Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gettin' on my "SOULJA BOY" soap box...

Alright, if you are a mom or if you simply have a supreme interest in keeping the kids in your life wholesome as long as you possibly can - DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS POST! I am pulling up my soapbox and stomping my heart out! Get ready! Last night a couple of friends and I took our kids out to a show. At the end of the show the cast did the SOULJA BOY dance. I had heard this song before and saw Ellen try and do the dance on her show once. It's a cute dance and a very catchy song. Here's the dance done by some sweet innocent children for those of you who don't have a clue as to what I am talking about... Cute, huh? My friend and I sat and watched the cast perform this dance. We discussed how we wish we knew what the lyrics were. We watched as our children grooved and bopped to the pumping music as they watched closely and soaked in all the dance moves. When the show was over they rushed up to us with, "Can we download that on our iPods? PLEASE?! Can we, when we get home?!" Luckily, I keep good company and my dear friend and I had the same answer, "Before you pump that song into your brains, WE will find the lyrics and decide together whether that happens or not!" We both thought the word "Ho" was in the song. I get home. Put the kids to bed and GOOGLE away. I have to tell you that what I read makes me unable to watch those sweet dancers from YOUtube performing this song. This song is more x-rated, degrading, hurtful and offensive than I could have ever imagined. The entire song is about sex. Those babies are dancing to a song that is talking about what this degenerative song-writer is planning to do with the sleeping girl next to him who just said "no" to his advances. Click here to read what I am talking about! How is it that a movie can be deemed unfit for those of a certain age but we can blast this CRAP across the airwaves for our children, our girls to be hurt by? I just don't get it! How is it that we live in a world with knowledge at our fingertips (I spell it G-O-O-G-L-E) and parents don't take a second to dial up the info that will keep the innocence in their children just a little bit longer? It hurts me to think of the kids who are being influenced by this song. By the way - you know how teens think it is funny to pull something over on their parents? Been there - done that! Well, the rap star making millions off the sale of his song is a mere SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD! He pulled one over on the world! And we are standing by, WHY?! Please don't be that person who says, "The kids don't know what the words mean. They don't know what "superman" is referring to." If they are any older than 12, I guarantee you that they absolutely KNOW what that song is saying. They absolutely think it is cool! They have absolutely pulled something over on you. It's no wonder that teens are pregnant, kids are getting killed in the cafeteria, there is more mental illness in our country than ever before and girls feel they have to 'put out' to be popular. We are these kids' parents. We need to step up. We need to take the responsibility for their actions, we need to say "NO" to inappropriate songs so they can say "NO" to inappropriate behaviors! You don't have to be a Christian to care about the innocence of your kids. It's about being a productive member of society, being a role model to those around you. Just being a good person. It starts with a skanky song but we all know it doesn't end there for some kids... Good Lord, people. STEP THE HECK UP! Please FWD this to everyone you know who has a child - whether a mom or a teacher. We have to help our fellow parents stay in the loop...maybe that's an idea for a sister blog IN THE LOOP! If anyone is interested in being a contributing writer for a blog that will help parents stay on top of new trends their children will be faced with - please email me directly. Whew. Peace out!


peach said...

I hate that song and so many more that my teen daughter ties to tell me dont mean anything ... BALONEY... I keep reminding her I am not stupid and I was a teen at one time...It distresses me greatly to see how degrading songs / movies/ video games and so many other aspects of our kids lives have become.
Good post.
Hugs Laura

VanDerHoekArt said...

WOW! I had no idea. My question is why on earth is there slang for that act? Who thinks up that stuff anyway?

On a brighter note, would you mind if I added your blog to my blog list?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I give - what does Superman refer to?? I am 41 and ignorant!! And luckily - for now - my kids are 5, 3, and 2, so we're more into Dora and Dragon Tales than anything else...

But I am dreading the pre-teen years (even in kindergarten, the cliques amaze me...)


SubWife said...

Well, I have written about something similar a few months ago on my blog. Though in comparison to this song, the songs that I referred to are completely innocent. I would have loved to contribute to reporting on new trends, but because we do not have a TV, I don't really know what those trends are. I might write about the choice to not have a TV, though...

