Saturday, June 14, 2008

What comes after 37?

18? 21?
I, Wednesday, June 11th at 11:35 pm I turned 38!
I have never been one of those people that is overly concerned with age. Age has always been a reminder of how much living there is to do. New adventures. New experiences.
Like when I was turning 16 and could then legally drive my BA-yoo-TEE-ful RANGOON RED '65 MUSTANG! (Thanks, Dad!) Oh, the stories I could tell about that car and the shenanigans that went on in there with my wicked-silly girlfriends!
And when I was 18 and graduating High School. I actually graduated the day before my 18th birthday so it was a BIG weekend for me! A summer of trips to the beach in my 'Stang and packing for college. Ahhh the adventures that would unfurl.
Of course, then there was 21, when I ... could legally drink accompany my friends into the depths of their heathen ways and be the responsible sober one at fraternity parties *wink, wink* (see Mom...I was a good girl!)
Ages 27 and 28 brought babies (and a new body I was not used to looking at), many sleepless nights and more love than I ever thought possible.
I could have cared less when I turned 30, unlike some friends of mine who would rather have had their eyelids tattooed than utter those numbers in reference to their age.
But, this week I turned 38...not so sure how I feel about that. Obviously it is the closest I have ever been to 40 and where I had no problem with 30 - I am thinking I may have a problem with 40. Not sure why. I still feel young...I have a toddler for goodness sake...I HAVE to stay young!
I am not feeling like getting all heavy and philosophical about age...
So, wanna see what I got??
my daughter made me a NAMESAKE...the first one I have ever received...
from an art therapy stand-point, the fact that there are no screaming faces, angry lettering or LOTS of red in this image, she apparently thinks I am doing just fine as her mom. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ my oldest son made me a card and picked me a pretty flower...

I enjoyed the trendy hair, statuesque posture complete with perky "parts." I loved his humor on the inside...but doesn't the word "beloved" make me sound OLD?!


my youngest son gave me lots and lots of kisses and fell asleep on my lap at the pool (and if you know this little guy - he is never still enough to cuddle so that was a gift in itself!)...

Gasp! That face! This child has more energy than that darned pink, drum-toting rabbit and gets himself into more trouble than Dennis the Menace but man-oh-man does he make me melt with that face! Every day I am so thankful for the gift of adoption! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ my hubby got me the CHAMILIA bracelet I have been wanting and a Claddagh charm and two "Xs & Os" charms for either side.

You counted more than 3 charms, didn't you? Well, of course, Giggy, Goose and Bob were in cahoots with my hubby and they each got me a charm as well. So, I have LOVE, FRIEND and KIDS charms as well! Bob's husband wanted to take me for my first tattoo for my birthday but my hubby still isn't sold on that idea..

So, all-in-all, my first 3 days of 38 have not been so bad. Unless of course you throw in a baby with a fever, one bout of hand-foot-mouth disease and a minor trauma at a swim party. But, hey, who's counting? I stopped at 30!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday lovely Michelle. Happy Birthday to you! Sorry it's a couple of days late but I didn't know! Next year I'll catch you on the 11th. Hey, a Gemini just like Amanda. Cool.

The artwork from your daughter is so beautiful. I love the two hands.

I hope you have a great birthday weekend. (And 40's not so bad either).

Love T

Sue said...

H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y!!!!!!

Sue said...

OH, YEAH....we got the namesakes and they are even more beautiful in person! Brooke was very curious to know what mediums you use to make them. We figured Sharpy, crayon and colored pencil?

Mabunny said...

Happy Birthday! Belated though it may have been... The birthdays after 30 haven't been so bad... but the day I turned 30 was my sister in laws wedding day and I was NOT in a good mood. I hadn't had a bday party since I was like 16 or so , and I wanted one. Nope had to celebrate her wedding day.
I have apologized since then and she laughed and said no biggy she had just totally fogotten it was my bday!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy birthday... as I approach 41 I can tell you 40 ain't so bad LOL
HUGS Laura

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!! Go for the tattoo, I got my first one last year on my 35th birthday.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, girlie. I'm finally getting caught up because I'm not bowing to the porcelain goddess anymore. I feel the same way you do about 38, as with my 36 in August. What is it about the numbers thing. I've never really been bothered by it. I kinda am now though, why??? (who knows) Regardind "beloved" just look at it this way, BE LOVED. See, not old at all, very appreciated. We're leaving for vacation this week. Going to MT to see family. A much needed vacation as we haven't taken one in 6 years. Yes, you did read that right. When I get back I promise it's my profile and the item I'm offering to sell for 4 the kids. P.S. I'm contemplating my first tattoo too. You've got to fly down here and you Mimi and I get one together. I have a top tattoo artist in Dallas. His name is Memphis and he goes to church with me and is in our lifegroup. Fabulously talented tattoo, airbrush artist. Wouldn't that be fun. Love you, Heather

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Oh and almost forgot Happy Birthday and you and I both have a Camilia bracelet. Twinks!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!!

I too am freaking out about my upcoming birthday.

See, everything life changing has happened to me in my twenties.
I got married at twenty.
I had my first baby at twenty. Don't do the math on that one..
I had two more babies in my twenties.
We bought and renovated our first house together in my twenties.

And now in September I will be 30!!

What am I going to do when I'm 30? I feel like I've always just been in my twenties.
Ok, now I'm hyper ventalating.

Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you're taking it a lot better than me anyways if that makes you feel any better.

Manic Mom said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

I LOVE the namesake your daughter made for you--it's AMAZING!!!

Christina said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I love how your daughter made the namesake for you...That is cool! That is a pretty braclet!

Shellie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like it was great!

AlaneM said...

Wow, your daughter is talented, that's a beautiful namesake!

I feel your pain, I turned 38 in December & I still don't like it. The nubmer 40 is just weird to think about. My mom was 40, I can't POSSIBLY turn 40! O'course I need to remember that my parents are now in their 60's so it's all relative. I wonder if I'm going to feel like this 'when I'm 64'?

nomi said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you!! I still have 6 years to go until my 40th, and I'm ALREADY getting nervous about it! But you, you look so lovely and young that 40 will probably just look sexy on you!

Dawn said...

Oh Michelle! I'm sorry I missed your birthday. :(
Happy belated birthday to you, friend! It sounds like you had a nice day. I hope all the sickies are gone now.
Oh yeah - and you can't be old at 38 because that's how young I am!!!

SWATCOP said...

Oh, stop blaming Ken for your chickenish! New word in the dictionary, go look it up??? HEHE
Oh, and please inform everyone I am not married to a MAN!!!!! Bob is your son's name for my wife made me sound so "happy"!!! A "happy" guy with tattoos!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day.
But remember..."I'm older than you!"