Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Confessions of a Sleepy Mama...


...my perfect package!

OK...major confession...I have stayed up too late and am feeling a little sleepy and a lot giddy! Therefore, I feel I need to tell you, I have a "thing" for BAD Boys!!

C'mon Manic, ya with me sista? Jesse James. Really.

And Ross the Intern just makes me giggle incessantly; he FRIPPIN' cracks me up!

Well, tonight on Jay Leno Ross took Jesse James from WEST COAST CHOPPERS to an LA Fashion Show. I think I peed a little! Watch the video. Ross and Jesse have done these Leno gigs before and they are always hysterical. There is nothing funnier than putting two polar opposites who are COMPLETELY comfortable in their own skin in the same venue and let them have at it!

OK...so I sent Ross an email! And, NO! I am NOT stalking him! (If you haven't seen Ross's blog, you have to go there right NOW!) I just think he and I would have a blast together. I am not sure I have EVER actually asked someone to be my friend before but I am hoping he will circle "yes" in his reply. He has my humor - do you agree?

I think Dawn from Because I Said So is hysterical and I have watched her WORLD NEWS TONIGHT interview a dozen times. How many of you would watch the Leno episode where Ross comes to my house to play "SAHMmy" for a day?

I sent Ross this way, so hopefully after reading all your comments he will call me and set up a time to come "play house" with this FUN MOM!

(OK, so I started by confessing that I love bad boys and I end with a rant on how much I love Ross Mathews, maybe I have to re-think that confession!)


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You gotta love a girl who says, "I think I peed a little!" Very funny. Thanks for the laugh.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Never did my Kegel's!

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Oh my!!! this post should have had a warning label!!

how funny! and then I went to his blog!!!

Hi Ross. I know you are sooooo reading this! Please come play house with Michelle!

Tracy said...

I love Ross! I've been watching his talkie blogs forever! He's so funny and he really does seem like one of those people who you could hang out with and laugh the entire time. I just want to keep him!
And Jesse. I have a thing for bad boys too. Tattooed and angry. Yes please!
Ooh, I just got a great idea. You have Ross come to your house to play Sahm for a day and I'll get Jesse to come to mine and play for a day!
Win win!

Pam said...

I saw Ross on Celebrity Fit Club and he was TOO funny! I think everyone should be so comfortable in their own skin and just enjoy life. Hope he comes by to visit!

ACB said...

OMG yes woman, you rock!! I don't watch the late night talk shows so I would never have known this existed! I *adore* Ross Matthews, loved him on CFC. BUT...prepare your jaws cuz they're gonna drop....my hubbers has been told NUMEROUS times that he looks like Jesse James. Ok, so not as many tattoos but the facial features? They're there. I'll be sure to post a piccie of him on my blog so y'all can see for yourself. Envy me lol