Friday, June 27, 2008

This is my life...

Funny? You are laughing? Well, what you don't know is my youngest babe is an avid swimming baseball player...he was in the middle of eating his protein-packed lunch when he got a call from his coach...yeah, this is my life!

Something else that is a big part of my life - and I shudder to think HOW big it is - is dropping the weight I have packed on since the baby was placed with us. What is funny is, I joked with my friends that this was the BEST way to have a baby - no fat belly, no post-preg weight to lose! Well, isn't that a crock?! Apparently a crock of cheese, chocolate, ice cream and french fries. And a 20th Class Reunion to boot! CRAP! September 19th is my reunion and I refuse to be the "awww, she used to be so cute. Wasn't she a cheerleader? Guess motherhood got to her!" alumni! I wanna be my high school weight! LOL! That's just a SNOT LOAD of weight to loose in 3 months! Oh well, there's something to be said about lifting the bar.

Yesterday I joined the YMCA! I have walked/ran 8 miles since signing my name on the dotted line and watched what I have been eating. Did you know Rice Krispie Treats are only 90 calories? GENIOUS!

I have done this weight loss thing since I was 12. I have been Bulemic. I have been skinny. During my 2nd pregnancy, my waist measured a WHOPPING 50"!! I have done Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins as well as the eat-everything-you-want-to-and-pretend-you-are-skinny diet.

I am convince having kids makes you fat. Not the pregnancy and birthing part, even thought that's a big culprit, but the "We can't waste this - I will just gobble down 42 cold chicken nuggets while loading the dishwasher."

Let's face it, as mom's we eat STRANGE things! Things we would never order in a restaurant!

I've done this rant here!

PB&J crusts

Back-washed Hi-C

Cold tomato soup

Soggy grilled cheese

Gold-fish crackers from the back-back seat of your van

So......anyone wanna join me on a quest to be ONE HOT MAMA?! There is power in numbers my friends! How much weight do you think we could lose together? Hundreds?


SubWife said...

At this point I would settle for 10... Currently trying to do South Beach, which is not smart in the middle of the fruit season... Babysteps is the way to go.

Julie said...

I've got about 60lbs I'd like to lose...and more the more encouragement, the better!!

J... said...

I would love to lose about 30 pounds but I have absolutely no ambition to join a helath club...or exercise at all for that matter. Any way I can lose weight sitting on my tuckus? If you find a diet like that, send it my way!

Theresa said...

I'm with you. I jump on any band wagon. I want to drop 10.

My mom's youngest sister was just diagnosed with diabetes at 49. All of relatives on her side eventually are diagnosed. Of course sugar is my addiction!

I have done all of the diets too. Which one will we be doing?

Love T.

Ginny Williams said...

I'm with you, I have more than 30lbs... my goal is to be down 100 lbs. I know its a big goal, but I know I can do it... I just have to get off my back end and move away from the computer/couch.

Dina said...

I will join you. I have to say i laughed so hard at the list of food we as Mom's scary...yet so ridiculously true!!!

Melanie said...

I'm in! I need to lose 40lbs of baby weight. I would like to lose most of it before a wedding in Sept.

themacdonnells said...

So, I convinced my hubby to by the new, as seen on TV, Malibu Pilates Chair.... but wait, there's more, they threw in 4 workout DVD's, a food chart AND Susan Lucci's 10 favorite moves on a piece of paper!!!!

Only 14.95 +s/h for the first month, no obligation!!

BUT $50/month for 6 months after.....

Sure better lose those 35lbs I'm packing or I'll be dead and it won't matter what I weigh!

Rachel said...

About the pic - my son is SO like that!

And the chicken nuggets comment had me cracking up because I just did that 3 days ago... and they didn't count toward dinner so I still managed a bunch more mommy food!

Patti said...

