Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One Hot Mama's Tuesday Post...

So, ladies!! Today is CHECK IN DAY! In the comments section, if you have started the program with the rest of us let us know HOW you are doing by answering the following questions... 1. How much did you lose? 2. What was your biggest triumph this week? Why? 3. What was your lowest point? Why? 4. What is your goal for next week? (Doesn't have to be weight related) What I want you to focus on this week is AMNESIA EATING! Those things you habitually stick in your mouth without thinking about them... the handful of fries out of the bottom of the happy meal box, a handful of M & Ms from the candy bowl on the counter, the pina colada you order when you go out to dinner tonight. It all adds up! If you did JUST those three things today, you would have sacrificed almost 550 calories! That's DINNER! An OHM! member emailed me this week and said she was having trouble with sticking to her calories, she seemed to use them up before dinner and then was left feeling defeated. I suggested to her and I will make the suggestion to you, especially those of you who are newbies to the counting calories thing, give yourself a guide for each meal! Let's say you have 1500 for the day...that's MY calorie level. Keep your breakfast at 250 Lunch at 350 Dinner at 600 and that gives you 300 calories for snacks throughout the day. Adjust these totals as you see fit. Maybe you are a light eater at breakfast and a cup of yogurt will suit you just fine, split those left over calories between lunch and dinner. I found when I first started counting calories that if I wrote down everything I ate, I was SHOCKED at the things I would have completely forgotten about. Take making dinner, for example, I ate almost the same amount of calories while MAKING dinner as I did EATING it! Two dinners? That will keep the weight packing on...or not coming off! You really have to get it in your journal! I am hoping you all have one! So, before it's too late, think back to EVERY morsel you put in your mouth and write it down, add it in, if you go over today, steal some calories from the next two days and cut back a little. TODAY'S BIG SECRET: Drink extra water if you messed up, it will flush out a multitude of sins!!! If you are looking for the beginning of this OHM! course, head to this post and this one to catch yourself up! Join us! We are a bunch of LOSERS!!!!


Mabunny said...

I'm so happy you posted this today! It was a good 'think about it' post.. but what were you thinking about when you wrote it? Read the first paragraph , you put you wanted to know WHO we were doing not HOW we were doing:)) roflmao

I'm eating more veggies, drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day and will soon start getting on my stationary bike, all in do time!
Hope you are choosing food wisely too!

Kirst said...

hmmm, I only lost .5 this week which was a bit of a disapointment, but I wasn't writing everything down like I should have and hoping that my semi-daily 2-mile treadmill workout would off-set it. I guess it didn't. So that would be my low point, the scale this morning. My goal for next week is to write IT ALL down and see a REAL loss on the scale, not a loss so small that a sip of water would put it back on!

Julie in PA said...

I love that we are all doing this together! I went to about.com's nutrition section and found a calorie calculator that told me how many calories I need to eat to maintain my weight, to lose it slowly, or to lose a pound a week. I am 175 trying to get down to 130, so I need to eat 1570 a day to lose a pound a week--yikes! I started keeping track of how many calories I was consuming and discovered that even when I was being careful I was eating over 2,000 a day! I'm scared to think how many calories I was eating when I wasn't being careful. No wonder I keep gaining weight! This has been a real eye opener for me. Thank you!
1.)I have only been eating 1500 a day for two days now so I haven't lost any weight yet.
2.)My biggest triumph has been learning that I can limit my food intake and not feel starved or pass out from hunger!:)
3.)My lowest point was discovering my beloved morning coffee (loaded with cream and sugar) was costing me 200 calories a day!Boo hoo.
4.)My goal for next week is to stick to this plan!

My Semblance of Sanity said...

You gals are on FIRE!
I am so proud of you for jumping in with BOTH feet! It's not an easy thing to come to terms with...having to change something you love in order to be in love with your body!

We have to agree - if we are in this boat, we LOVE to eat!

Please feel free to invite your friends and blog readers to join us!

It is definitely an eye-opener!
Thanks for your comments, looking forward to hearing from more of you.

Nikki said...

Well, I haven't kept track of my calories, but I've added more veggies, more working around the garden in the West Texas heat and I think I'm going to get a bike this weekend! It will help shave of the pounds while saving gas money! And another thing, why is it when you first start to lose weight, it's always out of your bra?

Theresa said...

Nikki, I wish I would lose it out of my bra. If I could lose 5 pounds in each, I'd be set! LOL.

I am blogging this topic on Wednesdays in reponse to your Tuesday OHM.

We are all definitely in that same boat. The coffee was killing me. I love cream and sugar!

My triumph was my water in take.
My disappointment was only 1 pound lost.

I have been eating 3 regular meals, with 2 snacks which are usually fruit.

This is fun having the encouragement of this blog to help me! Thanks Michelle.

Love T