Monday, May 12, 2008

Oprah and the World's Smartest Kids...

Oprah (my BFF b/c I saw her in real life thanks to Kendra) had the cutest kids on her show today. She had kids who could play concert piano by age 3, one little guy who was a mad drummer from the time he was 6 mos old, and a cute set of ballroom dancers that probably still watch Sesame Street and Barney! I guess my kids invitations got lost in the mail. Oprah must have tried to call during the week the phone was sequestered between the cushions of the couch. Whatever the glitch, we missed our calling! As moms, don't we all think OUR child is the cutest, smartest, most polite, precious child on the face of the earth? Even this week as my two-year old started the sticking-out-of-the-tongue gimmick, I noticed he has a very cute tongue. Could a child really be so cute that even his tongue is cute? I do believe I have the cutest tongue in the land!! I currently have the world's most artistic daughter - this little lady can draw anything! Today she was whipping out caricatures by the minute! She is amazing! This one will do something big with her talents. She has the heart of an angel and the patience of a saint. My princess! I also have the world's most philanthropic 10-year old. My first-born has spent the days since Mimi and Haley have left drumming up support for pediatric cancer. He has sold ALL of the Julian bracelets Mimi left him and is anxiously awaiting a new shipment. He is as passionate as his mom about helping others! My youngest (the tongue-sticker-outer) is the newest version of HAPPY GILMORE. Adam Sandler's got nothin' on this kid! My mom bought him a mini golf set and he has dreamed up uses for golf clubs that I could never have imagined. Although, the way the dog winces when he runs past, I think she has dreamed them up! No matter whether I am pulling matchboxes out of my air ducts, getting tractors out of the dishwasher, running forgotten lunches and instruments into school or breaking up the 4,000 argument of the day I am the happiest mom in the world to the three bestest kids in the whole big world! I hope your Mother's Day was spectacular! You deserve it!


Manic Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day to a VSM!


Mabunny said...

I saw half of that episode and loved it:))
Your kids are cute and definitely something to be proud of:))

Take care and have a great day

The Journey Begins Here said...

I was thinking this morning how Amanda is such a special child. She can sing AND dance. She is outgoing and sweet (and slow) as molassas. She can even quote scripture. I call her my inner-me...everything I wanted to be but never was. LOL

Daniel is special in his very own boy ways too.

I can't wait to see the namesake for Amanda. I know it will be PERFECT!

Love Theresa

MandaJoy said...

So I finally read your blog, and I love it! You're both hysterically funny and profoundly deep. All the ideas for raising money for pediatric cancer rock, I can't wait to see more!

Anyway, I agree, your kids are pretty amazing...but i could be a little biased.