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Wow! Somewhere there is a blog sending Kate-haters to my Jon & Kate + 8 + Me post. It kind of cracks me up that people like that actually take the time to search out people like me and THEN take even MORE time to leave insidious comments like those at the end of that post. What gets me even more is they don't comment in a way that I could respond only to them. They are either anonymous or their screen name doesn't link to anything. Real big of ya. Really, people? I truly don't get it. If I could comment directly to those people, it would go something like this: First of all, why do you care so much that I actually like Kate? You don't even know me. Because if you knew me, you would know that I am one of the most strong-headed-make-my-own-decisions person you will ever meet. Your opinions on anything wouldn't sway my own. It's just how I am. If I like Kate, I like Kate. Period. Second of all, I would like to know how many of you have never said anything to your spouse that would embarrass you if it were aired on National TV. Nothing? Are you sure? You are kidding yourself if you continue to refute the fact that there are a handful of comments you wish you could take back; an armload of attitude that would make you look bad. We have all had those times where our spouse's actions or comments have left us wondering why we don't just fillet him on the it hormones, call it happens. Third, look away from the computer and count your children. Do you have 8? Count them, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-EIGHT! OF COURSE THE POOR WOMAN DOESN'T WANT A would be EIGHT FREAKING times bigger than the normal mess a child can make. If you have a child, you know what I mean. If you don't have a child, (*laughs*) just wait. When you are cleaning spit-up off the back of your head and wondering how it got there, you will also be thanking the LORD ALMIGHTY that you do not have EIGHT! And you wanna talk about stress? Stress that makes you want to peel your own eyelids off because it couldn't feel worse? No one who has left a comment on my blog could POSSIBLY KNOW the stress Kate Gosselin feels in her own home! Here's the thing. I really like Kate. Not because she is famous and not because I am a stalker, but because I am a mom. I have LESS than HALF of Kate's kids and even just looking back over the last few days, there are moments that, if televised, would make me crawl into a hole and die. Let's be clear. Those moments don't make me a bad mom, it doesn't make me a horrible wife or a bad Christian, it makes me HUMAN! I give Kate Gosselin a huge pat on the back for being genuine. For not being afraid to bare her soul, good side and bad, to make the rest of us not-so-perfect moms realize that we are not alone. I am a big fan of the show and I am a BIGGER fan of REAL people who don't feel they need to "fake it" so the ignorant ones don't throw stones. Glass houses, people. Get it?


Dawn said...


Debbie Yost said...

I don't watch the show religiously, but I love Kate. I think she's a little uptight at times but that is her personality. We all have our strengths and weakness. I love watching the banter between her and her husband because it's a lot like me and my hubby. He's the same as John, he just ignors me. We compliment each other very well.

Anonymous said...

Dear KoolAid Drinkers,
Kate is currently being investigated by a child welfare organization.

Kate uses people, Beth got fed up and left her. Kate has no friends.
Shes mean to people.

Kate doesnt even give gifts on birthdays or xmas.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Considering her book deal has not been pulled by the CHRISTIAN publisher who bought the rights, I highly doubt this Child Welfare accusation is true....

Also, considering I am a foster partent IN HER COUNTY, I think I would have heard it through the grapevine!

Makes me giggle a little.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i think shes funny and I love watching their whole family and I hope they continue to open their lives to the public ... watching the kids grow up and the changes ...

Anonymous said...

Child Welfare Org run by a former child actor who says J&K are pimping out their kids...

By the way Kate fired Aunt Jodi cause Aunt Jodi was getting better reviews as a parent and Kate got jealous. BYE BYE Jodi. That is why you never see Jodi on the show.
Now Kate has no friends or family.

Kate has nannies, private chef, laundry service, housekeepers, gardeners and free everything.
She does nothing.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Makes me laugh that you KNOW what was in Kate's head when she "fired" Aunt Jodi. People fire relatives all the time. Sure it stinks but it happens.

If I had 8 kids, I would hope I had all those helpers, too. Heck, I only have 3 and I wish I had them NOW!

Anonymous said...

I know cause I talk to Aunt Jodi's sister Julie...

Read Julie's blog and watch the video where JODI herself says that EVERYTHING on her sisters blog is true:

Also Kate's neighbors HATE her. And if you, as a fan were to say hi to her in public, she'd treat you like dogpoop. All Kate wants is money and fame...Shes a mean nasty wench.
Even longtime fans are wising up to the Gosselin MYTH.
The MYTH is that Kate is not Supermom and she is not a nice person.

The reason Kate has nothing to do with her Mom or Dad is because her PASTOR DAD wouldn't go ask his parishoners for BRAND NEW MATCHING CRIBS AND CLOTHES. They had donated used stuff instead. When Kate returned it and demanded the new stuff, he said no. She then demanded CASH CARDS! He had had enough. She disowned him and made her sisters choose between her and their Dad...

Such a great Christian role model huh?
Oh by the way her Dads church is only 500 FEET from her home!

Do you know that Kate never once paid Jodi, or Nana Joan, Nana Janet or Beth for babysitting her kids or folding laundry? Not only that but Kate never gives thank you notes or presents to anyone.

Apparently just knowing Kate is enough of a gift, to Kate.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I am sorry she consumes so much of your time.

Can I ask why you stay anonymous?

Beth said...

Like you said, I like that Kate appears very real on her show-she doesn't pretend to have it all together for the camera's sake.

I did a post not long ago about the difference between the Gosselin's show and the Duggars' show (the AK family with 16 kids) and how I really appreciated that Kate gets cranky, that she doesn't hide her annoyance...because let's face it, a lot of moms get ticked off and lose their cool...a lot of moms end up yelling more than they want to when stressed....and a lot of moms snap at their spouses sometimes...are they all hateful jerks? Or are they just real women under stress, just trying to do the best they can in a given moment?

Although I have no idea what kind of person Kate is when the cameras are off, I like the fact that she doesn't perpetuate the "Superwoman" myth.

And besides, how much do we really know about the real lives of any of the people we watch on tv? And does it really matter? Kate's show is not a parenting advice tool...its not Nanny 911. Its just for entertainment.

Just wanted to add my two cents!

Theresa said...

Wow Michelle, you have set that Anonymous person off. What the heck?!! They have some real issues. When I was reading all of the comments left on your first post, the first think I thought of was 'glass houses'. LOL

I like the show. Kate isn't perfect. Who is? People who are Christians will always be under the microscope.

You go girl and continue these kind of posts. I know where your feet are rooted!

Love Theresa

Theresa said...

Hey, if Jodi's sister is reading this, please know that I am so sorry for what is happening to your family. I visited your blog about called "truthbreedshate" but there was no where to leave a comment. May I pray for your family?

Thanks Michelle for allowing me to leave this. Love you!

Julie said...

I don't share your like of Kate. I've only seen the show once (well, there were a couple of shows back to back, I watched the other night at my in-laws). I thought Kate came off as a pretty mean, high-strung, self-absorbed...well, I think you get the picture. There was actually only ONE moment that I thought was even remotely funny - when Jon & Kate were talking about why they don't eat things the kids make.

I thought it was really sad that she sat and basically told Jon he was a horrible husband because he didn't come running to her beck and call. Sure, we've all felt annoyed at our spouses, but would we tell them "A husband who loves his wife would have...." in front of perfect strangers??

Of course her stress level is high - she has EIGHT kids. That would be stressful for anyone, especially since they are multiples. However, she CHOSE to put herself in that position, and to put herself on TV.

Now, this is my own opinion, and I don't expect everyone to agree with it...but does anyone else feel that having 6 babies at once is just NOT what God intended? You certainly don't hear about women conceiving that many babies naturally. It makes me wonder why doctors would implant so many fertilized eggs, knowing that it's possible ALL of them could implant. Women just were not made to have that many babies at one time!! (And yes, I know, IVF doesn't ALWAYS work...but it seems as though doctors are getting better at it, as we hear about so many more multiples than we used to).

