Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Larson's NEED YOU!

Please go to carepages.com and visit ColemanScott. He and his family got devestating news yesterday regarding Coleman's cancer. PLEASE let them know you are praying for them, leave them a message. I cannot imagine hearing the words, "it's back!" after what they have been through. NO CHILD (or their families) SHOULD HAVE TO ENDURE THE HELL THAT CANCER IS! If you don't know Coleman, give yourself a treat. He is absolutely PRECIOUS! as is his twin Caden. Please watch this next video made by his mom, Peggy, listen to the words, cry and make it your mission to do SOMETHING for a kid with cancer, something for research, sign the Childhood Cancer Petition, SOMETHING! I am sick to my stomach! HELP!


AlaneM said...

I saw that yesterday & it about made me sick. After Julian died I said I'd never follow another family like that - too painful. Now I get updated on about 10 kids & it started with Coleman! Never say never except that I hope my heart never stops breaking!

Mabunny said...

OMG Michelle! I have lost track of my carepages reading, but will definitely catch up. I'm sick to hear of the results!

Theresa said...

I too said I would never fall in love with another like I did with Julian. But then Coleman captured my heart.
We are praying our brains out here!
Thanks for posting about him.
Love Theresa