Here's the link to my blog entry, if you are interested.

Shauna said...

I feel sick. I've watched that Soulja Boy dance and never thought anything of it. Now I think I might need to go throw up.

And you're right about the increase in teen pregnancy, violence in schools, suicide, etc. Is it really any wonder?

Great post!!

The Journey Begins Here said...

I am thanking God for you this morning Michelle. I NEVER thought to check out the lyrics to this super popular song/dance. I copied your email and sent it out last night. This morning I clicked on the link that you have provided that describes what it means to 'superman' someone. (Yes, I want to throw up, also). I shared it with Curtis and his reaction was 'who thinks of this stuff'? Todays youth! I will be climbing on my soap box this week as well. Include me in whatever you decided to do with this. My eyes are WIDE open! Theresa

Jenster said...

Is there room on that soap box for me??

My (then) 12-year-old daughter came home from school and asked the same question - "Can I download that song to my iPod?"

Before I could tell her I'd have to check it out my 15-year-old son went ballistic. "There's no way you're downloading that song! Do you know what it's about!? And I'd better NEVER catch you even dancing to it!! Do you hear me??"

"Um, Katie. I think that's a no."

Thank goodness for a prude for a teenage son! But that's what happens when you screen what they watch and listen to from the time they're very small.

BTW - He also thinks it's his job to screen what she can wear. My husband and I seem to be obsolete.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Amen, Sistah! My maternal antennae have gone up on that song, and most everything that's played on the very popular stations that play that song. Whenever I try to say something, it's the feigned innocence in protest: "Mom! You have such a perverted mind! You're reading things into it!"

Of the nine kids I've got, four listen to that rap crap, and those four have between themselves, just in the last year: (1) skipped school, (2) snuck out of the house after midnight to be picked up by friends to go to college parties, (3) been caught underage drinking, (4) raced a state trooper up the interstate at 106 mph, (5) smuggled members of the opposite sex into their bedrooms while my husband and I were away, (6) violated every lesson and admonition on the beauty of chastity that we'd been offering since toddlerhood (I can't write what I know y'all know I mean; my heart can't stand it), (7) stolen beer and hidden it in their closet, (8) used language that can change a movie rating, (9) defied house rules, and (10) lied, lied and lied some more. Oh and (11) taught their 5-year old sister to sing and dance to "Soulja Boy."

Nobody can tell me, "Oh, that's just because they're growing up; it's part of teenage life." Because they're not just the oldest four, but rather four of the oldest six. The other two of the oldest six are admittedly not angelic, but their transgressions don't even come close. They listen primarily to classical or Asian music and alternative rock.

I'm no social scientist, but the correlation is not lost on me.

So why don't I just forbid them from listening? I have. Why don't I remove the songs from the playlists? I have -- heck, I've deleted entire playlists. I change the station on their car (I've even neglected to equip their car with a radio fuse). I've thrown away CDs. I've confiscated cell phones with rap ring-back tones. But I'm not with them all the time.

Thank you, Michelle, for trying to do something; if enough parents knew what that music was telling our kids, and enough followed up with attempts to cut it out of their lives, it might not feel so much like damming the Mississippi with a screen door.

Count me in on the blog.

Deb in OPKS said...

I had not even heard of this song or the dance. I watched the u-tube link and thought, how cute. Then I read on. It's frustrating. I have comments I'd like to add, but I'm afraid it might be misunderstood so I'll pass. Suffice it to say, I agree with you 100% and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

SWATCOP said...

AMEN SISTER, that's why I love ya!!! I never knew that about that song, mainly because I don't indulge myself in that "headache" music. But I totally agree. I once did a message on "Music and our youth" and it is absolutely amazing at the facts you can find. A common quote from the kids "I don't listen to the lyrics, I just like the beat" is a big line they use. Well, to that, is a bunch of crap. Being an '80s boy, I used to engulf myself with Judas Priest, Ratt, Scorpions, etc (I am aging myself). I always just "loved" the beat. Well, what amazes me is that 20 some years later I can still remember the lyrics to those songs like it was 1986! SCARY! Especially when I haven't even heard some of them since 1986! So, like you said, don't fall for it.
Another great website my wife uses is
to check movies/tv shows/etc. Very good website.
Well sister, keep on fighting. The devil wants us to become passive and complacent as he tries to win over our future!
By the way.....14 days (OBX baby)

P.S. I just read "Jenster" reply. Awesome....amen for big brothers!!! I think your daughter is in good hands!!

