Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful the gorging is over...

What is it about holidays that makes us think we have been given a "License to Eat...EVERY*frippin*THING"? This weekend I ate mashed potatoes, fried onions and green beans, a couple bowls of squash-apple soup, stuffing, a couple helpings of toast with cherry jelly, spiral cut ham and cheese on fresh bread, fresh guacamole with lots of chips, more ham, more cheese, a big ole bacon cheeseburger and giant fries, 4 or 5 chocolate/peanut butter buckeyes, 2 carmel macchiatos, pumpkin pie cake, pumpkin cheesecake and...I think that's it...for Wed - Sat at my in-laws. Today, we had a wonderful 2nd Thanksgiving at home with my parents and I think I thought I was supposed to out-do myself in one meal...HOLY COW, can you say glutton? Every holiday season I usually decide to do something healthy for myself. My way of giving something back to God for all the blessings I have been given. Two years ago, I gave up soda...and haven't touched it since...except once I mistakenly drank out of a stranger's WENDY'S cup at a huge event. I sat mine down and picked hers up...eeewwww. So, that sip doesn't count! Yuk! This year, I think, I am just going to make a big change in habits. Instead of nachos and beer while I veg on the couch with you all via my blog, I will opt for a bottle of water. Instead of seeing how many chocolate chip cookies I can shove in my mouth before my kids see me I will have a half of one and sip on a bottle of water. Instead of ordering a giant, juicy cheeseburger, I will order a big salad and a bottle of water. Instead of eating the country's quota of chocolate in one day, I will choose to take a walk (water bottle in hand- gurgle, gurgle). Instead of going back for seconds of pizza, I will (gripe and) have a (FRIPPIN') bottle of water! Instead of licking the cheese off my nachos so I can fit more sour cream on them, I will reach for the (stupid-freakin'!) carrots and (resentfully) sip on my (glug, glug) bottled water! NEWSFLASH...if I drank this much water, I would be quite cranky because we all know it is very difficult to parent three children (one being two years old) from the TOILET! Anyway...I just needed to put this out there so you all would have evidence of my plans and it would hold me accountable. I really do love being healthy and feel great (like a diff person) when I am paying attention to eating right and drinking more water but it is just SOOO hard when someone causes your DVD player to puke, two kids forget to do their homework until they are headed for the bus, the phone rings off the hook, you deal with 135 temper tantrums and the dog begs to go out ALL day and you can't find her electric fence collar. A box of bon bons and Oprah (or Ross's Talky Blog) looks PURTY good right about then!


manda said...

No caloric content counts if it belongs to somebody else, i.e. if you accidentally pick somebody else's drink up - doesn't count. If a friend gives you a packet of Tim Tams - they're her calories. Same goes with broken biscuits - calories are lost when they break, b'day cake - no calories if it is your b'day cake - those one's go into the ether. There are a whole heap of rules regarding calorie consumption - it's just that Weight Watchers doesn't tell you about them;)

I am a huge water fan - seriously - given a choice of beverage (that doens't contain red wine, white wine, champagne, Bundy or Bombay) water wins hands down BUT - too much water consumption can lead to hyponatraemia. See - there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Pam said...

Congrats on trying to be healthier! I lost 20 pounds eating better, eating smaller portions, and trying to drink more water. This sleepy momma needs some caffeine though! Don't cut yourself off too much though- it makes it impossible to stay with it. If you are craving that cheeseburger (I can feel my mouth watering!)- just cut it in half and save some for another time....then you don't feel deprived or over eat. Good luck!!

kay said...

you are so right on about the feeding frenzy over the holidays! it's not like there is a rule that says you can't make those foods the rest of the year so you have to eat all you can at once!!

i'm doing the all you can drink water thing too. hoping to flush out some pumkin pie!

Rick said...


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Sherri said...

I eat a lot for Thanksgiving, but tend to eat less than usual at Christmas. None of our families do the big turkey dinners for Christmas. We usually have soup and stuff with Jeff's family and sandwiches at mine. This is fine with me because it is such a busy time that it would be hard to eat that much food.
I do make buscuits and gravy as a late breakfast every Christmas of our traditions.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

I was fine with the water until Sherri mentioned Biscuits and Gravy... oh dear, now I want some!!!

I can't even remember my reply to Michelle.

Good thing I have to get dressed and drive in to town if I want some. Plus it's evening no B&G to be had I would think.

This to shall pass! ::whining now::