Monday, July 14, 2008

A Partial Princess's Camping Adventure...

I survived! I am home! I have done 6 loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, made a couple meals, had OT with baby, played catch outside, started my D-I-E-T and vaccuumed. Now, if I had also un-dirted the pack n' play I would have fulfilled my to-do list!
It just dawned on me that I could have done a VIDEO BLOG from the reunion! That would have been cool! Kids running around screaming, me choking through the campfire smoke as I do my monologue, toasted marshmallow goo in my hair, dirt-stained clothes, no make-up, ummmmmm yeah, probably why I did not entertain that thought longer than a few seconds.
There are parts of camping that I enjoy. I truly love the stuff-your-self-silly aspect of camping. I like the fact that I did not have laundry to do or a dog to take out. I enjoyed the large pots of coffee that never ran dry (YES, I drank decaf!) and the numerous stories that were told around the campfire. I love getting re-acquainted with family we haven't seen in a year and watching the kids reconnect with their cousins!
Although, I truly look forward to this event (even though the week before I fuss and fidget over leaving the comfort of my home) every year, I am usually somewhat quickly reminded of those parts of camping that I could live the rest of my life without missing!
I absolutely hate the chance of snakes! If I think about it too much I actually do that "I think I just stepped on a crab" dance that you do at the beach! So, while I was playing with the kids and knee-deep in weeds and water throughout the weekend, I have to keep my wits about me and think happy thoughts! I dreamed of my first book deal, author visits, advance checks, giggling kids at bookstores! That kept the snakes away. Actually, the were probably peeking out from behind rocks thinking, "Look at that easy target! She has NO IDEA I am sitting right here!" Ick! I just shivered!
I don't enjoy waking up and having 60 people to greet before having my coffee. I don't know about you but when I wake up sometimes I look in the mirror and thing, "Where did my face go?" There is A face on my neck but it is not always MY face! One mornings after I go to bed with my make-up on, I look a wee bit like Marilyn Manson when I wake up. Then there are the puffy eye days and the greasy skin mornings. I laid in bed until 10am each morning we were camping. I NEVER stay in bed passed 7:30 - but I was planning my lunge to the bathroom to check my face before heading to the common area. I never quite made it. Someone always saw me and then I would think "WHO THE FREAK CARES! WE ARE CAMPING!"
I do not like being sweaty! When camping, there is a fine line between sweaty and clammy and I REALLY, REALLY HATE BOTH! I enjoy feeling the sun on my skin until the first bead of sweat breaks out then I need A/C or a nice chilled pool not a smoky campfire or a stuffy tent. When you can almost feel the layer of sticky on your skin, it's time to call it quits and head for the nearest STARBUCKS! Which is exactly what we did as soon as we left yesterday! I got everyone a decaf treat and I enjoyed the biggest VENTI, NON-FAT, ICED, DECAF CARMEL MACCHIATO ever! Well, it was the same Venti I always get but there was something about the one I had yesterday that made it WAY BETTER than any other I have ever had!
Overall it was a great weekend! Easier to tell with pictures so I will give you a glimpse into THIS princess's camping adventure...
How many snakes do you think are scoping us? *shivers*

My first years at the reunion this pavilion was NOT there. This building is what helps this princess to stay sane during this trip. There are bathroom/showers to the left, the center of the building is a commercial kitchen complete with dishwashers and above is dorm space for those of us who would rather NOT sleep with the bears in a tent that could be shred with one fell swoop of a giant clawed paw!

There's always something going on in the picnic area. This is the hub of the event! Kids are always arguing, burping, crying, tattling playing, there is always food out and the adults argue, burp, cry, tattle enjoy each other's company! Just kidding, the kids are quite behaved! LOL! So, are the adults! I just knew some of them would be reading this so I had to get that in there! ha ha!

Captain "Jack" was the mystery guest and took all the kids outta our hair on a scavenging adventure that kept them busy entertained them for almost an hour as they trekked through the wilderness in search of clues to the treasure! The clan of SCALLYWAGS after finding their treasure! A bag filled with toys! Now, Cap't Jack ranks right up there with SANTA!

In another life Capt. Jack was an art teacher and helped the kids "bling out" some s'mores sticks! It's the widdled REAL sticks that make ya feel like you are REALLY camping...add some beads and glitz and I almost forget there is not A/C! Hah! Just kidding!

That's my hubby and my youngest (he is stealth-like on the rocks) making what became known as "the pool" - however it was a far cry from MY idea of pool! There was no snackbar, relaxing music OR drinks with umbrellas!

So, all in all, it was a GREAT weekend. The throwing my lips to my kitchen floor and cranking the A/C to 60 was merely for affect! Thank God there'll be a whole year until I camp again! Good times! Good times!


Sue said...

Sounds like fun hanging with all the relatives. Camping, though, I could do without. Your family makes it look bearable!

Wendy said...

Oh, your kids are going to have fabulous memories of all these reunions. And they will think you are a saint, because I'm sure you've let them know how you feel about camping, too? ;)

Wendy said...

By the way, did you notice that your Motivation for Moms for today (7/14) says, "Visit relatives often to show children the value of relationships!" How appropriate paired with this blog post!

Anonymous said...

Fun times! Oh, and what about the mosquitos?? Were they bad there?

How old is the "baby"?

Mabunny said...

I loved it Michelle! The kids are adorable in their pirate costumes.
Looks like you had a great time!

themacdonnells said...

Love the Pink digital and the curling iron in the sinkhole of a campground restroom! All too apropriate for a classy suburban wife :) My sister in law is the same way, where's the plugs for her chi, the vanity for all her skin products and is there a time limit, because she needs about 2 hours....

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Ok, first pic of babe's needs to be blown up and changed to b & w and framed in a huge black frame, hung over a mantle and looked at often. Just beautiful.... Looks like you had a good time argghh mate'!


Shellie said...

Loved that post, It could have been me writing it. Even a pirate in the mix, which seems to happen a lot with us.

Theresa said...

I loved the part about when you wake up and look in the mirror. I laughed out loud. That is so perfectly said!

I am glad you had a good time.

Love T