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK but would be interested in being a contributing writer for your 'trends' blog. I am also a designer if that is of any help to you. I don't know how to email you directly, I didn't find anything listed anyway. If you send an email to littlekariblue at gmail dot com I would be happy to assist.

Tracy said...

I heard that song on Ellen and wondered what they were saying. I'm kind of, actually really, grossed out by the meaning of that and you're right, kids are doing that dance everywhere. Yuck.
Thank you for the information.
And I would totally be interested in doing the informative blog with you! Let me know if you need me.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I am so thrilled by the amount of support you all are dishing out for our kids!

This whole thing has had me in knots - this is just something WE KNOW ABOUT that is going on - what about all the STUFF we DON'T know about!

I have had people from outside the US interested in contributing as well as a whole team of you all!

I am committed to this project and we WILL see it to fruition...

be patient as these things take time but I wanna jump on it while we all have the momentum!!

Start digging, start collecting info - think MYspace, YouTube, text messaging, chat rooms....all those horrors that can happen and find ways to keep our kids safe and then when we go LIVE, you will all have material to contribute!!

GO GET 'EM!!!!!

Rebecca said...

OMG my 11-yr old loves that song. I've heard it but couldn't understand the lyrics and am just shocked that I didn't bother. Good God.

And the scary thing is that when I told him it's about a crude, demeaning sex act, he said, "Well then the boy scouts are crude because we listen to it all the time."

Yeah, I'll be emailing that scout master.

Patty said...

I hate that song! And I have heard it at the school I was subbing at last week. Sick, sick sick.

Mabunny said...

Hmm, I thought I posted a comment on here last night, but didn't see it. I had no idea what they were saying either when I heard the song. I looked at your link to the words and OMG!!! I hadn't even heard that term. That is completely disgusting!! Bet your bottom dollar my nine year old won't listen to that one , or do the dance.


FeatherIron said...

My daughter and her friends dance to it all the time. "Superman that Hoe" means he is going to be superhuman on this dance, the dance is his Hoe, bad yes but not what you are making it.

I used to sing Greese Lightening and Lady Marmalad, both way nastier songs, no one told me what they were saying, so my innocent stayed in tact untill I was grown and innocent was taken away by life.

My point is, yes, it's not a Godly song and we should lead our children toward songs that celebrate Jesus but we also don't need to make lyrics into something they are not or over react so as to intrige them by it.

If my daughter were to ask about the song lyrics I would talk honestly about the words and the singers intent and what other people think about it. For now, she just dances to it and she is innocent, I will try to let her keep that a little longer.

FeatherIron said...
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I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, that whole "Superman that Hoe" act is disgusting. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I'd love to read a sister blog to keep up with the latest trends in tween/teen-dom!

Julie said...

I don't know that I've ever heard that song (I usually listen to NPR or Christian stations), but you can bet your booty that I will keep my ears open from now on.

I have deleted songs from my son's iPod before (he was angry, but he got over it), and have refused to let the kids watch certain popular movies because of content. We don't have a TV in our house, so the kids can't just watch whatever they want. Unfortunately, because I am divorced, they watch all kinds of garbage at their dad's house. What can you do?!?!

I don't agree with the commenter who said the lyrics didn't mean what you said - even if they DIDN'T, "HOE" is an offensive term, and why on earth would you allow your kids to listen to anything that even HINTS at being degrading? Personally, I am stunned at the stuff my parents let me listen to when I was a kid(and I know what I was like as a teen - NOT GOOD). Parents are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THEIR CHILDREN'S FRIENDS! Of course we should have fun with and love on our children as much as we can, but as parents, we are to direct them in the way they should go! Parents are afraid to discipline their children or restrict their "social lives" for fear that their kids won't love them anymore. It's no wonder our world is going the direction it is - there's NO LEADERSHIP AT HOME!

merrymstamper said...

