Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Paving our way with...

PAINTER'S TAPE? Well, your uber-creative mommy blogger was at it again today. After the day I had yesterday, it was either that or spend my day crying and rocking in the corner. So, I opted for a fun kid project. My older two started school this week and I was tired of standing at the end of the street where the township is doing road construction...because as the mom of a REAL BOY, if you walk out of the house and there is the "beepbeepbeep" sound of construction vehicles within a mile radius we MUST go search them out and watch...and watch...and watch. This morning I waved to the school bus and was forced out onto the sidewalk and up the street with my eyes barely open, coffee mug in hand to watch the already sweaty men dig a big hole with a "big chuck" (big truck) and a "coop dum" (scoop dump). So, we were outside for the 1,000,000th minute and I was trying to think of how to make our big flat black driveway more appealing then the sweaty men at the end of the street. SIDEWALK CHALK! I rummaged through everything in the garage looking for the tub I had just bought...I knew I had some somewhere. Do your kids eat sidewalk chalk because I am almost positive mine do! Either that or they hide it very well from their artist mom so she doesn't use it in her spare time while they are at school. Spare time. ha. None. Spare time or sidewalk chalk. What else do I have that we can make a road on the driveway with.....PAINTER'S TAPE, of course! It's bright and sticky! Love it! Hubby won't. So, that's what we did! We made a road that led from my front porch (the store), down the sidewalk to the driveway and to a little house. In that little house were play place settings and utensils. He rode back and forth from the store to the house, filling and unfilling his "trunk." We ate fake bread with spiderwebs on it. We dined with a praying mantis (of the ninja variety). And he put the groceries away just like Mommy does! He came in, ate a real lunch (no spiderwebs) and then went down for a nap. He is in his crib with all his fake loot packed in a backpack....which he is still wearing...must be why he is now screaming to get up...I forgot to take the #$%^& backpack off once he fell asleep and he can't roll over. Just for that one creative idea...I lost a FRIPPIN' HOUR of nap time! God help me!


MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

I remember those days! I use to love taking 2GoodBoys to construction sites with BIG TRUCKS! It kept their attention for a while and gave me a break. At the time, my youngest could barely talk but he knew the word TRUCK!

Loved the creative use for painters tape. Your little one must of had a blast ride his trike up and down the road.

Anonymous said...

Will you PUH-LEEZE stop making the rest of us look bad!! LOL! Your road (and house) looks so wonderful, even I wanted to play on it.

Thanks for the reminder to just enjoy my kids and to think outside of the box (of sidewalk chalk). :)

Lisa M.

Theresa said...

This was a great post, as all of yours are. I think we both had the same kind of day (curl up in a ball and cry, I mean.) We should do lunch sometime. LOL

Two questions:
1. Is the OHM a thing of the past?
2. Do I need anything for the yardsale or do I just mail you the money? It's on Sept. 13th.

Thanks Theresa

Mabunny said...

Love the painters tape idea. He is soo cute. I remember theywere redoing a street near my parents house when Nicole was a baby - she was about 2 or so... and papa ( my dad ) had to take her out to see the 'cheens' ( machines). We bought her a big Tonka dump truck complete with tonka joe and she drove that thing many many miles, lol.

Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said... are so clever! I loved doing that kind of stuff with my kids and grand kids! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments and support!


Anonymous said...

I love it...enjoy the brings back memories of me with my two boys! Pam

This Mom said...

I love that you though to use the tape. I would have given up and put on Blue's Clues.

specialcraftmom4, owner said...

What a fun idea! Looks like he had so much fun with that (: