Friday, July 18, 2008

The Spoonies have left the building!

Some people could call my house an "internet connection B&B"...some would just say we were idiots to make plans to host total strangers in our home...some would say it was an opportunity to pull a pretty hearty prank on home poor trusting souls... When IMing Mimi a week or so ago and finding out the Spoonies were thinking about hitting PA on their cross-country adventure I thought, "That would be so fun to meet them. It's like I already know them from the carepages." For those of you who do not follow the carepages or are on my blog for the first time. Bailey Spoonhower (aka SUPERBAY) is a 7 year old sweetheart who had replapsed with Rhabdomyosarcoma but was recently given news that sent a wave of cheers across the country and in the homes of the families that follow his story ( SUPERBAY). His tumor was gone! Bailey is one of those kids that you just fall in love with the minute you hear/see him. I told Mimi to grab me some SuperBay bracelets and mail them to me. She said, "What if the Spoonies could personally deliver them?" I about peed my pants. (LOL!) My oldest came downstairs to say good night and I posed the same question to him...he cried like a baby. We have been following Bailey's carepage for some time now and praying for him everyday (along with our other "cancer friends" as we like to call them) and my kids are attached to his precious personality (and his crush on Haley!)
We don't usually invite total strangers into our home "sight unseen" (as Drew calls it) but as God would have it, there was a connection I can't explain and a friendship that will last a lifetime. We have been blessed and we may have saved them a couple nights in a hotel but they have given us so much more.
Drew and Michelle are wonderful, down-to-earth, fun people. We laughed and picked on each other about the dog hair on my floor, the fact that I didn't make them corn on the cob that Alisha and Jay (cp: JohnEricBartels) sent from Maryland, the lack of Amish sightings, how I threw a used diaper in their load of laundry on accident AND THEN WASHED IT, about my busy social schedule that made them feel like their time here was limited, their severe hunger the night they arrived, the too-saucy pizza...hey, come to think of it, I think THEY did all the picking!
We are blessed to have had the SPOONIES and are just a little bit jealous that COLEMAN and CADEN (cp: ColemanScott) get them next! Have fun IOWA!! Peggy, you are in for a real TREAT!


Mabunny said...

Oh Wow Michelle! I'm so glad you got to meet the Spoonies! Bailey is such an incredible guy. I too read his carepage. I'm so glad the 4thekids site is literally touching real lives like you had seen in your dreams:))

Erin said...

That's so great that you open your home and your heart to these wonderful people. What a blessing!

You live in PA? You mean I drove ALL THE WAY to PA from the middle of Canada and I didn't know you live there? Seriously? I would totally have dropped in and visited since it's a blogging B & B : )

My boys are Army Brats said...

Wow how fun! I've recently slacked off on my CP readings and better get back to it! It's great that they were able to stop and stay with you and that they are off to another CP favorite!

Rachel said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!

Shellie said...

Sounds like fun! They are the kind of people I would trust in my home too, I can just tell. Bailey oozes personality. I'm suggesting some fasts for Coleman, the next few Sundays at least so we could get a big group, so you having the big blogging mouth, would ya spread the word?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the video super bay and you are just SOOOOOOOO Cute I just love your face!
I so understand how you are feeling michelle we have followed them (spoonies ) for a long time and feel as though we know them.
Hugs Laura

Peggy said...

Ahh Michelle, I think the Spoonies had second thoughts about coming here because they didn't want to leave YOU!
We CAN'T WAIT!!! But now you know we need to come see you too, because everyone we know has, and says how much FUN it is!
So what are you doing next weekend? ;)
(I'll make sure I bring enough clothing so we don't have to wash anything!)
Thanks so much for your message on Coleman's page- it means a lot to us.
We WILL meet one day.
Until then, sending you a BIG cyber hug- (I almost typed Bug- don't suppose you want any of those)
Thanks again.

My boys are Army Brats said...

Wow what an awesome treat! I have read the cp's or bailey and coleman. I can imagine the fun they will have together!

Manic Mom said...


Michelle, you are simply amazing!

Manic Mom said...

Oh, OK, and yeah, BAILEY ROCKS TOO!


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AlaneM said...

I'm so jealous, I love the spoonies...Bay is so funny!!
Glad you had fun with them :)