I left a post here yesterday also...lost in cyberspace?

As a mom of three teenagers, I have had my share of deleting, scouring and "reading" into lyrics, movies, texting and posting messages on boards...I have no problem doing that and in the long run, my teenagers have gotten over it.
I have had to stand tall (not very tall - only 5'2+) to my taller teens and be the parent that we all signed up for.
Thanks Michelle for posting this warning...I agree with the moms who say this song is degrading and disgusting! I also say that I would rather error on the side of caution than expose kids to sick ideas that they have no business getting into, even innocently.

Karla said...

That is disgusting. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I tell you I had no idea. That is just sickening. I put a link to your post on my blog hope you don't mind and I sent a email to my friends with the "story" behind the song.

AlaneM said...

Ewwww! I'm gonna link to this on my blog. So disturbing. My kids are still young so I don't have this issue yet...but hubby & I have discussed this issue in the past & we will be checking out EVERYTHING we can.
Dilligence is the only way we can fight back & keep our kids safe from all that negative pop culture out there.
Thanks so much Michelle!!

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

This is the first I have ever heard it. Catchy when you can't understand it.The clip was cute but the ending was a shock. No, I don't want my baby dancing like a hoochie momma. Without a doubt to nothing with such lyrics as that.
Love your blog

Kate said...

I haven't heard the song, which is probably surprising since I teach teenagers and I hear all the stuff they listen to. More than I want to hear.

My parents did a combination of banning certain songs and talking with us about the lyrics of others, even when we were younger. We were smart enough to know that SOMETHING bad was being said. And if I don't understand the lyrics, that doesn't mean that a kid doesn't. It's called slang.

I did have a moment with a kid recently. We were reading Of Mice and Men and the long word for "ho" was in the book. He connected--for the first time why anyone would be offended by "ho." And just because he didn't know what it means doesn't mean he should have been allowed to sing it.

One thing that I find different from when we were kids is the level of anger. Think Like a Virgin-obviously not something you want your 7-year-old bopping to, but in a different class that I'm going to take advantage of an unconscious woman.

Anonymous said...

how is it you want all the opinions of the people who agree with you but when someone doesn't agree and states how they feel, you delete it? as i stated before, if you all don't understand the references in songs like these, you are failing as a parent. you all sound as if you want to protect you kids, yet you don't take the proactive and know about it before they do. and the song isn't bad compared to some that you all grew up listening to as kids. what gives? why could you listen to those types of songs when u were growing up, but your kids can't?

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Anonymous -
I appreciate your opinion...what I don't appreciate is you telling my readers that they are failing as parents and assuming I and my readers listened to questionable music growing know this how?

My readers and myself ARE staying on top of issues such as profane lyrics - that's why we are having this conversation. We are being PROactive by keeping a close eye on what our kids are listening to...BTW, my children listen to Christian music and just happened to hear SOULJA BOY while out in public - so before they asked to hear it again, I wanted to know what the lyrics meant. THAT, my friend, is being PROACTIVE.

Kidzaplenty said...

I have never heard that song, but I think it is horrid. And that children are dancing around to it, even worse.

My DH and I read the lyrics to EVERY song that comes into our house. We check our blogs and web sites for groups, research who they are, what they represent, and what they are teaching before we allow our children to listen to them.

Most people think we are nuts, and overprotective. But I think you have to be very protective in todays society. My children are influenced by things they hear and see, and until such a time as they are old enough to seperate out the good from the garbage, we keep a tight rein on what those influences are. And rather than just banning offensive material, we talk them trough it, showing them the reasons why. It has worked very well to save our children's innocents.

Diana Cook said...

Wow, Michelle, thank you so much for your post! I completely agree. I have never heard the song, but my five year-old daughter came home from Kindergarten and asked if I knew it. She said girls in her class sing it . . . and she goes to Christian school! I googled it and came acrossed your blog (Good came out of this!). But my daughter won't be listening to it. Thanks for the truth!