Just seems like with SO SO SO many children who are already born and needing parents...well, adoption seems like it would be a good alternative.

Again, just my opinion. I don't expect anyone to agree with me.

Jenny said...

While I don't have 8 kids, I have 4, and 3 were born over 2 years, so I had a 2 yo and newborn twins. I did have some help when they were tiny, but after that it was pretty much me, my husband and a twice per month cleaning person. So, with the help Kate has, she definitely has it easier than I did. So, no, I don't think she has an excuse to obsessively worry about messes, big deal if her kids get a little stained. Oxiclean does wonders IMO. And it doesn't give her an excuse to treat her husband poorly either, not that I always treat mine perfectly or anything, but I don't blame it on my kids when I do.

That being said, I don't hate Kate, I don't really even know her. But I do think that she needs to relax a little, "take the stick out" as Jon once said.

Michelle said...

Wow, you sure know how to stir up a crowd. Bwaaahaaahaaa.

Everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes, to their opinions. But if you can't claim your comment your should not leave one.

We all know that these reality shows do not show us everything. That would not be fun to watch. We watched the Baby Borrowers and I was hooked. I had to watch these "stupid kids" try to be parents. I think that every teen needs to be on this program if they are even thinking about having sex.

Anway, I digressed. I read backa few posts and saw your video announcing someones candidacy. You HAVE to go visit Hallie at

Her campaign as traveled like wildfire. And I am to blam. You have to go back to last weeks post to get the full effect though.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definatly be back to yours!

Brenda said...

I agree one hundre percent. I have watched the show on occassion. I think they do an amazing job as a couple of parenting their children. Everyone makes mistakes. If they think she's bad they'd think I'm ....really bad...This is my first time here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll be back!

Mabunny said...

love ya Michelle! and I am getting to like Kate too. My 9 yr old daughter LOVES to watch that show and I will watch it with her. I liked the newest episode where they went back to the Ronald McDonald house they stayed in when the kiddos were in the NICU, then when they broght them all home.
They took a picture with the 10 of them standing in the exact same spot they did when the 6 were in their little carseats.
I admire her for her rules and stuff, I don't think I could do it!

So how far do you actually live from them?

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Julie and Jenny,
See. Your comments on not LOVING my choice in my virtual BFF is so easy to read and doesn't get my hackles up.

You were to the point and onwed your comments with a name...not "Anonymous-because-I-don't-want-anyone-to-know-who-I-am"

I agree that they knew their chances of a big-numbered birth and if that was their choice, so be it.

I also agree that there are a lot of children waiting for homes but I do not think adoption is a choice for everyone. It may have been one of their options and for whatever reason (which is none of our business)they chose not to adopt. I have to say, as an adoptive mom...there are issues that arrise that no one could prepare you for so I would not urge people to just 'go out and adopt' (not that that is what you were suggesting Julie...I just wanted to make it clear) unless they TRULY "get" what that means.

What a fun discussion!

Julie said...

Oh, BTW, I was wrong with my IVF statement - what they had done was something different, which did not involve the removal or replacement of eggs into the uterus (I don't remember what it was called). I think the jist of the process is that the wife takes medication to allow for the release of several eggs at once, then they inject the man's "contribution" (as Kate herself put it) via a catheter (or something like that) However, it still had a similar result as IVF.

My point with adopting was definitely not "go out and adopt", and thanks for pointing that out - certainly adding to one's family in ANY way should be well thought out.

I know that there is probably nothing that is more amazing than the ability to carry and give birth to a baby, and it's only natural that if you want kids, you'd like them to be your own flesh and blood. I guess I just feel that if God isn't allowing a woman to conceive a child the "old fashioned way", maybe that's because there is someone already out there who needs a mommy.

Again, just my opinion.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

I love that, Julie! Your last paragraph was right on and a very valid point!

