Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcoming myself BACK to the BLOGOSPHERE!

Once upon a time there was a mom who spent her days pretending to get housework done working the fingers on her left hand to the bone and blogging with her right. There wasn't a moment of her life that didn't land on the pages of MY SEMBLANCE OF SANITY.

She had thousands of fans that laughed and cried the days away as they shared happiness and sometimes grief through the years. This popular Mommy Blogger was nominated for awards, was asked to write of other websites and even got the attention of publishers and agents with her goofy rants that could turn a harrowing situation into a run-for-the-bathroom-gonna-pee-my-pants moment.

Well, this Mommy Blogger went away for awhile. No, she wasn't incarcerated! No, she didn't fake her own death. She didn't even claim to be kidnapped and run off with Joe Jonas to Hawaii....wait, let me think about that for a minute....

I have been LONGING to get back to all of you and BLOG my pants off! Mainly because the media has inundated me with things I need a soapbox for and my facebook status slots are just NOT giving me the same validation that my AMAZING fans have in the past.

The last thing I wrote that wasn't a repeat or a product/book review was in June when a tornado hit our house. Yes, our house in the southeastern corner of PA.... where tornadoes DON'T go! Before that, the last time my blogging skipped more than a week or two was in 2007!

So, no matter the reason, no matter the time that has lapsed in between... I AM BACK! Can you gather your friends? Can you link to me on your facebook? Will you friend me on facebook?

I NEED YOU! I have missed you!

So, let me RE-introduce myself to you...and let the PARTY begin!
Since the last time I blogged:

1. I turned 40
2. I went VEGAN after a month of eating completely RAW last spring

3. My kids have all had birthdays - Matthew is 13, Emily is 12 and Izaiah is 5

4. I started illustrating for - an emergent reader publisher
5. I have a new baby - a chinchilla named Wodney

6. Our office has been turned into a HUGE studio just for moi

*crafting area*
*drawing area*
*writing area* (not ME pictured, LOL)
7. I still think my husband is the hottest man alive

8. Yesterday I had to dump 17 gallons of water out of size 12 snow boots
9. Yesterday I also had to clean up poo-water after the toilet overflowed WITH POOP IN IT
10. I have become a JUST DANCE 2 addict and will fight to the death for the high score
11. I am (with my husband) designing a middle school assembly program and have written a book for teens to coincide with it
12. I am also addicted to facebook - FRIEND ME!
13. I opened my own Etsy shop

14. I am also addicted to OMGH I could spend HOURS playing around with pictures

15. I have 30 minutes to finish this list before I go pick up Iz from preschool
16. Did I mention I can JUST DANCE with the best of them?
17. I have become more passionate than ever for TEENS and MIDDLE SCHOOLERS
18. While horsing around with the kids I blew my knee out and tore my meniscus over the Christmas break
19. I have not scrapbooked in WAY TOO LONG
20. I'm still making some killer cakes
*for my niece*

*for HOTCOP, remember him?*

21. I still play with my food
22. I did another mural - this one didn't take a year and a half to finish
23. I teach some amazing 5/6th graders on Sunday mornings in a program @ our church
24. I have 22 minutes to finish this
25. 25 is my favorite number!
....and I am still a goofball, I am still passionate, I still wear my heart on my sleeve and love helping people!

I am also hoping that when I hit post that my photos aren't overlapping my words  - I am having flashbacks of trying to get those tornado pics posted!!!
***UPDATE: the pics are ALL OVERLAPPING!! Grrrrrrr***
***UPDATE, again: OK, the overlapping is gone but how about the spaces?? WHY SO MANY?"
***UPDATE again: 4th try's the CHARM, right?

I hope you don't get sick of me! I hope you're glad I am back!

SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already :)

Peace OUT, Mamas!


Karen said...

Love that you're back in the were my inspiration to get it started in my own little upside down world, so be sure to follow me as I follow you so we both know what craziness we're embarking upon:) Love ya girl!!!!
~Karen J

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Thanks Karen!
Now, do YOU have these problems with the spacing?! I am FREAKING out! LOL!