Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gabbin' Mama Thursday...

OK, so I said something about ebay TWICE...haha...I had to do a couple takes trying to do this without sounding like a geek or tripping over my words so I forgot that I had already mentioned it.

1st NAMESAKE (so far)



MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You totally rock!!!

And you are going to be soooo busy!


And another thing. We had that same kitchen table! The exact same one!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am soooo appreciative, and feeling very guilty that you spent all that time creating such a cool and fun Manic Mommy picture for me when you have all this 4 the Kids stuff to do. I am so grateful to have you for a friend in my life now!

You, Dawn, Mimi, Haley, Kendra -- people I would not have known had it not been for blogging...

Julie said...

You are gonna be one busy momma...but how awesome is it that God is really blessing this endeavor!?!?

I linked to your blog on my blog, and while I don't have that many readers, I hope that it increases your exposure.