Friday, March 18, 2011

Caviar and Armpits

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Well, this week was a grand week.... if chaos = grand!

I made a huge batch of Vegan Texas Caviar (recipe HERE) at the beginning of the week. Every time I had the munchies or skipped lunch I grabbed for the bowl of caviar and the bag of tortilla chips.

Then there was a day that Izaiah flipped out on everything and I mean everything. And the dog decided for the first time in her 6 years to start dumping and eating the trash every time I left the house.

The Butterfly Girlz are making their mark on our facebook page - I am astounded at the conversations and support they are offering up. These girls were divinely chosen and they are going to rock this world! I am humbled by them!

I had a great day of cleaning - my husband actually gave me the "to what do I owe this honor" face when he walked in from work. That face was followed with the "that's pretty sexy" grin! LOL
One day I crawled back into bed at 8:30am when the last of the three kids got on the bus and I slept for 3 more hours. It was heavenly.

This week was a silly mommy week - I felt like I goofed around with the kids more than usual and we all had a blast. There was hose play and sidewalk chalk in the driveway, tickle fests, jumping out and scaring each other and lots and lots of hugs.

My newest tattoo finally stopped itching so badly that I want to take my arm off.

I celebrated a life long friend's 41st birthday and found out a college friend's wife has stage 3 ovarian cancer.

I heard Michele C. Scott, author of Praying Through Your Adoption, speak and cried my eyes out when she talked about Post-Adoption depression and low self-esteem.

I wrote and organized the beginning of my book for teen girls and found out how passionate my husband is about this project. This could be a really good match - he and I and a book to inspire teens.

I watched way too much devastation in Japan.

And today we made an early morning a trip to Urgent Care to dig 1/2 a tick body out of Izaiah's armpit and send it off to be tested for Lyme's Disease.

My little buddy and I travelled all around after his "pit" felt a bit better (with the help of two....yep, two....donuts) to find a very special baptism gift for Matthew. Izaiah was a beautifully behaved little boy - at ALL 5 stops we needed to make. I was so proud of him!

As she headed upstairs to bed, Emily had memorized 106 decimal places of Pi. You know, we all know Pi is 3.14 but Emily now knows the next 104 numbers as well. She's got about 300 decimal places to go - we will see how far she gets by Monday. So proud! Gotta love a good gifted kid!

Matthew will give himself to the Lord this Sunday in a public testimony of his faith.

Now, there are three ways to end a long list of chaos and the beginning to a beautifully amazing weekend!

Peace out, Mamas!

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