Paige said...

You don't seem to understand the issue that a lot of posters are concerned about. Kate could be the greatest mother on earth (however, if she were, she would not be on tv), but her children would still be in danger.

Those kids are being treated like trained monkeys. They are being subjected to intrusions into their most private moments. They are being deprived of any semblence of a "normal" childhood. Kate herself has written that they are "WORKING." If Kate and Jon are working, what are the children (whose very existence is the reason d'etre for the show) doing? How can you not think that the children are working?

Kate wrote "Our life is the show and the show is our life." What kind of crap is that? How many people would let their kids be photographed by strangers for broadcast on international tv. They have no "sanctuary" to go home to. Their home is a stage.

Have you people no common sense?

My Semblance of Sanity said...

This is simply a comment on your comment. I am not trying to change your opinion with the following.

I do understand what the commenters are saying...

my thoughts?...who are YOU (meaning all the commenters not just Paige) to make a decision of what is best for the Gosselin children? What makes you all the go-to parenting squad?

My point:
There is NO ONE perfect family scenario. THAT'S COMMON SENSE!

Not ALL child stars are damaged for life. Those just make for large amounts of media attention. Just b/c the Gosselin kids are on TV does not a disaster make!

BTW, the taping time within their house is probably MUCH less than you think. Think of how many episodes there would be if it was 24/7. I am sure they have family (non-camera) down time.

Everyone just needs to turn the channel. No one is forcing you to watch.

iluveeyore said...

"Everyone just needs to turn the channel. No one is forcing you to watch."

Gee... do you mean if I turn the channel, the Gosselin kids will no longer be exploited?

The kids are making the family's living. The kids have been shown sitting on the potty, biting each other, and having meltdowns beyond any form of "normal" or age appropriateness. Two of the girls will vomit to get attention. You see nothing wrong with that? You don't have to be part of the "parent police" to know that they are not living a "normal" life or a "healthy" life.

Yeah... I CARE!

kofte said...

I agree that we could all change the channel and we wouldn't have the debate or the blog. But then we could also turn the channel when storm impoverished people come on, or the senseless Iraq War, or any number of other things that make our lives not so pleasant.

If everyone turned the channel, we wouldn't have people who care about making the world better in even the smallest of ways. We'd just have mass chaos or a bunch or robots happy with the status quo.

Shellie said...

Question about this comment: The kids have been shown sitting on the potty, biting each other, and having meltdowns beyond any form of "normal" or age appropriateness. Two of the girls will vomit to get attention. You see nothing wrong with that? You don't have to be part of the "parent police" to know that they are not living a "normal" life or a "healthy" life.

Many small children do the things that these children do, without being on tv. I don't think it's too far from normal, and if it isn't, being on tv isn't necessarily to blame at all. If they seem really messed up, maybe you lucked out and got REALLY EASY children to raise. Also, consider- 6 children the same age and two not much older living together is going to be a little hard on everyone. They were preemies too, which brings some extra issues. They may have other differences, which are just not aired but account for what is going on. A lot of their behavior makes perfect sense to me.
As for anonymous, it is certainly the same person doing all those posts. I feel sorry for anonymous. Even if every word is true, why is it so important to spread hate? How many people do we really see the "real" them of anyways?
I have no idea what goes on in Kate's head or what goes on off camera, but it is so easy for everyone to judge without knowing. If Kate is too uptight, or the kids are having issues, maybe someone near to them could help them find some professional help. I can see how it seems like they exploit their kids to do the show, but I also see that doing the show permitted Kate to stop working away from home and be with the kids. I would certainly have to be up close and personal before forming any opinions on them. If there is an investigation going on, then the children's needs should be addressed soon. So much hate and bitterness is sad. If there are big issues between Kate and her family, that is for them to work out together. I assume if she wanted that to be addressed publicly, she would have an episode on it. I know they open themselves up to a lot of scrutiny by being on the show, so it cuts both ways. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes any day. I wish the best for all of them and their extended families. And peace for anonymous.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

DianeB left the following comment on a different post. Wanted you all to be able to apply her words to this conversation...

