Monday, May 5, 2008

The waiting is over...

Well, even though I actually posted the SURPRISE yesterday...Yes, I did...I really did...scroll down and see. Most of you sillies only read the first post and quit. It was supposed to DRAW YOU IN...give you a REASON to scroll DOWN...but you didn't feel drawn, you didn't scroll!

But congratulations to MaBunny for her (well, her husband's) winning guess... "Mimi and one of the kiddos you talk about coming to visit." Bet he will look 'purty' in his new Circle of Hope Bracelet.

And, for your viewing pleasure "The Mimi and Haley Show!" is my VERY FIRST stab at movie-making (only took 2 hours to make a 2 1/2 minutes of footage and that was WITH Mimi's help)...enjoy!


Tracy said...

That was wonderful!
You did a really great job making the movie!

Kathy said...

I love the video. What an awesome weekend you all had, mmaking memories that will last a lifetime.

e said...

can't accurately describe my feelings while watching the mimi show...just know that my keyboard is now all sticky! WAAAAAAAAA!!

too beautiful...but the diddy on the two boys?

too funny!! i LOVE IT!!

I'm glad i watched that one 2nd!

Now, that i have had my 5 minutes of lunacy...(boo hoo to ha ha) i will try and go get ready for work...and hope my huband wasn't spying! ha!

Looks like yall had a FAB time!

e & molly kate
friends of renee
prayer buds in missouri

Mabunny said...

Yay for me ( err my hubby):)) And what a wonderful surprise , since next week is my birthday, lol. Loved the movie. If you go to my blog you can e-mail me that way and I will give you my address:))
The bracelet I will wear proudly as Cancer does SUCK, and has taken several people from me that I loved dearly.

The Journey Begins Here said...

I just read the carepages. This was too cool. But I am glad the contest is over!
Have an amazing day with Mimi and the 'twins!'
Love Theresa

Julie said...

That was pretty cool - looks like you all had a great time.

My girls LOVED the Barenaked Ladies song you chose, too...they were both "couch dancing" next to me as we watched the video!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you suck, that video made me cry! Thanks though, I miss you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you,

P.S. Ken is hot.

Peggy said...

Loved your video Michelle! I laughed through the whole thing, until Haley left...then tears.

Oh and want to thank you so much- Caden and Coleman watched the Chaw-ley video- I think you gave them too many ideas, and now WE are going around here..."ouch! Chaw-ley!" hee hee, how funny was that video?!?! Thanks for giving my guys new ideas! :)

Coleman already has a band-aid on every finger...his nails are falling off from his stem cell transplant, so he doesn't mind a bit if Caden bites him!

Thanks for sharing your secret, :) and so happy you all had a great time!

Debbie Yost said...

Oops! So sorry. I'm one of THOSE readers. I better go back and see what I missed. :-)

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Looks like a blast was had by all. Heather

nomi said...

Awwww! This made me cry, happy tears though! I'm so glad you all got to have such a wonderful visit together!!

AlaneM said...

How cool is that! Great job on the video, it was awesome to see you all together. What a blessing for each of you :)
And for us in bloggy-land - even though we were tortured for a few days haha!!

Shellie said...

What a great video, I still haven't figured out how to do that stuff. Not a lot of spare time to do it in either. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

Wendy said...

This is one of the reasons I love the blogosphere. It is too cool watching complete strangers grow to know one another and help each other along during burdens. Then, to see some meet and share in this moment, even though I don't really know you or Mimi or Haley, but still feel like I do and feel thrilled that you were all able to connect.

Manic Mom said...

OK I was gonna get all sentimental and shit here but then I see Haley's comment: KEN IS HOT! So now I want to know more about that!!! LOL!

Looks like you guys shared an amazing weekend. So glad you all got together, and how much fun for the kids too! xoxox