Friday, February 11, 2011

My "Why me?" Week with Ashton Kutcher!

Do you ever find yourself suffering through the "WHY ME?" attitude?

With two teens in the house, I am always dealing with their drama, maybe it is wearing off on me. But there have been many days in the last couple of weeks that I literally look for Ashton Kutcher and wonder WHO nominated ME to get PUNK'D!

Wednesday it was when was talking to my mom on the phone Izaiah decided to go to fill his snow boots with water in the tub and then pour that water all over the floor and rug I had just washed. Mind you, the snow boots were NOT in the upstairs bathroom. He went past me to the laundry room, ran up the stairs with them and proceeded to find a new use for snow boots.
"Mom, I gotta go, I think Ashton Kutcher is in my house."

Thursday it was when I finally sat down in the living room after all the kids came home. We were all in the same room at the same time - it was sweet. REAALLY covered in chocolate sprinkles sweet.....
Izaiah ran into the room with the jar of chocolate sprinkles I had left out. His body did a "come and get me" pose. He ripped the lid off and threw his head back for a mongo SHOT of jimmies! Of course, as if that wasn't bad enough, when Matthew hopped up to grab them from him, because I was too lazy to get off the couch further from him than Matthew was, he did it again, only THIS time 2400 of them went directly into his nasal cavity! In an effort to clear said nasal cavity he snorted....IN!
"Yes, Dr. Devaney, unless I am being PUNK'D I think Izaiah has 2400 chocolate sprinkles embedded in his frontal lobe."

This morning was the GRAND FINALE!
We are getting ready for the first teen boy-girl party the Brownlow's have EVER hosted. We have an unfinished basement and are getting new furniture for our upstairs living room. So, we are moving all furniture downstairs and my job was to make it so "TEEN" cool that no one would ever want to leave. Uh..did I just say that? Well, anyway, that is what my day is today - unfinished basement ----->iCarly-style set before 6pm. :) I am so excited to do this for her. She likes a boy and he is coming. She is such an appreciative kid, too. She is thrilled and humbled that we are doing all of this for her party. Her birthday is days before Christmas so this is a LATE-birthday party that she has waited patiently for us to get planned for her. She is such a sweet kid. I LOVE doing this for her. Did I say the boy she likes is coming? (giggle)

With this on my mind, I ask my husband to take Izaiah to preschool this morning so I could use every second of time to get organized for when the house is empty for the rest of the day. Well, while I was trying to be productive Izaiah decided to play Wii instead of eating his breakfast and my husband had to leave so I told him I would just take him.

We were running late and we dashed out the door, only to find my windshield covered in ice - not I had to scrape....time is TICKING ASHTON, this is NOT funny anymore!

I get him to school, leave the car running while I run in b/c I also need to run down the hall and get a quick squeeze from my niece before I go. Yay! All satisfied. Turned my frustrating morning around...

...until I climb back in my warm car and see it is on empty. I push the little button on the dash that tells me how many miles I have left before it it TRULY on empty.

0 miles

Well, Sheetz is 1/2 mile away and my house is 1 mile away. I look at my watch, my daughter's bus will be at the house in 3 minutes. She knows not to get on the bus if I don't make it back in time but then that adds a trip to school to add to my day if she misses the bus.

Gas = not running out of gas = missed bus = unplanned trip to school
No gas = running out of gas before I get home = cold walk home = missed bus = unplanned trip to school = call to husband to come bring a gas can ....

I head to Sheetz.

Now, I am home, she made it onto the bus, my coffee is strong and hot...

I just got a text from the mom of the boy she likes, he is home sick and won't be at her party tonight....


Peace out Mamas.
(I will post pics of the progress of the room in the basement)


Karen said...

As always, you never fail to deliver a chuckle or two (*or 10!):) thanks for sharing a slight glimpse into chaos...And quick they REALLY have to grow into teenagers?????????

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Yes, they do have to and honestly, so far this is BY FAR my mostest FAVORITEST AGE!!!!!!!!!!

Having a houseful of them weekly is a BLAST. ON MLK Day, I had 10 of them here for the day. They ate me out of house and home but they were so fun.

The trouble with teens in THIS house is the little brother that is too young to fit in and it pi**es him off and he causes trouble.

:)Miss you girl!