OK, so this is actually in reference to all the Kate-is-evil-blah-blah-blah comments...I'm commenting here because I didn't know if you go back and read comments added.

I am the youngest of 8 parents had us one at a time. But you know what...8 kids is 8 kids. My mom had a hard and fast rule that the older ones don't raise the younger ones. She did it in the day and age of cloth diapers and husbands who don't cook, do laundry or change diapers.

That being said.....yes, Kate can seem harsh but did ANY of the critics watch the FIRST episode? Not of the series but the first hour or 2 documentary type thing. Jon and Kate were working around the clock. When he came home from work KATE went to work and worked a DOUBLE shift as a nurse.

Also, as a member of a large family I know how hard my parents worked so I could go to COLLEGE. (I have a BS, MS and doctorate) Don't you think MAYBE, just MAYBE, that is why Jon and Kate have agreed to a show? Not for greed but so their children will actually spend TIME with their parents? Not just watching them come and go from work?

Don't you think MAYBE Kate wants her babies (all 8) to have the option of GOING TO COLLEGE. Which they may not otherwise afford.

The show gives them an oppportunity to take 8 kids to Disneyland and many others places they likely wouldn't be able to afford. If Kate was as vain and selfish as some have stated, do you REALLY think she would allow cameras to catch her in moments where she would be critized, seem less than perfect or just plain human?

Regarding her Christianity. Judge not lest you be judged. But if you are going to....please consider. When a woman is informed she is carrying multiples (especially greater than 3) she is often advised of the "potential benefit" of "reducing" the pregnancy. Basically, you can terminate the life of a few of the fetuses to greater increase the success of the pregnancy. Don't you think maybe her CHRISTIANITY is what prevented her from doing that?

I don't know Kate. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the show. However, when I surf through my little guy stops playing, points at the TV and says "Babies!" and we watch a little while. Oh crap, now I've opened myself up to critics... how dare I have a TV on with a child in the room! I'm clearly and awful parent!

Sorry for the take home message is "Mean people suck". Stop tearing others down to feel better. Don't like Kate? Change the channel. It's.Just.That.Easy


Doug and Terrye said...

Editing, editing, editing! We need to remember that we are not always getting the whole picture. We see 3o minutes to an hour out of an entire week.
Also, as to not being able to have children and taking that as God's plan for your life, what about people that have diabetes and take insulin? Should they just take the diabetes as a sign that God wants them dead? I don't think so.

Kate does get a bit fiesty at times, but I only have 3 children(2 grown and a 3 yr. old) and I have bad days too!
I love that in your post you allow for K's humanness...well, better go use the windex on my glass house :)

Doug and Terrye said...

Editing, editing, editing! We need to remember that we are not always getting the whole picture. We see 3o minutes to an hour out of an entire week.
Also, as to not being able to have children and taking that as God's plan for your life, what about people that have diabetes and take insulin? Should they just take the diabetes as a sign that God wants them dead? I don't think so.

Kate does get a bit fiesty at times, but I only have 3 children(2 grown and a 3 yr. old) and I have bad days too!
I love that in your post you allow for K's humanness...well, better go use the windex on my glass house :)

Julie said...

Doug and Terrye-
I absolutely would never say that a diabetic should stop taking insulin - otherwise, my two oldest children would be without their dad, my husband would be without a grandmother, etc....

Trying to compare having a potentially deadly disease (that in SOME cases is completely out of one's control) to not being able to conceive naturally is absolutely ridiculous. If someone doesn't have a baby, they won't die. Besides, just because it exists, doesn't necessarily mean you should use it, either.

Kate herself said if she would have known she could potentially have so many babies, she wouldn't have done the treatment.

As for talking about her Christianity, I'm pretty sure no one has questioned it. People who are Christians make choices that aren't always the best - it's called "Free Will".

michelle @ sweet mady's said...

