Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a gift!

There is nothing like opening your email and getting a great big blessing of generosity inside! A couple posts back I was hashing out all of my hopes and dreams for its 4 the kids and soon after I received a wonderful email from Karen from Simply Amusing Designs. Her email said that she had been "following my crumbs" and was moved to help my designing the kids website - for FREE! I accepted after looking at her blog - HOLY COW THIS IS ONE TALENTED WOMAN - only to receive two more similar offers from other readers! Thank you! Karen wanted to use MY drawings and my designs for the website so I have decided to use the 6 children whose families have touched my life and pulled me into their world so far that helping in some way was not even a question anymore. For those of you who visit the carepages go check out Mimi and Julian at juliansworlds, Haley at haleyworld, Coleman at colemanscott, John Eric at johnericbartels, Mikayla at mikaylavenwey and Crazy Bailey at superbay. For those of you who have never gone on the carepages you are missing out on life changing stories and precious children who will impact your life in a way you never imagined! It is free to register and won't sign you up for anything other than a peek into the lives of these amazing families! I have had a lot of feedback over the past couple months and some of it has been less than fond. I have had people tell me that they have stopped reading my blog because it is "too depressing when all you do is talk about those cancer kids." Well, I see the reasoning behind that comment although it rubs me the wrong way because if we all turned our backs because it was too sad, who could "those cancer kids" look to for help? I try and read between the lines when I get those comments and I hear this, " I come to your blog to laugh at what was stuck in your toilet, what your toddler did with a box of markers, etc! I look to your blog for relief from MY OWN chaos!" This is why I have decided to take Karen up on her offer. Within the next week or so I will be unveiling my new website where you can go to make a purchase that will benefit these babies. And if your heart allows you, you can stay and take a peek around and meet some of God's precious angels who have been dealt a really rough hand. But you will also leave being blessed by the network of friends that were brought together through the carepages. I hope that my new site will be a blessing to everyone who visits. I hope that all of my loyal readers will link to it. 7 years ago, while cringing at the baby screams as I painted a mural in a chemo room at CHOP I never imagine voluntarily walking back into that world again. It was painful and sad. But, now I see it as a blessing to be a part of something that is grounded in giving back, in being warriors. its 4 the kids will be what it will be and by the Grace of God I hope it is HUGE! Thank you Karen...from me AND THE KIDS!

(check out my NAMESAKE ebay auction - 100% of the proceeds goes toward its 4 the kids!)


Laura ~Peach~ said...

just my thoughts here... but I post about these cancer kids and SMA kids and anyone who INSPIRES me... yeah death and dying is hell but it is a part of living it is something we all face one day... However with a horrid thing like cancer you are FORCED to face it and I for one Pray that if Myself or one of my children or grandchildren or friends or family ever have to face it that they are NOT ALONE and that they have people like you who want to be a part of their lives... I have two people in my immediate family who are cancer survivors... and quite a few more who lost that battle but, they fought and fought HARD.
Thank God for you and all you do to help others. I WISH THERE WERE MORE OUT THERE WHO DID, then maybe this sucky cancer could be cured and NO ONE would have to go through this.
Again... just my thoughts!

SimplyAmusingDesigns.com said...


It has been a JOY working with you on this project and I'll be so sad when it's over. :) What you are doing is just such an incredible thing that I wanted to find a way to play a small part. :) Thank you for allowing me to do so. :)

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Hi Michelle,

I am so glad you have the opportunity to start a blog dedicated 4 the Kids! I admit that although I truly appreciate all you are doing, I have missed some of your funny stories. However, life gives us challenges that change who we are and what is important in our lives. Over three years ago I was faced with one of those changes and it has made me a differnt person today. I am grateful for the opportunity and will never turn my back on my special mission in life and making the world a better place for my daughter and others like her.

Tracy Rambles On And On said...

I honestly think it's sad that people came to your blog, read about these amazing families and incredibly strong children, and the only thing they could walk away with was disappointment. You brought these wonderful people into my head and my heart and I honestly feel that my life as a mother has changed because of them. Every hug is tighter, every kiss is cherished, every moment is looked at as a blessing and it's all because of you writing about these wonderful people. It makes me sad for those people who didn't get that as well.
I thank you for introducing me to these people and their stories and I hope that a few emails about people wanting potty humour doesn't stop you from writing about them.
And I can't wait to see your new website. I wasn't able to get in on the namesakes but I definately will with your website! Good luck!

Theresa said...

Hi Michelle,
I sometimes felt that my blog is way to heavy and serious. I am sorry that you have lost some readers. They can stop coming but that isn't going to make cancer go away.
I think God has a wonderful plan for you and looking back to your CHOP days, it's just amazing how He has been preparing you.
You are so special. Love Theresa

Melanie said...

Hi Michelle,
I agree with Debbie I missed your funny stories, but I was definitely drawn in by the stories of the kids and families and what you have been doing. I will read both sites! I just wish that I knew the sex/name of baby #2 so I could have participated in the Namesakes, will you be doing that again? Good luck and God bless!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Michelle, I am so glad to see how God is using your talents to benefit the cancer kids. I think that is really sad that people actually have stopped reading your blog because of the seriousness of your mission to help out cancer kids. Rest assured, I will read your blog whatever it says because we are kindred spirits and are using the talents God has blessed us with to His glory and if people don't understand that then that's sad. I'm very proud of the journey you are on to make a difference. You know I too am on the same journey. I think our light's shine in a darkened world. Keep that lamp light girlie. People need to see things that make them smile, that ease pain even if only for a short time. Praise God for the website lady. Maybe I should get her number to find out what she would charge to do my Faith Creations website, not looking for anything pro bono. It's just cool how God brings his people together. Keep on keeping on sister. I hope this encourages you my friend.

