well, I must get back to my lab and mix up a concoction. Something with billowing smoke and slime that will entrance the next 100 readers to stay and visit awhile...join the next contest...or just amuse me with their comments!

You'd think that with a friend like Dawn over at Because I Said So, I would get the hang of keeping readers around! She is the master! If you haven't checked out her blog in a couple days, head on has been revamped and it is AMAZING! She is in LA and is Twittering....go check out her latest adventure...(spoiler alert) she is meeting up with Courtney Cox (aka Monica from I had to tell you that!) later!! Seriously!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

Thanks sweet girl - I'm sorry no one else entered - I loved this contest!!
I ran one once as well, hardly any entries - so I haven't done it again. Once you get the secret sauce back again - let me know what it is?!!

♥Lisa♥ said...

For me, it was just to early for a costume contest as I'm still making my kids costumes. Cinderella (pretty much done), Chuck Liddell (half done), Ladybug (half done), werewolf face (havent even got the makeup) and an im not sure yet. Come Friday night they'll all be done because we have a Halloween party on Saturday. :)
I love your blog though!! From your kids, to your drawings to the precious children fighting cancer!!.

Karla with a K said...

Hi, it's me, blogless. I have 2 pictures for you. But it would have been a huge effort for me to find and send them to you. Plus, I have no blog to put them on and I can only rely on friends' blogs so many times before it is old (I can't start my own right now.)
So that is why I didn't enter. If you want to see my pics just for fun, let me know.

Other than that, I don't know where the entrants are. Opposite of your previous post, I guess they're all just 'busy?'

ps I still love your blog!

Karla with a K said...

pss Congrats to Tiaras. Obviously, she wasn't 'chicken' to enter. What a cutie!

Adri said...

1. I can't enter the contests because I don't have a Blogger blog (I have a blog on Xanga and Myspace, but they're private so that wouldn't help anyway).
2. You used to write funny posts every day, and now you barely write anything once a week.

I love your writing style and what you write, but I often forget to come back by your blog because I never know how often you will update. :-)

Giving an honest answer because I think it is what you want. I really do like reading your blog.

Kim Wheedleton said...

Yay me! Wow - I rarely win anything. Well, except for that little Hershey contest I won just for opening the right wrapper, and that two liter bottle of soda I won just for being the 10th caller - and that was before I was old enough to drive...

Looking forward to what will certainly be a lovely prize!

I am curious - what are your top three fave kids' books?

Diane B said...

I, too, didn't enter because I don't have a blog. I have no IDEA where you all find the time!! (Do you sleep?) I seem to have the glub, glub week for only 4 weeks out of every month!

I love your blog. You're doing a great job. For those who left because you share about the kiddos battling cancer, well, you don't need readers like that!

I forgot about the book contest. I would have guessed "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss and been disappointed if it wasn't in your top 3. (I kid, I kid)

Seriously though....what IS your top 3 fav kids books?

Theresa said...

I check in on your blog almost everyday. If I miss a day, then I check the following day. Yes, I am one of your groupies. And I love ALL of your posts. Sometimes I don't leave a comment just because I am short on time.

Love you,

Wani said...

you've gotten spoiled! I have never had hundreds of comments on any of my posts! I do really enjoy stopping by your blog from time to time. Keep it up!

♥Lisa♥ said...

ok, im sharing my costumes, LOL. With the blood, sweat, tears and last minutes ebay bids. Here they are.

this was my test run so hopefully on halloween i wont forget anything.