Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Invisible Woman...

I love speaking to large groups of people... and making them laugh!
I love making people think.
Part of me is ready to take on a speaking 'gig'! (Should I have even SAID that?!)
Yes, I should have because plans are in the works!
(more info to come on THAT subject!)

However, I have never spoken for as many people as Nicole Johnson does.
Watch her in this video! You will be blessed!
She makes me laugh, inspires me AND makes me think!


It's 1:30 am...this invisible woman is going to bed!
Follow Nicole over to her home at Fresh Brewed Life to find "hope for the daily grind!"

Peace out, Mamas!


Christina said...

I saw her at a few Women of Faith events I went to..She's just awesomE!

Wani said...

I've gotten a forward about motherhood being like building a cathedral before. But this video brought tears to my eyes. Its good to be reminded why we really do all the things we do. Thanks for sharing!