Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're down to the wire...

Alright...there are some front-runners for our PHOTO/CAPTION contest! Pooperazzi....I pooped on the potty....Is it Spring yet? Anyone can vote - so you lurkers....pick your fave and leave a comment on the PREVIOUS post! . Friday at 1pm is the DEADLINE - I will count votes when the baby heads to Naptime Nirvana and then I will produce the GABBIN' MAMA VIDEO BLOG...yes, I am Superwoman, laundry, dishes, lunchtime chaos, getting a crazed toddler to bed, counting votes and video production... . But I do it all for you! My faithful readers. (and because I am excited to see who gets THIS!)

If you have voted and you are just sitting there twiddling your thumbs waiting for GABBIN' MAMA to rear her somewhat-disheveled self, head over to Laura's Bead Biz and check out our sponsor of this contest!

Thanks Laura for your generous (and GAWgeous) gift!!

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