Thursday, February 28, 2008

And the winner is...


Becky B/F said...

OH Boy Michelle .... your hubby can't stand the messiness of food on your childrens faces - can you even imagine if you gave birth on your bedroom floor! I know his face would be priceless!!!!

I'm so bummed, I totally didn't think to invite my friend Jess to your blog ... she gave bith IN HER JEEP on the way to the hospital!

Beth said...

So - I don't have speakers on my work computer and I have been checking all day!!! WHO WON???

Mabunny said...

Hiyas Michelle! I enjoyed entering your contest, and am now a regular reader of your blog. Watching you on your video , you look ALOT like our friend Beth. Even in the way you talk. Have to send you a photo sometime so you can see her.
Gratz to the winner ( not posting her name in case she hasn't seen/heard the video yet)
And thank you to all who commented/voted on my story. Getting the story out was very memorable to me even after all these years.

Take care,

Beth said...

Thanks Michelle!! All the stories really were great - I just love to hear of other's baby stories....Brooklyn certainly entered the world on her own terms!!

Thanks again!

AlaneM said...

Congrats to the winner, what a fun week this has been :)

Jules said...

Hey Michelle,
It was really nice of you to have the contest. A lot of nice reads, and congrats to the winner. :)

Just Because

Karla said...

Thanks again for the contest - nice video.
Congrats to Beth and Brooklyn.

So Michelle, you mention you had some deadlines... is any of your other writing somewhere else here for the viewing? Just curious. I enjoyed your baby stories as well.

VanDerHoekArt said...

I've been neglecting my blog because I was sick for a few week and I totally missed your contest! But now I am having lots of fun going back and reading all the birth stories. What emotional roller coaster rides they are.

Great idea and I hope I don't miss the next one!

Wani said...

I just found your blog today. I'm so sorry I missed the contest (I'll be on the lookout for the next contest!)! But I loved reading the stories anyway. Thanks for having the contest and sharing all these great birth stories. If you are interested here are links to both of my sons' birth stories on my blog.
The first was supposed to be a natural birth in the hospital. But ended up being somewhat similar to your birth story.

We weren't happy with the interventions and hospital procedures that went on with our first birth and found a CNM to attend our VBAC at home for our second son. It was such a healing experience for all of us!

These are the abbreviated versions. If you're really into birth stories I have more detailed versions in word docs.

Beth said...

Michelle - I finally got around to posting my prize from the contest.

My Prizes

Thanks again!