Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WHAT? Wednesday: How do YOU spell BREAST CANCER awareness?

What do you get when you post the color of your bra, where you put your purse and your shoe size on facebook?

Well, duh, BREAST CANCER SUPPORT, right? Isn't it obvious? Notsomuch!

A couple years ago when the requests came out on facebook to post the color of your bra in your status to show your support for Breast Cancer, it seemed harmless enough. Bras and breasts are connected. It was a creative thematic game. Cool.

Then last year it was the place in the house where you leave your purse. I raised an eyebrow at this one b/c I wasn't sure what in the world this had to do with Breast Cancer. And then when I saw all the statuses, 'On the counter,' 'Next to my bed,' 'On the table,' I thought.... "Is anyone seeing the innuendos, here?" Being that I had been teaching in children's ministry for 8 years and my friends list was filled with parents of the girls I taught, I figured this was a game I would just quietly decline playing. But, I had to wonder how in the world that was raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

The newest request is circulating and many women have sent me this, "You need to write your shoe size, (just the number) followed by the word 'inches' and then sad face. Remember the first year so many people took part of this and made national news. The constant updating of status reminded everyone why we're doing this and helped raise awareness!! Do NOT tell any males what the status's mean, keep them guessing!!"

Are you kidding me? This infuriated me but I calmly respond to each request with, "Sorry ladies, as a mentor for teen girls who is always harping on them abt being appropriate on facebook, I will have to pass. :)"

I was, however, impressed that many women declined saying it was disrespectful to their husbands and although they support Breast Cancer, they would not be taking part in this "game."

This morning when I saw some of the teen girls I mentor getting involved in this game, I was fit to be tied! I spend HOURS... literally HOURS... every day texting, IMing and chatting with teen girls who are trying to navigate this world we live in and they are getting lost by the hundreds.

Girls will tell me they wish boys would talk to their eyes and not their breasts and they can't figure out how to gain the respect they deserve. Later I see their statuses and realize the lyrics to the song they posts sends the "you don't have to respect me, just love me" message! I am constantly reminding them that facebook can be used as a peek into where their boundaries are set.

So, now, through this brilliant idea for Breast Cancer Awareness, they are telling hundreds of boys at a time, who have no FLIPPING idea what their status really means, that they have measured the PENIS of the last boy they were with.... and they were disappointed!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Ladies!!!!! LADIES!!! Can we NOT set better examples for our girls? Why must everything come back to SEX? Why is this what you are choosing to taint Breast Cancer Awareness with - cheap sex.

Last year when every boy in the US had those stupid (I know someone will flame me for this) I BOOBIES bracelets, I wanted to carry scissors with me at all times and cut them off the wrists of everyone I saw with one.

Scoring the almighty dollar for Breast Cancer at the expense of exploiting young girls and their bodies is DISGUSTING! I was horrified! HORRIFIED! I wish there was a way to measure the percentage of high school boys who TRULY bought those bracelets b/c they wanted to support Breast Cancer - I am sure there were some. But I am also sure, beyond a doubt, that wearing a I BOOBIES bracelet to school and not having to take it off b/c it was for Breast Cancer really thrilled most of them. I was standing and clapping each time I saw on the news that another school district banned them.

I also couldn't help wondering how these bracelets affected the many women who have gone through mastectomies because of Breast Cancer... people wearing I BOOBIES bracelets when theirs are gone couldn't have felt good. Just a reminder, once again, of the importance our society puts on sex and how inadequate it feels when part of what makes you a sexual being is GONE. GONE. Did the makers of these bracelets think of THIS? Nope... the almighty dollar won out AGAIN. Surprise, surprise!

Ladies! We are being watched. Our daughters and the girls in our lives are watching us as their gage for HOW to be. What are we choosing to show them? Sure, in adult company, a good sexual innuendo joke gets some big laughs... but let's get real here... when did we start thinking these things were OK to do in front of kids?

What did those boys learn about Breast Cancer by wearing those bracelets?
What are our girls learning today by posting "inches" on their status? 

You can stick up for this game all you want, "It's all in fun, no one's getting hurt" - but when a boy exposes himself to your daughter b/c of herstatus to show her he is bigger than the "inches" she posted - then what will you think of this game?


Anonymous said...

I saw a worse spin on that one over the weekend! An 18yr old girl I know on FB posted a length AND a time like "6in and 2min :-(" Disgraceful if you ask me!!!

Theresa said...

I received a message in my fb inbox requesting that we say "I am three weeks and craving diary products". It was also for breast cancer awareness.

Honestly, I didn't know the purse thing was for breast cancer awareness. What if you don't have any men friends on fb. How are we educating people about breast cancer with silly games.


(sigh) Thanks, off my chest. Have a good night!