Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Alright! Put down your coffee, turn off the TV, put the baby in the swing and PAY ATTENTION! I am talking the kind of attention you give your husband when he says he got a raise. The kind of "I'm all ears" you give when your best friend says, "You will NEVER guess who is pregnant again!" The All-Points-Bulletin you give when you hear a blood curdling scream from within the dryer.
As a busy mom of three I am ALWAYS on the look out for that item that brings a sense of perfection to ANY part of my day. I am not picky. If ANY part of my day would feel PERFECT, I would be willing to hand over my wallet just to taste what that would feel like. Just once.
I found something! A BIG something! That kind of something that when you start a sentence with, "Did I tell you about the...." your friends finish with, "YES ALREADY! YOU TOLD US! LIKE 100 TIMES! SHEESH!"
A woman (whom from now on I will refer to as my 'kitchen angel') asked me to review her cook book. I have to be honest in saying that I really am not a cook book kind of person. With three kids and a dog, dinner time brings about an atmosphere that could bring the Earth's gravity to a hault! Hmmm, I would probably weigh less then...wouldn't that be AMAZING?! Woah! I bet I would have perky b..... oh, ok, back to my review!
Lindsay Siebert is my kitchen angel and her book My Family Meal Planner 2 has given me a sense of PERFECTION in the kitchen along with my husband, three kids and my dog!
I know, you are saying, "How in the world can a meal planner be such a big deal?"
Well, let me explain. You know that part of the day, I call it the WITCHING HOUR. The kids run inside for a snack or home from school, the little ones are just getting up from a nap, your /caffeine level is at an all time low, the dog is crossing her legs holding "it" in and your husband calls to make sure you remember he has a meeting. You open the fridge and there sits your ingredients for dinner. A slice of ham, an apricot and some mustard. Yeah, that time of the day.
What if I told you that the above scenario would end with you cheekily flirting with your man over the phone, dodging hot wheels skidding across the floor, whipping up a quick snack for half of your brood and taking the dog out all the while pulling EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT out of your fridge to make an amazing dinner you planned ahead for that will nourish AND wow your family. (Even when it is heated for your hubby after 10pm!)
Lindsay's book is a year's worth of dinners planned out for you in a calendar layout. There is a plethora of recipes that rotate throughout the year so you will never hear, "Hot dogs again? Didn't we just have hot dogs?!" (Ewwww hot dogs!)
Each week has 4 delicious recipes that make such a bountiful meal you will fill the other days with yummy left-overs. All the meals come complete with main course, side, fruit and/or veggie. Lindsay used to be a childcare provider so nutrition as well as kid-friendly, adult taste food were a major component of her planning.
One night a week, every week, is crock pot night! LOVE IT! There is nothing more wonderful than walking in the door after a long day of running errands, school events, or your busy sports schedule and filling your lungs with the savory scent of Unwrapped Bacon Chicken!
All of the recipes in MY FAMILY MEAL PLANNER are simple with no hard-to-find cockamamie ingredients! Many recipes are casserole-style so the whip it up, pop it in and play with the kids speed is just what we all need.
So, do I have you saying...WHERE DO I GET THIS BOOK? Are you ready to feel like Martha Stewart-do-it-all-in-one-day-and-smile-about-it?
I didn't even tell you the best part.....
Lindsay has prepared a shopping list for you and it comes with the book on a tear-off magnetic pad for your fridge. I kid you NOT! Ready to go shopping? Just peel your list for Week 1 (or 17 or 50) and run on out. When you reach for the chicken broth, IT'S THERE! When you realize your recipe calls for capers, you GOT 'EM!
The first recipe I made was Chicken Piccata! HEAVEN! It was so easy and quite delicious.
All of the facets to this book are what I would consider PERFECTION! And, ya know what? Lindsay has offered to donate $2 of every sale to it's 4 the kids! Orders place for the next two weeks will be supporting kids with cancer...just remember to say, "MICHELLE REFERRED ME!"
Lindsay, you have made me comfortable in my own kitchen, you have brought a smile to a face that used to cringe at the thought of making dinner. You have filled 5 bellies with yummy and HEALTHY foods. You have given me the gift of extra time with my kids as I play more and grocery shop less. And my husband thanks you because I am spending LESS money!
If you don't click on this link and go get yourself one of these books, you are just NOT ALL THAT SMART! That's all I have to say!
I am on my 6th week of Lindsay's book and have been thrilled with it every single day!
OK, OK, now THAT is all I have to say!
Oh...and if you have a product you would like me to review, just give a holler.
K... now I am done!


AlaneM said...

Oh my goodnes, that sounds like a winner for sure!

Christie said...

This is awesome, thanks for sharing Michelle. It is just what I needed to get out of our happy meal rut! Can't wait to get mine.


Hanna said...

You have mentioned some of very nice books here. Lindsay Siebert is my favorite too for her recipe books.