Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sanity's Blogtober TIP parade: 10/04 Girl Power!

You've got 'em. You love them. You don't know what you'd do without them!


I am talking about your BFFs! You know, the ones you laugh and cry with. The ones who can call you a nerd because you cried when you dropped your 1st born at his 1st dance (eh hem) and you still speak to them. The ones who drive to their 1st tattoo appointment (eh hem) and make you laugh so hard you don't feel the steel rod piercing through your flesh. The ones who you can be yourself...and I mean REALLY front of and be comfortable in your own skin!

I got 'em. I'm quite sure I have the best BFF posse on the planet, and I truly mean that! But, I am sure you can argue....and that's wonderful! I pray each and every one of you feels that way about a group of women (or even just one).

But, isn't it hard to make time for them? It is! It's either a busy schedule, a sick kid or an unforeseen glitch that keeps you from connecting with your 'peeps.'

BUT...and this is a BIG BUT (and you can have one of those with 2 t's, too, and they will still love you...I know this for a FACT!) also know how AMAZING it feels to laugh until you pee a little, to vent until you cry, to hug and not let go, to finish her sentence, get the "had to be there" joke because you were. You know how intoxicating that is? Isn't that proof enough that we need regular DATES with our girlies?

Obviously, the biggest tip is that we need to SCHEDULE that time! That's a no-brainer! But, making it memorable and all the more ridiculously fun, takes a little planning!

My tip for you is to, of course, plan time together BUT...another big something you've never done before - something whacko - something that will bring 10,000 giggles in the years to come.

My BFFs and I did this just last year and we mention ALL the time how we need to do it again! There is an amazing outlet center only 35 minutes from our town, and we love to shop there. So, last year we planned a shopping trip, AND we got a hotel room nearby so we could extend our time together by staying out as late as we wanted and being goof balls till 3 am if we wanted to AND the room we rented....was a THEME room! LOL! Our PIRATE SUITE was SWEEEEEET!

Going that extra step made our typical shopping trip not so typical and it was truly an ODE to how crazy fun our friendship is!

So, what can you think of or what have you done with your BFFs that keeps you grounded and connected?

You know the drill: Leave your tip. Blog about something you need or can give tips for. Invited your readers to do the same. Link back to me. It's the BLOGTOBER TIP PARADE! 31 days, 31 tips for moms!


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Crafty Mama said...

That's right....can't live without 'em!! Thanks for this.