Monday, June 16, 2008

RELAY FOR LIFE...(bumped)

Follow THIS LINK to my RELAY site. I WALK THIS WEEKEND FOR THE KIDS! IF EVERYONE WHO READS THIS COULD GIVE JUST A LITTLE... LOTS OF LITTLES MAKE A BIG! LOTS OF BIGS MAY JUST BRING A CURE! Please help me save some lives! Coleman explains “It’s hard to be hooked up to a pole all day when it’s a sun-shiny day, ann be in your hos-pita woom all day when yoa don’t wanna be there ann wish ya tould be outside in-said, but NO, ya tan’t. I wish that no more tids would det tancer, tuz it's tewwible to haffa do all-a the suff what ya dotta do. If no more tids dot it, then we tould all yust be no-mal wif no more pokes." Coleman’s twin Caden chimed in and gave his two cents, “cancer is the worse day of my wife (life) because you don’t getta pway wif your brudder when ya weally want to. Sometimes the hospital is fun …if ya aren’t froe-in up wike Coleman does sometimes. I wish that no tids ever det tancer, so they tan haff fun all-a their days until they be daddies." Cancer kills. Cancer is a demon that the body just can’t expel. Cancer makes me cry. If we all let it hit deep enough to cry, we will be moved to make a difference.


nomi said...

It hit me deep....real deep. I love these little guys!

Christina said...

Oh man girl! I am sitting here crying thinking about these sweet innocent little angels having to even KNOW about cancer. CANCER SUCKS!!!

Christina said...

Also, I posted about your relay goal on my site. I hope that it helps you reach your goal in some way!

Peggy said...

Oh Michelle,
You know we LOVE you, you're the BEST!
Caden and Coleman send BIG HUGS, and we hope you meet your goal for your relay.
God Bless you Michelle.

Much Love from Iowa,
Team Larson

Theresa said...

I love it! I want you to do that to my team page (next year :)
The words you used were so perfect.
I may want to borrow them!!!
Good luck on your goal. I know you will meet it and then some.
Love you, T

Shellie said...

That is so cool you're doing the relay. I am so in love with Coleman and Caden, they are delightful!

shelly k said...

hey M-
I tried to add the i4tk link/pic to my blog site & it didn't come up as the pic-it just had the html language-help!

Tracy said...

Truly from the mouths of babes. So simple but so true. Thanks for this.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Michelle, I left a surprise for you on my blog. Wondering if you might stop by and pick it up....and maybe pass it on??? Blessings to you.