Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The GREAT 2008 Halloween Costume Contest...

It's the second week of October...has it crossed your mind? Have you asked the kids? Have you started your shopping or web surfing for JUST THE RIGHT ONE? I am talking HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Are you the Mom that forgets about needing Halloween costumes until October 30th and you are forced to throw your child into Daddy's over sized shirt and tie for 7th year in a row as she squeals, "I don't WANT to be a computer geek, AGAIN!"? ...or... Are you the mom that has a college degree in Halloween Costuming? You know who you are...spending hours searching the internet for specialty fabric, making organza flower petals the size of Montana until your fingers bleed and then constructing thick green stems taller than your husband just so your little FAIRIE looks realistically tiny next to her GIGANTIC flower! ...or... Are you the resourceful one? The one who can turn a clear garbage bag, some blue packing peanuts and some colorful fish cut-outs into a wearable fishbowl? Handle-ties never looked so good as they do over your shoulder in tank-top form! Right? So, which is it? Well, in the spirit of the DRESS THEM UP AND FILL THEM WITH SUGAR season, you can join in the fun and post your Best Last Minute, Labor Intensive and/or Resourceful Halloween Costume on your own blog with a supply list and directions and link back to My Semblance. Invite everyone you know (and some that you don't, if you want to win) to come vote for your all week this week. Results will be tallied Sunday night, October 12th. The winner from each of the 3 categories will win a signed copy of:

This sweet story of the Halloween Fairy, Eve, is a non-scary alternative to Halloween picture books. Creative tie-ins to jack-o-lanterns, candy treats and dressing up are all a part of this rhyming book's new approach to October's favorite holiday. It's a birthday party! It's not a coincidence that the publisher of Lisa Sferlazza Johnson's book is Positive Spin Press! Gorgeous illustrations by Tucker Johnson bring this story to life. The best part? It is one in a series of 3. Christmas Eve and Winter's Eve will be the focus of contests to come.

Find your best photos and enter any one or all three categories:

Best Last Minute Costume

Best Labor Intensive Costume

Best Resourceful Costume

**Don't forget to post your picture on your blog, include the supply list and directions. Then invite others to come vote for you on this post! Look at it this way...this post will then be a giant craft book of ideas YOU can use THIS year...and you might win!!

Now go! Get posting!


MaBunny said...

I've never been one for creative costuming...I'm usually the mom with the child with the store bought costume, lol. Or she gets a dress at least and we accesorize from stuff at home. I will have to think back over the last 9 yrs and decide if I have any picture worthy costumes:)

noexcuses said...

I have some ideas, but I'm still working on how to get pictures on my blog...sorry. For the time being, I will give a description, and then ask my tweens to help me with the pics!

Great idea for a contest! I love your blog!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

okay - I am so in on this one!!
It will post On THURSDAY, 10/9
Great idea!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...


LaskiGal said...

What an awesome idea! I have NO ideas. I'm horrible . . . what kind of mother am I. BUT,I will be sure to visit all the ideas that come from this post and the commenters!

Theresa said...

Call me one of those moms...I just don't get in to the whole 'night of the living dead'. I like the fall festival theme better. My house is decorated with happy scarecrows and leaves. I would be very content if my children decided not to dress and I would just buy them a bag of candy and call it a day!

I think Amanda is going to make a costume herself. She has been talking about Static Cling. Daniel has a dress-up fireman costume that he said he would wear. I think I got off easy this year.