Love in Christ your sister,
Heather Rice

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Michelle,
I can't let that post go without a message...
Sadly here are SOME people who just don't 'get it'. They've probably never had any hardships in their life? How anyone could critcize what you are doing is unfathomable. It's called COMPASSION people!
Here is a woman trying to make a difference in the lives of innocent children going through something they certainly don't deserve.
The 'downers' can turn their backs if they will; God forbid they find themselves in OUR shoes one day. I'm here to tell them, if they think it could never happen to anyone they love with all their heart and soul- think again.
Is it tough to read about? YES. Is it tougher to LIVE it? HELL YES, but turning their backs doesn't make it go away. We're here, whether they look or not.
I just pray that if something, anything, happens to them, there will be people like Michelle to extend a hand and say "we care."
I can't thank you enough Michelle for your compassion and support 4'our kids'.
I'm very sad for those who don't want to read about these little heros, because they can teach us more than most adults with their attitudes, humor, and strength.
So God Bless you Michelle- and delete those emails knowing that YOU are making a difference to so many.
Oh- and keep writing about things in your toilet too, because us cancer moms need a laugh too Chaw-ley! :)

Much Love,
Coleman's mommy

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Today is my first visit to your site and I just had to leave a comment:

I really loved your "Let go Let God" artwork. Would you ever consider making another one?

I love what you are doing. Although it can be hard to read about such serious matters all the time, its got to be so much harder for those actually living it. Imagine if only those whose kids actually had cancer took the time to care?

I remember reading a quote from Erma Bombeck about how she hoped to be able to tell God that she didn't have anything left in her upon arriving at Heaven... to be able to tell him "I used everything you gave me". Its good to see that you are using everything that God has given you to help make His world better.

Keep up the writing and I'll keep reading!

Shellie said...

I'm so excited you are getting a free blog design! Things are falling into place :) It makes my heart sing! So gracious of you to take those other's comments in a positive light, a very gracious response. I like both types of posts and I'll read both blogs. I guess some people don't want to face reality.

MaBunny said...

Wow Michelle, YeahI read your blog almost everyday, wheher it is sad or funny.
I'm so excited to become a part of the hope for these kids, and families. I will be getting some pictures to you soon.
Take care:)) /Hugz

Shell said...

I second Peggy's entire comment. And I couldn't say it any better!

Keep doing what you're doing...
YOU are the one on the right path!!

With much respect and admiration,
Another 'non-cancer' Michelle

Take My Life... said...


Anonymous said...

Just chiming in to wish you luck and say how much I love what you're doing.

I visited Karen's site (sorry, forgot to leave a comment.) What beautiful designs. Can't wait to see what Karen does 4 the Kids.

Also want to thank you for your ideas at the end of your Gabbin' Momma blog. Those are something right up my alley. Just a question - there are obviously the big cancer hospitals. But what about the lesser known ones? Do some of those have kids staying there, too... I guess I'll just call. Or maybe google 'pediatric cancer hospitals' in my state? Any ideas? (ya know... in your SPARE time, cuz, you don't do much these days (you DO detect the sarcasm, no?))

Thanks for all you do and for sharing. You and the kids are in my prayers. If I come up with something I can contribute, I'll let you know...

Unknown said...

Thats sad that people are "disappointed" in your blog. Bottom line...cancer sucks and it's still here and still tearing children and families apart. I think you are an AMAZING person for what you are doing and how you are helping. Don't let the ignorants get you down. What people in this world seem to feel is if they don't acknowledge it exists; then they think it won't happen to them, head in the sand theory. But sadly no matter how much one sticks their head in the sand, cancer still looms and is not stopped by simply ignoring it. Maybe if some of those people who are criticizing you would pull their heads up and DID something about it, whether it be volunteering their time or simply donating to research; we would be closer to a cure. Either way keep on fighting and know there are tons of us right along side you fighting with all the parents and families facing this terrible monster.

AlaneM said...

What I love about you is that you write about life. Yes you are side-splittingly funny a lot of the time but life is sad as well & it's ok to write about that too. I appriciate your heart & what you want to do for those kids. You inspire me as those kids do & I thank you for that. I feel bad for the people that stopped reading your blog. I get that they don't want the pain - but they are missing out on some serious blessings in the process.

Patty said...

I am sure by now you have heard about John Eric. I would like to talk to you about doing a poem for him with JohnEric stuff behind or around it.
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there. I do not die.
by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Ginny Clark said...

Michelle, WOW, I must say that because of people like you and Dawn, I have been introduced to the most amazing kids (heros) First Juju, then others as they have been mentioned. I can't imagine my life without signing in daily to read about these wonderful spirits. They have truely changed my life, they have caused me to love differently, and cherish my own child more every day. Thank God for people like you that are there for the kids. Peggy's comment was right on, and so was Mimi's. Cancer Sucks! and though my life has not personally been touched by it, my life has been personally touched by these kids that I sign on daily to take a peek into their lifes. I feel like I know them, and I cry and I laugh with them and their families.
THANK YOU for being you and for doing what you do.

Dawn said...

Don't you love it when people take the time to write and tell you that you aren't entertaining them enough and they're going to stop reading? @@ <--- huge eyeroll there! Ummm, don't let the door hit ya on the way out, Honey.

Michelle, you're awesome. You have a huge servant's heart. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.