Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend, Wimp-outs and Winners! for the first time in a long time, I have no pictures for you! I could. I have them. But I am in "easy button" mode. Wouldn't ya love one of those things? The Easy Button. Ahhhh, life would be a breeze. "Ack! I have 30 seconds to get dinner ready so the kids get to soccer/baseball/dance/cheerleading on time." Enter Easy Button! VOILA!~ I would love it. So, our weekend was a blur. Way too busy but all in all we had a great time. I am one of those people who enjoys not having 13 billion things to get done/show my face at/participate in, etc. I like a mid-Sunday snooze on the couch. I think I had one in 1999. It was nice. Friday night was my 20th class reunion. I had a 3 o'clock appointment to have liposuction, a face-lift, and a butt-transplant and then it was off to an evening of trying to read the name tags (I wasn't planning on wearing my glasses) of people I hadn't seen in 20 years while carrying on a full conversation with them and trying to get out of the introduction to my husband, "Honey, this is cheerleader girl who stole my prom date right out from under me the week before the prom." Yeah, so I skipped it. I really did. We actually had a last-minute babysitting glitch that would have had us showing up late which for some reason had me too anxious. What is really funny is that I was never a nervous kind of person. Throw me into a room of people I don't know and give me 3 minutes. I will have them laughing and introducing me as their long lost sister. I am usually the fun one. So, I can't explain my fear of showing up late. The reunion was an adult dinner Friday night and a Saturday afternoon FAMILY picnic. Which I loved the whole premise for! Break the ice and have a good time with the grown ups and then show off your kids the next day. Well, that would have been fun except for the fact that I committed that date to memory and did not put it on my calendar so I inadvertently planned my son's 11th birthday party for the exact time as the picnic. I didn't realize it until AFTER I had sent him to school for 47 invitations. (Not really, but too many to re-schedule) His party was a rock climbing party and I am now know among my friends as Queen Belayer! I didn't know the term "belay" until a bald, tattooed guy with big wheel tires in his earlobes told me that I would be "clipped" to a rope and solely responsible for the child dangling 35 feet above my head. So, me and three other adults dangled children for 3 hours! I couldn't move my fingers the next morning! It was horrible. But all the kids had fun, no one fell and I ended up thinking Big Wheel Guy was really cute! We came home and the kids passed out for a couple hours and then it was off to a football game to watch my daughter cheer! Friends met us there and we clapped and squealed for her. Who won the football game? No idea, I am a cheerleader mom! We went out for a late-night snack and lots of giggles with friends while the baby was at home with our babysitter snoozing away! The baby was snoozing, not the babysitter! Yesterday I had a baby shower to go to and the coolest part was that a lot of my friends I was sad to miss from the reunion were at this shower. So, we reunited on a small scale and they filled me in on who was still hot...who was still the dancing queen, who had them in stitches and how many people asked where I was. I am a dork. I wish I had gone. ----o0o---- I LOOOVED all of your CIRCUS antics!! It was really hard to choose but I chose by the one who gave me the loudest giggle! And the WINNER is.................................... Jennifer from The Fun House! Jennifer wrote: "That's easy--I'm the Ringmaster!I coordinate the comings and goings of the clowns--including the "how many clowns can fit in the minivan" trick, the feeding of the animals, shouting to the acrobats to "get down!" when they are in danger, cleaning up the monkey's messes, and general supervision of the freakshow! I don't call my blog The Fun House for nothin'!" Thanks for playing! I want to use some of your CIRCUS references in an upcoming book I am planning. If you would like to continue sending references to what position you would hold in the circus and why, keep them coming! I need a lot of them! Think of the following positions: Lion tamer acrobat tightrope walker sideshow freak clown plate spinner trapeze artist ringmaster juggler magician fire walker

And, last but not least...

Back on September 7th I posed a question as to whom the 8 NAMESAKES I will be starting soon are for....

Karla with a K wins with her guess....Mady, Cara, Collin, Leah, Joel, Hannah, Aaden and Alexis!

Congrats Karla, email me with your details. I am finishing up orders and prizes this week.


Pink Heather said...

Too bad you missed your reunion. it's always fun to catch up with everyone ~ even the one's you didn't like ;)

I got my book, 'Between Us Girls', today. Thanx, Michelle!

Mabunny said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great weekend!
Congrats to the winner, her entry was terrrifc and funny!

Jennifer said...

Yay!! I'm so excited that I won!! Thank you so much!! I feel like I'm really in circus mode, because over the weekend I was on a trapeze. That's right--a trapeze. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

It sounds like you had a really busy weekend--I'm sorry you missed the reunion----but the baby shower sounds like a lot of fun!

My son will be turning 11 in Nov. and I was thinking of a rock climbing party too--but I'm not sure if I'm up to holding those ropes!

Thanks again for the prize!! I really appreciate it!

Karla with a K said...

Look at that - even when I'm a winner I'm a loser.
(Can you delete my prior comment for me? :} )

Michelle THANKS!!! Thanks for emailing, too, or I would have missed this tonight. See what happens when I try to multi-task?

So, know why I'm so exited? I want you to do a namesake for Kennedy Garcia. Can I do that? That would make my day.
Boy, are you gonna be busy....

Thanks, Michelle - you rock!

Manic Mom said...

YOU SO SHOULD HAVE GONE TO YOUR REUNION!!!! I had a blast at mine last year.

In fact, tomorrow night, I am going to my sister's 20th! She can't be here so I am going in her place. hahahah