Thursday, November 1, 2007

She emerges victorious...kind of...

OK...I have never been what you would call athletic. I was the girl who would blame her period to try and get out of co-ed volleyball in gym class. I was a cheerleader, not a runner or swimmer. I just don't enjoy gasping for air or burning muscles, that's all.
However, I DO consider myself competitive at some things and isn't that what sports are really about...competing? Well, if that is the case, I am a competitive DISCOUNT GROCERY SHOPPER!! I love the thrill, the mad dash for the 'scratch and dent' aisle and ultimately, an overflowing cart for pennies on the dollar.
This morning, my two year old and I headed for the DISCOUNT GROCERY STORE before going to the "real" grocery store. This is my strategy. I buckled him in and revved my engine.
And they're off.
A mere 20 minutes later I pull up to the cash register with this...

43 name brand items = $43.24

Kraft, Post, Betty Crocker, Maxwell House, Nature Valley, Tyson, etc., etc.

I was thrilled at my VICTORY!! I brought my booty home and headed back out to the 'real' grocery store with a good feeling that I could get meat, fruits and veggies for under $60 and have the satisfaction of knowing I could feed my family of 5 for a week and a half on roughly $100.

With Christmas coming, I could sock away my extra loot and really treat my kids...and my hubby, too, I guess!

Well, the "I only spent $43 at BB's so, I'll get extra yogurt, bottled water, meat, ice cream...." did me in. I left our Super Wal-Mart with $158 worth of groceries in my cart...rats!

Oh, well. I tried my best. Better luck next time.


tearese said...

I've done that many a time! Unfortunately, there is no discount grocery store where we live now, so we spend WAY to much at our Wal-mart...which I'd rather not give my patronage, but it IS the cheapest place around.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Quite impressive, until the Walmart part!

I find the only way to save money is not to enter the store!

Oswegan said...

Not a bad haul.

The strategy that seems to save us money is planning out a menu for the week, making a list and sticking to it.


Christine said...

This is impressive!

Tracy said...

I can't tell you how many times I've done that. Although, your discount foodstore sounds wonderful! We don't have one of those here. What we do have is a Costco. My hubby and I go crazy for costco! We roam the up and down the isles with their two gallon peanut butter jars and the like, just in awe of the bulk.
Then I head to the grocery store for the things you can't get at Costco, thinking 40 bucks should do it, 50 max. and then I do the same thing you did. Well, I don't have that much so I can buy this. It's so defeating!