Friday, September 5, 2008

Bragging rights...

A little look into my Friday night. It's called FX: Family Experience and it happens once a month @ my church! Check out the pretty girl in the middle of the back row (Yep, the one with the ponytails) and the handsome kid second from the right in the front row (also the rap star at the end). Yep....they are MINE. ALL MINE. And I am so proud! And here is their baby brother...wishing he was allowed on stage!

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Jenster said...

No Way!! I know where your church is! My kids and I used to drive to Elverson for Sonic until they opened up one here in Limerick. (I never claimed to have great taste in fast food.) I go to The Movie Church in Royersford - it's the church that looks like a movie theater right next to 422 in Royersford. Seems to be pretty similar.

Great video. Looks like a lot of fun.

BUT - did you happen to watch Stand Up 2 Cancer last night? I'm 99.9% positive they showed a picture of Julian on there with an excerpt from his father. I'd been fighting the tears, but when I saw him and then they said "Julian" I couldn't hold them back any more.

Christine said...

THey did such a good job up there on stage!