Monday, August 22, 2011

*KATE*VERSATIONS August 22, 2011

Alright, so HONESTLY, this was my ALL TIME favorite episode EVER! I just giggled through the whole thing and was in awe of Kate's stamina! KATE GOSSELIN, YOU ARE MY FLIPPIN' HERO! Yes, I tweeted that to the world, too! But, come on, she built a chicken coop... BUILT a chicken coop... with EIGHT kids under her heels! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

I loved watching the boys relate to one another... they are such boys and yet still so sweet. The girls are just growing into very articulate young ladies and it is a joy to watch! Sometimes I feel like a neighbor that knows the kids b/c I see them over the fence all the time but then I have to stop and think... we are just watching this from afar! They have no idea how commonplace it is for our kids to chat about them as though they know them.

It was evident in this episode how content Kate is with her life... with their lives. I tweeted "@kateplusmy8: Your demeanor was so calm, so peaceful, so content!! Loved this episode so much! Made me happy!"

I know Twitter EXPLODED with the news that Kate + 8 was not being renewed, I know the kids were sad, Kate was sad and the fans were losing their minds and making Twitter petitions to keep the show on TLC. This was an amazing outpouring of love for Kate and the kids and I think that was so good - it may have even drowned out the haters for once which is no small feat.

But, ya know, as much as I love Kate and all the kids... as  much as I feel a part of their story b/c I have looked in on their lives for so many years... I am so EXCITED to see what comes next!

A talk show?
Some time off?
Another reality show?
A brand new venture no one could have predicted?

I look at it as TLC did what any good mom would do... cut the apron strings and said, "I know you can make it on your own. Let me see what you've got!"

It's the hardest thing for a mom to do but we all know Kate can do WHATEVER she sets her mind to. And if you doubted that, after tonight's episode you KNOW it's true!

Kate, thank you for letting us into your home. Thank you for opening your hearts to us. Thank you for chatting with us on Twitter!

One day, my sweet friend, I will tell you personally how much your dedication to your kids helped make me a better mom. Maybe it will be at our local Starbucks, maybe we will just run into each other at Target. Either way, I hope you can see my heart and know I am just ONE mom who learned so much from you.

Thank you!


Barb said...

I think its awsome that you do this!
I too have learned alot from kate also!
Kate you need to read this,you will like it!

LivinForLifeLove said...

What a wonderful section of your blog. I wish there were more people in live like you that look for the good in people and who have a positive outlook on life and people. No matter what the future brings for Kate and the children I wish nothing but the best life can offer all of them. Kate has done a wonderful job raising those children and while no mother is perfect, Kate is doing the best she knows how & I think the kids are awesome.