I saw you ONE WEEK AGO and I think you are smoking crack if you think you need to diet... you looked beautiful, happy, glowing and wonderful! So what if you are not the size you were in HS...weren't you starting the battle of the eating disorders then??!!! Not to mention, do you REALLY want to be that girl in the banana clip with the poofy bangs? I should think not!!! I think your classmates, are going to say, how did SHE get hotter, have a full, wonderful life, three absolutely phenomenal children, one amazing husband, and the same light-up-a-room smile she had in high school???? Be prepared for the jealousy.

Mabunny said...

I'll join ya:)) My doctor condoned my weight loss efforts when I saw her Thursday but said to keep it up. I'd be happy if I could lose at least 30 more!
I'll help and cry and rant along with you:))
( There is an apology to you Michelle on my post for today so please go check it out:))

Good luck and we can do it!!

Kirst said...

Don't forget about Nutrisystem, now that crap, I mean food is deliciouso. I'm with you, I want to lose 15. Or 10. Or 5. No no no, 15~ At this point my belly rolls have belly rolls.

Amanda said...

I'm already sort of working on the same thing, just sort of stealth-like. You're aboslutely right about how being a mom will make you eat things you wouldn't imagine -- gross! I know such nonsense accounts for at least 28 pounds of my excess weight. So frustrating! Good luck to everyone!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I don't admit this to many....I actually work at a local fitness center one night a week just to get a free membership to the gym facility. Here's the kicker though....I haven't been to the gym to work out in almost a year!

this challenge just might be the incentive I need to get myself in gear and lose about 30lbs.

revero said...

Hello there,

Don't worry about your what is the best and important is the stay healthy and everything will follow.

Regards to all.

Christina said...

Well, back in March I joined Physicians Weight Loss and have been extremely successful at it. However, take a week vacation in Orlando and voila, you gain 5-10 lbs very easily! I am back on track tomorrow :) Good luck with your weight loss journey! You can do it!

Debbie Yost said...

Uhm, yeah, I don't think I've done the backwash thing. Hubby on the other hand amazes me with some of the junk he'll eat after the kids.

Having been to my 20 year reunion a couple years a go **sigh** I would tell you it wasn't the weight gain issue that shocked me as much as the matronly dress. Some of the girls were dressing like they were 50! People, just because we are moms does not mean we can't be fashionable. Polyester pants should NEVER be added to our wardrobe. On the other hand, neither should black spandex capri jumpsuits. Oh yeah, someone was wearing that!

Another said...

Good luck! Check out You can enter your present weight, goal weight, and the date you want to acheive it and it will let you know how many cals you need to burn/week and your allotted cals/day you should eat to reach the goal weight. Also, you can create a group so if you have a lot of friends/bloggers/readers that want to join you can do it together. They have lots of great recipes as well.

again, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Nikiliz said...

I am SO with you!!! 20 lbs baby...

(my fav is a spoonfull of peanut butter rolled in frozed chocolate chips...cuz you know that if you keep them in the freezer you won't eat them...right?)

See you in a few weeks!!!!


Devin said...

I got such a kick out of reading this post....this seriously was ME, about 4 months ago. This totally hit me in Feb. of this year, and I worked my booty off and lost the weight that I wanted to. For me, it was only 13 pounds...but it was still tough doing it; and it still felt great actually completing the task!

I actually blogged about it too (very similar to this post), and had such interest from some of my readers that a few of us joined together and created a new blog (motivated mommas!) just to chronicle our weight loss journey! It was fun and encouraging to do it with other mommas who all had the same goal!(You can link to it off of my personal blog, if you want to take a look at what we did!)

Also, to keep myself accountable, I actually kept a log (which is still there) on my sidebar of my goal and of my weekly losses. It really helped me knowing that each Monday, my readers were going to be looking to see if I was really doing what I said I was doing! Out of 10?? weeks or so, I didn't ever gain anything, and I only 'maintained' two of the weeks; all the others I lost. It really was helpful!

Good luck to you....I will keep checking in to see how you're doing on this, so make sure you keep on blogging about it! :-)

As we say in my house....nothing tastes as good as THIN feels!