Wow! Great post. People take way too much of their time letting everyone know why they don't like her, yet they keep watching the show. Hmm...

Julie said...

Oops, I just was re-reading some of the comments, and realized "anonymous" DID make reference to her Christianity. Then again, I don't really think "anonymous'" comments are worth too much, since he/she wouldn't even leave his/her name.

Maybe those people who keep watching even though they don't like Kate have the "train wreck" issue - they don't really WANT to watch, they just can't help themselves??

I don't know, just speculating. We don't have TV at our house, so the only time I watch any TV at all is at my in-laws, so I've only seen the show once.

Paige said...

I don’t care about Kate or Jon. (Incidentally, in his own way, Jon has proven to be as atrocious a parent as Kate.)

I DO care about those children. In their new web site, Kate writes that it is wonderful that they can be with their kids all day while they are WORKING at their JOB. If Jon and Kate are working, what are they kids doing? There wouldn’t BE any show without those kids. Kate also writes that “Our life is the show and the show is our life.” What kind of crap is that? Do you really think that is a “normal” and “healthy” environment for those kids to live in? Those children are all showing signs of stress. Their home is a tv set. They have no “haven” to go home to.

Paul Peterson, founder of “A Minor Consideration,” a non-profit organization to lobby for children in show business has written:

“Jon & Kate Plus 8″ is not the same as “Meerkat Manor.” Children are not the same as animals being filmed in their natural state. There are, or at least there should be, rules when children are employed [or participate in] the Entertainment Business. Make no mistake, after four years of their most private moments being broadcast to a nation of voyeurs, the eight children who make up the “+ 8″ are ‘performers’ in every sense of the term. They need and deserve the protection of the Law. But what if there are no Laws? Children in the entertainment business, in case you didn’t know, are exempt from Federal Child labor law, and have been since 1938. Pennsylvania has no published child labor laws for kids in entertainment. Ask yourself the following: If anyone in the Gosselin home is being paid, who owns the money? Are there limits to the number of hours a child may work per day, and anyplace they can’t be filmed? In the end there is only one question worth asking. “What will become of these children?”

My Semblance of Sanity said...

In the words of my 3-year old...



Annie said...

Wow! I had no idea there was such a following or a debate about this show/family.
I've seen it a few times and enjoy it. I am a bit OCD like Kate and my only observation is that she needs to give Jon a break- the poor guy is always getting his chops busted.

This is my 1st stop in-looking at all your funny faces is worth a stop in to see how they change!

kofte said...

I think Kate's kids would have been able to attend college without the show. There is TONS of money in grants for low income families-- and the ever present student loans. That is what most folks do to get through college-- or they work through college.

Also, the governor of PA set up a TAP fund for the kids on May 12, 2005. These kids are more than set.

Baffled said...

yes, Kate can seem harsh but did ANY of the critics watch the FIRST episode? Not of the series but the first hour or 2 documentary type thing. Jon and Kate were working around the clock. When he came home from work KATE went to work and worked a DOUBLE shift as a nurse.

You might want to watch that show again. Jon and Kate were NOT "working around the clock." Jon worked Monday through Friday -- and Kate was at home. Kate would go to work a double shift on Saturday, during the day -- ONE day a week. Not at night -- during the day. And Jon would watch the kids on Saturday -- one day a week... and Mady and Cara would help Jon. On Sunday, they were both home together.

Check your facts. Re-watch the show -- carefully.

Baby Mama said...

I as well found your comments about the show and I truly loved them. Let me know if it would be ok to post your story on your opinion of this family with you as writer up on my fan site. We really love to hear readers say how they feel about the unprovoked bashing of this family. Thanks!

Baby Mama said...

I am going to make your blog one of my favorites because I have yet to go through all the cool stuff you have on here! But I linked your post today, check out my blog! Hugs!

And there's a marathon tonight... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh your blog is just fabulous! I can't believe how anyone could be so hard on Kate when she has EIGHT children!