Friday, August 29, 2008

Introducing Mrs. Sanity....Collecting Questions

I am thinking about having a 'Q & A Day' once a week... call it a Dear Mrs. Sanity column! I would love to hear your questions!! Example: Dear Mrs. Sanity, Why does my child insist on painting everything EXCEPT the paper I gave him? Do I have to just stop giving him art supplies? Signed, Painted Mom

Dear Painted Mom,

My children see me "paint" my face every morning to keep from scaring the other kids at the bus stop, so maybe he is learning from a master? Seriously, though, as a mom, I know I am always looking for something that will keep the kids occupied when I need to cook or clean, etc. Painting is NOT one of those things that I would suggest be done without your help. At least not for the first 100 times anyway.

Painting with young children can be AMAZING and I have known many people who end up framing said artwork and showing it off in their foyer or hallway. But, it is something that takes a bit of a teacher's guide. "On the paper, please." "We don't paint on our hair." "Leave the FREAKING CAT ALONE!!! He doesn't want to be BLUE!!!!"

Sit down. Cover your area well with newspapers or garbage bags. Lay down some rules and have at it. The dishes can wait. He will only be little for a moment. Capture that precious personality FOREVER on paper, now! Enjoy!

Sincerly, Mrs. Sanity

Whether they are... personal political parenting crafting opinions discipline ANYTHING (appropriate) under the sun! Do me a favor and give me a little plug on your blog (or email your friends with this link) to spread the word. LEAVE ALL QUESTIONS ON THIS POST...let the collecting begin.


Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said...

Hey Michelle;
What's a litter plug...I'd gladly send you one-lol!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy reading your blog. I am a 911 dispatcher in South Dakota and I read your blog on a regular basis!

Susie said...

Hi, Michelle! I just found your blog through Janet's blog. And I'll definitely give you a plug! :o) Loving all your posts!

Patty said...

Hi Michelle,
I just gave you an award on my site! I'm still new to this so I hope I did it right.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

This is a great idea! LOL I left you an award too! Click here

Dawn said...

LOL!!! You crack me up, Michelle!
OK, how about this one - "I'm constantly finding gross, moldy food in strange areas of my house. How can I stop my kids from turning my home into a petri dish?"

Margot Finke said...

Michelle, I am afraid I can't read the black text on the dark green background. White or yellow would show better. I would love to answer your questions, but I can't see the print!!!

Margot Finke
"Rattlesnake Jam"
a reluctant reader winner!

Bob and Snookie said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I have had so many cheesesteaks and subs since we've been home that I can finally say I'm cheesesteak-ed out! OMG, I never thought I'd type those words!

Curious here, how did you find QuinnsAwesomeJourney?

I'll link you if you link me! Deal?

No need to publish this comment, thanks!

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