Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tag me, baby! One more time...

OK...I am starting to feel like a whole group of you all are in a huddle taking turns tagging me and laughing at me each time I sit and rack my brain for these totally RANDOM things... I like to think you are laughing WITH me and not AT me! Cyn and Lizzy BOTH tagged me in the same day for 7 RANDOM THINGS... Alrighty, here goes...please keep in mind, I have done 4 MEMEs in the last two weeks, so I am grasping, I tell you....grasping.... 1. My two oldest children are EXACTLY 15 mos and 1 week the day. My third came along 7 YEARS later! 2. I LOVE ROSS THE INTERN!!!! He and I will someday co-host SOMETHING because he will find my ridiculously hysterical! Together we will go, hand-in-hand, giggling into the sunset! 3. I am, right now, eating a HUGE plate of cheesy-sour-creamy nachos and drinking a big, cold Yuengling Lager while watching The Hills repeats. Yummsy! Everyone else in my house is sleeeeeeeping - even the doggy! Can you say, "ME TIME"? 4. My favorite indulgence of late is a Starbuck's Venti, Non-Fat, Iced, Carmel Macchiato. Soon, their MAPLE Macchiato will be out for the holidays and I am waiting with baited breath...literally! 5. My iPod only has 70-some songs on it...I am REALLY picky about music. I bought myself the "shuffle" specifically b/c I KNEW I would never fill the Nano. To make it to my iPod, it has to either remind me of something specific (The Cure reminds me of college, No Doubt reminds me of my pre-children, married life, etc.) or make me feel sexy...see #6. 6. J.T.'s "Bringin' Sexy Back" is all I have to say. Mmmm Mmmm. 7. I live in the middle of Pennsylvania Amish Country. It is not out of the ordinary for me to be driving behind a horse & buggy waving to wee Amish ones in the back. Too sweet! An amazing reminder of how sweet simplicity is. Woah, I am done...that just whipped by! You know the drill, I have done this enough...tag yourself and have a blast - but link back to me, please! :)


Kellan said...

I like The Hills too! I liked #7 and imagining those "wee Amish babes" waving at you. Nice list - take care. Kellan

Elizabeth said... I want a starbucks drink! YUMMY!

Tismee2 said...

Hi, thought I'd pop in and see your blog too. Whatever did we do with all our spare time before blogs exisited?
Sounding VERY 'Billy no mates here' - what is tagging? Everyone seems to be doing it (except me!)

Take care