Monday, August 15, 2011

KATE*VERSATIONS... August 15, 2011

I can sum up this episode in one word:


This episode was so much fun to hear the tweets and then roll back the clock and see short-haired Kate and 8 chubby faces! TLC did an awesome job choosing MY favorite snippets from the past Kate & Kids episodes. So nice of them to do that for me! LOL! Just kidding, of course.

I loved Kate's honesty in the episode (as I always do) - TLC did not only have her commenting on the simple questions - no, they even threw in the controversial ones, too. Kate handled the questions about her brother, the divorce and the rest of her family with such poise and respect. It was the Kate we all know and love, the Kate that doesn't  mince words - she is honest and to the point. And I loved hearing her responses. I hope she reaches out to her family and finds a warm and welcoming reaction on the other end. I pray for this for her... and for the kids.

There was one thing I really didn't like about the show - the commercial for the next episode. I actually think it is in bad taste that with all of the POOR press Kate gets TLC chose to warp that commercial into looking like Ashley was so upset with Kate that she was leaving the kids behind on the trip. There are so many people that will take that and run with it down into their troll holes and blow it up until it is a rumor that has a life on its own. Then their cronies will not watch the show but feed off of that rumor like leeches and Kate and the kids pay the price.

But, those of us who have been "with" Kate since the beginning know WHO she is, WHAT she stands for and WHERE she is going... UP, UP, UP Baby!

One last word:
I thought that her pretty pink top and MATCHING CELL COVER was epic! LOVED IT!

Love you, Kate! Keep on ROCKIN' IT, SISTER!

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Younger Woman said...

I loved the show and the treasured scenes yes both good & bad along with Kate's no mincing words style of answering questions. One of my favorite parts was Mady & Cara talking about how their friends react & how they handle it. I think that is one of the times I've seen such maturity in both the girls and they have definitely inherited Kate's say exactly what you think style of thinking. I do believe that with love, patience and understanding Kate & the children will repair relationships with Kate's family although I seriously doubt that Kate & Kevin will ever get back to where they once were. Having a very similar situation in my own family I totally understand Kate's feelings of anger & hurt by her brother & sister's betrayal and lies. When it is something so blatant and downright nasty and the motive is being so greedy for money you would betray your own family member it's not something that can be completely repaired. There are some things that just can't be forgiven and unfortunately that was one of those situations. In our family it was for the same reasons. We have a brother who is so greedy for money that there is nothing he would say or do to line his pockets with the almighty dollar. Probably the furthest their relationship in the future will go is to be tolerant during family get gatherings & yet keeping that distance. Once trust is broken it's extremely difficult for one to ever trust that person again.
I agree that I didn't like the previews for the upcoming episode and I know it's done to draw viewers in but I can't agree that editing the clips to make it look like Kate is the cause is just fueling the trolls hatred and once a rumor is started by those people it does take on a life of it's own. Everything that Kate has ever said and done has been twisted by these people to the point that little or no truth is left in the gossip that they continue to spread. Will they stop now that the show is canceled? I have serious doubts because it's become an addiction and to put it bluntly, it's an addiction to hate. The excuse that it's about child exploitation went out the window a long time ago because it's been quite clear it's strictly about extreme jealousy and outrageous hatred for a woman that none of those people have ever met.
Kate's future? Kate has eight beautiful, well behaved, bright, loving children to clothe,feed and educate and she is a very strong determined woman who will fight, scratch and claw her way and find a way to provide for them. It just is so sad that this show who so many of us have watched and enjoyed has to end. It truly was the dream job because Kate was able to be a stay at home mom and got paid for it. There isn't a single honest person out there that wouldn't love to of had the opportunity. The children had wonderful educational & adventurous trips that will always be a part of their memories. The children also benefited because they each have solid trusts that will be there to help pay for their college expenses & maybe even money left to help start them on their career path one day. Jon did state 2 years ago that there was a large tidy sum in each of their accounts so hopefully college costs will not continue to spiral upward like they have been doing. That is another rumor that should be dispelled. The trusts were set up so that neither Kate of Jon could touch the accounts and it looks like it was a very smart move on Kate's part considering what happened during the divorce or it might not still be there. So with another two years added to what Jon said was in the accounts,and the money that has been added since then,there will be money there for each child's future higher education. Whatever the future will bring I wish nothing but health and happiness to all of them.