Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sanity's Blogtober TIP Parade: 10/03 Time Warp

How is it that the weekend is supposed to be a BREAK from the craziness of the week and yet...


This week blew by, you know, I told you about it in my "HOLY CRUD I HAVE 63 THINGS ON MY FREAKING CALENDAR" post.

When you are busy, life just passes you by. AND I HATE IT! Little moments you would like to remember, but won't because you were too wrapped up in being late for soccer. Something the kids said that made you giggle, but how will you ever jot it down for the baby book while driving to what seems like the 37th parent/teacher/coach/team mom/chaperone meeting in 2 weeks?

For example, I am a HUGE scrapbook fanatic...there is a 9,000 square foot scrapbooking store less than 20 minutes from my house and I can easily drop $100 on supplies, yet I have 4 years worth of photos on my computer that I have never even had printed, let alone scrapped!

I need a time warp!



I need a time warp that will stop the earth's rotation just long enough for me to get everything I need to get done for my kids, DONE! And I am not talking about their laundry! I want to preserve their childhood enough so they can look back and almost HEAR their squeals and giggles!

I'm tired of feeling defeated as I plop on the couch at the end of the day to veg out in front of the TV only to be stared down by the THREE unfinished baby books on the shelf of the entertainment center.

I'm tired of kicking myself when I hear something I should write in the THREE "to my kids" journals I have not written in in a couple years.

I'm tired of being too tired to organize my photos. Our FAMILY photos! My legacy for my kids.

The only solution to this is a TIME WARP, I am sure of it!

Unless you have another idea!


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Crafty Mama said...

I have never scrapbooked, but I aspire to. I have a little cardboard "suitcase" that I've thrown baby pics and little snippets in, with the idea of doing this "someday." Well, that "baby" is now going to be three in a couple of weeks and his brother is due to arrive at the end of January! Bring on the time warp!

Marva said...

I totally feel your pain... and mommy guilt. :( I'm so behind with my scrapbooks! Some day...